ping; transmit failed, error code 10045 - solution

Last Updated:-January 22, 2024

I hope you are enjoying the network troubleshooting series we have published recently. The series introduced a few ping error codes and provided detailed solutions.

Today, we introduce one ping error code. According to our studies, it is a rare ping error code, but we still believe you should learn about it.

The error code is: ping transmit failed error code=10045.

Let us check what this, ping transmit failed, and error code 10045 means.

Why Do I Get Ping Transmit Failed and Error Code 10045?

This error code tells us there is a problem with the network configuration on the computer. You can read a similar error message tutorial we published before.

We know the reason for getting this error code while ping to a remote device from your computer. Now, we check the possible solution to fix the transmit failed error code 10045.

Steps to fix the error "ping; transmit failed, error code 10045"

The first step to fix this problem is to reset the TCP/IP configuration. If it does not work, we will go to the next step. In the second step, we will reset the Windows Socket and turn off the firewall.

  1. Reset TCP/IP Stack

    The primary solution is to reset the TCP/IP stack (on your Windows PC). Let us check how to do it.

    1. Type Command Prompt on Windows Search and click the option Run as Administrator.

    2. Type netsh int ip reset c:\tcp.txt on the Command Prompt and Press the enter key.

    3. You might need to reboot your computer.

    We should check whether the problem exists or not. Try to ping a website address or remote IP address from your computer.


    If you still see the transmit failed error code 10045, go to the second solution.

  2. Windows Socket Reset

    The second solution to the ping error code 10045 is to reset the Windows socket with the command netsh winsock reset. Let us check the process.

    1. Open Command Prompt as Administrator (We have explained it in the first solution).

    2. Type the command netsh winsock reset and press the Enter key.

    3. You must restart the computer to complete it.

    After rebooting the PC, ping a remote IP address (or a website URL). If you receive the error "ping; transmit failed, error code 10045", follow the next solution.

  3. Turn Off the Firewall Protection

    The final solution to fix the ping transmit failed error code 10045 is to turn off the Firewall protection.

    An aggressive firewall prevents ICMP replies, and the PC may generate ping error codes as a response.

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