The Best Air Conditioner Model Suitable For Mumbai Climate

Last Updated:-January 15, 2024

Are you staying in Mumbai or planning to move to Mumbai? Then, you might be wondering how to survive the hot and humid summer in Mumbai.

Having an Air Conditioner in the hot summer is not a luxury anymore. The question is which Air Conditioner model suits the peculiar weather in Mumbai.

Today, we discuss the top AC models suited for those in the hot and highly humid weather.

Climate in Mumbai

Mumbai has a hot and humid climate. The proximity of the Arabian Sea contributes to a high humidity level in Mumbai.

Those not from the coastal region may find Mumbai's summer climate unforgivable. They will need AC models suitable for the hot coastal weather.

The best solution to survive the hot summer in Mumbai is to buy an Air Conditioner. If you have no time to read this lengthy article, view the best models our experts picked below.

Let Us Introduce Ourselves

I am Hardik Sejpal, who is in charge of this article. I have a bachelor's degree in Applied Electronics and working in consumer electronics.

I interviewed two persons to compile this article. Manish Pandey and Asif Ahammed. They both are working with a leading Home Appliances showroom network in Mumbai.

Manish Pandey is in charge of the Air Conditioner's section in Bandra. Asif Ahammed works in Navi Mumbai. I interviewed them to collect the customers' attitudes toward buying AC models.

Without their input, I could never complete this article. Now, let us come back to our topic.

Points to Consider While Planning for AC in Mumbai's Humid Climate

The relative humidity index of Mumbai is high, and not many AC models are suitable for that climate. An Air Conditioner with the feature to control indoor humidity will only work in this climate zone.

Manish Pandey told me about another risk in buying substandard AC units in Mumbai. The proximity to the Sea affects the life span of all electronic items. Customers must look into the build quality before purchasing.

Asif Ahammed said that all informed customers choose Copper over Aluminium condenser coil. He added that customers should not look for cheap prizes while choosing the build material of the AC condensers.

In the Mumbai climate, everyone should go for AC models with 100% Copper condenser coil.

Both Asif and Manish reminded me to note the importance of energy rating. The star rating is a crucial factor that explains the energy efficiency of the AC unit. Both agreed a customer must go for a higher star rating.

Five stars is the preferred star rating, but a customer must never buy an AC model with a star rating lower than three stars.

Manish Pandey added that a portable Air Conditioner may suit a small room, but not energy efficient. He told me he always discourages customers from choosing Portable AC units. He prefers Split AC to a Portable AC unit.

Another point both stressed is the importance of choosing the correct capacity. Asif said he would always ask the customer about the AC capacity they are looking for. According to him, the first question a customer must ask himself is the correct capacity of the AC.

It is an important question because you will spend extra money if the tonnage of the Airconditioner is higher than your actual requirement.

If you purchase a lower-capacity AC, you will never get the exact cooling, and you will see a huge electricity bill. Soon, you will see damage ( the Air Conditioner unit) due to the overload.

Asif said an experienced technician can find the correct tonnage a customer requires. He does it by calculating the total area of the room.

Manish Pandey said that most customers in Bandra go for AC units with a longer manufacturer warranty. He added most top brands offer a ten-year compressor warranty.

Before ending the interview, Asif Ahammed told me the importance of buying an inverter AC in Mumbai. According to him, a customer must choose inverter AC over non-inverter type.

How Did We Select the Most Suitable AC Model For Mumbai Climate?

As per the technicians and showroom managers, team CoreNetworkZ picked the following AC model as the winner.

Though we have one winner, we shortlisted a handful of similar AC units from different manufacturers. We find high-quality AC units from brands like LG, Blue Star, Voltas, etc.

So, customers can choose a quality AC unit by cross-checking the points we tested. They are:

  1. We rejected all units without a five-star rating.

  2. We only considered AC units with Copper Condenser Coils.

  3. We considered inverter split AC models only.

  4. The Dehumidifier is a must-feature.

  5. Dust-free and air-purifier features are desirable.

  6. A manufacturer's warranty is a must.

About The Author:

Hardik Sejpal is a writer and has been working with CoreNetworkZ covering the topic of Home Appliance. He has a bachelor's degree in Applied Electronics from a reputed institution.

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