Modem Reboot Error: Failed to Obtain Write lock on IM

Last Updated:-January 23, 2024

My DSL modem showed a new error message today after a reboot. The error message is Web Server: Failed to obtain a write lock on IM with the time in seconds.

What Triggered The Error - Failed to Obtain Write lock on IM?

I made some changes to the wireless settings of the modem. After changing the settings, I rebooted the modem. The modem user manual instructed it. However, I reached the error/warning page instead of the configuration page.

If you are unfamiliar with this error message, check the screenshot below.

Failed to Obtain Write lock on IM

I checked for the exact reasons for this error code but could not find any. Even the DSL Modem user manual and technical support had no clue.

So, I had to find a solution by myself. Fortunately, I fixed this problem. Let me explain how I fixed the modem reboot error - Failed to Obtain Write lock on IM.

The solution for "Failed to Obtain Write lock on IM"

I told you before about my efforts to find an official solution for the error. However, I could not find any official support to fix this problem. So, I decided to troubleshoot the problem by myself.

The first step I did was power cycling the modem. Fortunately, it worked, and the modem came back to its normal state.

So, let us check how to do it.

The first step is to disconnect the power from the DSL modem. Switch off the modem if it has a battery. If it does not have a battery, unplug the power cable.

Wait for three minutes after unplugging the power cable from the modem. Reconnect the power cable and wait till all lights are steady.

The last instruction can vary with modem models. Some modems use blinking lights for other indicators. At least wait till the power light is steady. Once the power light is stable, check for the error.

My DSL modem fixed the problem automatically after power cycling it.

What If the Error Repeats?

I fixed this error with a simple power cycling. However, if the issue repeats, the next available solution is to upgrade the firmware.

Check the current firmware on your modem. Now, check for the latest stable firmware version released by the modem manufacturer. If your modem does not have the latest firmware, upgrade it. Always ensure that the DSL modem, you have, is running on the updated stable firmware version.

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