How to Reset Winsock On Your Computer -Windows Socket Reset

Windows Socket or commonly called Winsock is a program interface if Windows Operating system through which applications installed send and receive signals from the Internet. For example, an Internet application installed on your computer can connect to TCP/IP only through Winsock. So any issues with Windows Socket can interrupt the working of online applications on your PC. Winsock is the short form of Windows Socket and it is very important in network communication. Any TCP/IP communication from Windows computer is defined by Windows Socket and that is why resetting it fixes many network related issues. Here I am planning to provide the step by step instructions to reset Winsock for a computer.

Steps to Reset Winsock
  1. Click on  Start

  2. Open Command prompt

    This step various depends on the Windows Version you are using in your computer. In Windows XP you can type cmd on Run window and click OK to access the command prompt. In Windows 7 and 8 computers, you can search for command on the Search box and access command prompt.

  3. Type netsh winsock reset on DOS window
    net trouble

    After this, press the button enter to Winsockinsock.

  4. Reboot your computer

Winsock is very essential for any application to access Internet but it does not need to be installed with the application. For example. if your web browser wants to go online, it can access it through Winsock only. It doesn't mean the browser installation file must include this software interface. It will be loaded automatically in the form of a DLL file when ever the browser wants to go online. It is important to note that the DLL file is of different versions fr Different Microsoft OS versions. It is important to make sure, your PC has the right version.

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