How to Connect D-Link DWL-2100AP as Wireless Client

Last Updated:-June 11, 2009
DWL-2100AP is an Access Point from D-Link and this tutorial explains steps to convert DWL-2100AP into Access Point Client. When DWL-2100AP is configured as a wireless client, it can receive the Internet from main Access Point and share it among the devices connected to it using Ethernet cables. At the end of this tutorial, you can see a list of common troubleshooting steps to fix common issues faced while connecting DWL-2100AP in wireless client mode.

How to Convert D-Link DWL-2100AP as Wireless Client

  1. Connect DWL-2100AP to Computer

    Connect D-link AP to your computer using an Ethernet cable and power on the device. Make sure your computer has a static IP address. Eg:

  2. Login DWL-2100AP

    Login IP address of DWL-2100AP is Open a web browser and type on the address bar to access the setup page of DWL-2100AP.

  3. Enter Username and Password

    Use admin as the username and there is no password.

  4. Configure DWL-2100AP as Access Point Client

    Now follow the procedure below to convert DWL-2100AP to the wireless client.
    Configure D-Link DWL-2100AP

  5. To convert D-link DWL-2100 AP as Access Point client, click on Wireless tab in the left-hand side of the Home Page.
    Select Wireless in D-Link DWL-2100AP

  6. Select the mode as AP client

    Configure D-Link DWL 2100 AP as wireless client

    Enter the Wireless MAC address of the main Access Point from which this AP receives wireless signals. If you do not know the wireless MAC address of the main AP, you can find it with the help of Scan button here. Click on scan button(Under Site Survey) for available Wireless Access points. You will get a list of available Access Points.

  7. Enable Wireless security on DWL-2100AP

    We need to match the Wireless security settings of the AP client with root Access Point.
    Enable Wireless Security

    After entering the security settings click on Apply.

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Common Issues While Connecting DWL-2100AP as Wireless Client
  • It is important to use a computer having a static IP address in the network range 192.168.0.X while connecting DWL-2100AP to configure. The IP address of the computer cannot be

  • It is always recommended to use the latest version of firmware on DWL-2100AP

  • While connecting main AP as a wireless client, it is important to use a different IP address for DWL-2100AP if the main AP has the same IP address to avoid IP address conflict

  • While converting DWL-2100AP to Access Point Client, you must connect it to your computer using an Ethernet cable

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  1. Anonymous10:31 PM

    After set my DWL-2100AP as client mode I can't ping and I can't access his web-interface from my browser. Why this happen? Is this normal? I can ping the PC which connect to the DWL-2100AP. This is what I made:
    INTERNET--Switch--DWL-2000AP+(Access point) ---- DWL-2100AP(client mode)--PC.

  2. If you can ping the computer connected to DWL-2100AP (client), it is connected perfectly. Please check the IP address configured in Access Point client.

  3. Anonymous7:19 AM

    There is no such option as "AP Client" on this device. It is "Access Point" or "Wireless Client". This device will not work wirelessly on my existing network, it will only work if connected by ethernet. Useless.

  4. If you want to configure your Access Point as a client please select wireless client option.

    If you face issues with working DWL-2100AP in wireless network, I recommend you to reset and configure this device again. Please make sure you enter the right Security details (wireless encryption )

  5. can i coonect ipod psp to m access point to browse net... cuz its showing error when iam trying to do so

  6. This works, I have the exact same model and did just this. Everything good, thank you.


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