How to Setup Linksys WAP54G In Wireless Bridge Mode

This tutorial explains steps to configure Linksys Access Point WAP54G in Wireless Bridge mode. A wireless bridge connects two Local Area Networks using a wireless connection. WAP54G is one of the popular wireless Access Points from Linksys. Once we convert a WAP54G AP into a wireless bridge, it communicates with another AP only(other ends of the wireless bridge) and no longer connects to clients. Before proceeding to configure WAP54G into a wireless bridge we need to have the LAN MAC address of the second AP.  LAN MAC address can be found on the label having the serial number at the bottom of the AP. It is important to note that to establish an error-free connection as a wireless bridge, the second AP should be WAP54G or WAP11s.

Configure Linksys WAP54G in Wireless Bridge Mode

Here we are creating a wireless bridge connection between two WAP54Gs. Make sure you have the LAN MAC address of both APs.

Configure First WAP54G AP into Bridge Mode
  1. Log on to First Access Point

    To log on AP we need to connect the AP with a computer (either static IP enabled or getting valid IP in the same network range) using an Ethernet cable.

    Open the browser window and type and enter the default user name and Password.

    Username: No user name
    Password: admin

  2. Click on AP mode under Setup tab

    Linksys WAP54G Wireless Bridgemode

  3. Select Wireless Bridge and enter the LAN MAC address of the second AP
    Enter the Wireless MAC address to configure WAP54G as Wireless Bridge

    After entering the Wireless MAC address of the second Access Point click on save settings.

Connect Second WAP54G to Wireless Bridge

We need to repeat the steps done on the first WAP54G. The first step we must do is to change the IP address of the second WAP54G Access Point to avoid any IP address conflict with the first WAP54G. We can use the IP address and enter the LAN MAC address of the first WAP54G.  After completing the steps in the second AP, we must check the bridge connection. Rarely you may face troubles with establishing a wireless bridge connection between two WAP54Gs. If you are facing issues with configuring WAP54G in wireless bridge mode, check the points given below.

Error While Configuring WAP54G in Bridge Mode

  • Make sure both WAP54Gs are connected to the LANs using Ethernet cables

  • Both APs must have different IP addresses

  • Once both APs are connected in bridge mode, computers in both networks can access another network

  • Check LAN MAC Address

    LAN MAC address of WAP54G is printed on the label at the bottom of the AP.

  • If LAN MAC address is not accepted by the AP, make sure you typed the LAN MAC address properly without any hyphens or columns between the digits.

  • Update Firmware

    Make sure both APs have the latest firmware. To check it and rectify the issue, visit the link below.
    How to Upgrade Firmware Of Linksys WAP54G Access Point

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