How to Configure Linksys AP WAP54G In Access Point Client Mode

Linksys Wireless Access Point WAP54G can be converted into Access Point client mode. In AP client (wireless client) mode, Linksys WAP54G will act as a wireless client to another AP. It will help to receive a wireless signal from another Access Point and share the Internet connection with devices connected to LAN port. In other words, WAP54G starts to act as a wireless adapter when it is in client mode. This tutorial explains how to setup WAP54G as an Access Point client.

Configure WAP54G in Wireless Client Mode

  1. Access the web-based setup page of WAP54G.

    To Access the setup page of WAP54G we need to connect AP (Access Point) to a computer where the computer has a static IP address. Login IP address of WAP54G is Open a web browser and type and press enter.

    Now it will ask for a user name and Password

    User name: There is no user name and it should be blank
    Password: admin

  2. Select Client mode for WAP54G

    After log in to the setup page of WAP54G click on AP mode under setup tab.

    configure WAP54G in wireless client mode

    We need to select the AP client mode and then enter the wireless MAC address of the remote AP. If you want to find the wireless MAC address of the remote AP from the setup page itself, click on the button site survey. The MAC address will be fetched automatically.
    Setup Wireless Access Point WAP54G in Wireless client mode

    After entering the details click on save settings.

Points to Remember While Configuring WAP54G in Client Mode

Though the process to setup WAP54G as Wireless Client is very simple, some minor mistakes can make the client mode faulty. If you face issues to work WAP54G in Wireless client mode, read the tips carefully.
  • Make sure WAP54G in Client mode uses the same network segment as in the network

  • If the IP address of the first AP is, change the IP address of the second AP to and for the third AP use etc.

  • While accessing WAP54G to configure, use a computer with a static IP address. Better use the IP address 192.168.1.X; here X cannot be 245.

  • If you do not know the LAN MAC address of the AP you want to connect, click the button Site Survey. It will list all available APs

  • In wireless client mode, WAP54G shares the Internet connection from AP to only devices connected to its LAN ports

  • WAP54G does not have a DHCP server and it cannot give IP addresses to computers connected to LAN ports by its own

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