RPC Server is Unavailable While trying to Renew IP Address

Yesterday I faced a strange issue while trying to access the Internet and I failed to go online. There was no connection to the wireless network and I started troubleshooting the issue. When I type ipconfig on command prompt as the first step in every network troubleshooting, I received the IP address instead of a valid IP address. I tried to renew the IP address by typing ipconfig/renew but failed with the following error message...

"No operation can be performed on Local Area Connection while it has media disconnected. An error occurred while renewing interface wireless network connection. The RPC server is unavailable ".

So the process was like this

1. Check the IP address on command prompt by typing ipconfig

Result. IP address ---->

2. Renew the IP address by ipconfig/renew

Got the error message which says RPC server is unavailable.

The steps to fix the issue RPC server is unavailable

The reason for this error message "The RPC server is unavailable is the Remote Procedure Call server can't be located. It means the server service is not yet started and to fix the error we need to start the RPC server.

Steps to start RPC server

The steps to start the Remote Procedure Call server are:

1. Click on start and go to the Run window

2. On Run type services.msc

Now the services window will be opened.

Solution to the issue RPC server unavailable

3. Start Remote Procedure Call service

We do it by right click on the service and click on start.

4. After starting the RPC server service we need to restart the computer. After restarting the computer the issue will be fixed.


If the issue persists, you should perform a system restore and check for the issue.

PS: Recommended by a reader (Farhan)

To read more about RPC server and RPC authentication, follow the link below.

What is RPC (Remote Procedure Call ) and RPC Authentications

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  1. Albert11:12 PM

    Thanks for this helpful post. I too was facing this RPC server issue. I fixed it by following your instructions. Thanks

  2. Anonymous8:35 AM

    I did all of the above, but when I got to the point to right click on the RPC to "start" the service, It will not allow me to do so. None of the options (start, stop, pause, resume)are highlighted, and I cannot click on any of them. I cannot connect to the internet or to my network. Under network connections, it says "renewing IP address" and I tried ipconfig/renew, etc....

  3. Riverrat9:46 AM

    I too am stuck as user above stated as the rights are linked to a nt user account instead of local.
    Very weird

  4. teribly9:28 PM

    mine too.. not working with this solution. Firewall - OFF, File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks component - ON. still failed :(

  5. I Used all the techniques that u have provided. I started RPC according to your advice but it didn't solve my problem. My pc still shows the message on Status: Acquiring Network Address. Plz send me other ideas.........

  6. Please make sure you are in admin account before performing the steps. To get effect you should reboot the computer.

  7. hey guys i had the same problem,none of the above worked.just do system restore.its 100% result.

  8. Anonymous12:57 PM

    Make sure the DHCP Client service is running.

  9. Yiorgos-Nikos7:14 AM

    Guys, I saw this and it did work. The problem is elsewhere


  10. Siju George11:08 AM

    @Yiorgos and Farhan,

    Thanks for your contribution


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