Create Log Files for IP Messenger Installed & View History of Conversation

IP Messenger is a popular messenger software used to communicate between computers connected to a LAN. One of its major attractions is the non-requirement of a server to start communication. In most of the companies, employees are using this tool to share short messages and files among computers on the same LAN. In case if you are using this application to send sensitive information to another user, it is a good idea to create a log file for IPMSG communication on your computer.

 This log file will help you to recover important previous conversation and details of file sharing and read the history of file transfer between your computer and other devices.

 It is very simple to create a log database of communications between your computer and other computers using this application. Steps to create log files for IP Messenger installed on your computer are provided below.

How to Setup Log file for IP Messenger
  1. Run IPMSG on your computer

  2. Right click on its icon in the system tray (Right-hand bottom of the screen)

  3. Click on settings to open the settings window
  4. Click on Details/Log Settings

    Now we need to specify the location of Log file by click on LogFile button.

    Make sure you have checked Logging available box. Now click on Apply and OK.

  5. Create Log file

    Now we need to go to the location where we mention the log file path. We need to create a text file called ipmsg. Here on my computer, I have created a text file with name ipmsg. The file location is F:\siju\rough
Now onwards all IP Messenger communications on your computer will be recorded on this newly created text file ipmsg.txt. To view the previous log file, follow the steps below.

How to Open and View IP Messenger Log file
  1. Right click on IP Messenger taskbar icon

  2. Click on Settings

  3. Click on View Log

  4. Now the Log file will be opened.

Download IP Messenger
It is a recommended product for every office to fulfill daily PC to PC communications within a LAN. To download and install IP Messenger on your computer follow the link below. You should select the right version for the OS running on your computer. IP Messenger for Linux is different from the IPMSG for Windows platforms.

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Here we can read the previous chat history, conversation details,  transfer details, etc. In this tutorial, you have learned the steps to create and view historical IP Messenger communications on your computer.

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