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BSNL 3G APN Settings For Android Phones

BSNL is one of the leading mobile data service providers in India. Once you have activated BSNL GPRS on a mobile handset, they will send automatic settings. It will come almost instantly and all you have to do is to click the config file and install. If the automatic GPRS settings provided by them does not work, you can configure it manually to access the Internet on your Android mobile handset. The same manual steps are valid for configuring 3G on Android phones but you should ensure your phone supports it. Check if your mobile handset supports HSDPA before activating BSNL 3rd generation mobile broadband. If your Android handset supports this facility, the steps provided below are enough to setup BSNL 3G connection on your handset.

How to Configure BSNL GPRS on Android Phone
To set up GPRS on Android handset follow the steps below.
  1. Click on Applications

  2. Go to Settings

  3. Click on Wireless and Networks

  4. Click on Mobile networks

  5. Go to Access Point Names (APN)

Now create new APN and provide following details.

Name                 : CelloneSouth_gprs_n (any name is OK here)

APN                  : bsnlnet

User Name            :  no user name 

Password             :  no password

Proxy                : no need to set

Port                 : No need to set

Authentication type  : none or normal 

IP Address           : Automatic

After saving these manual settings, BSNL 3G and GPRS settings are configured on your Android device. The settings are same for all handsets like Samsung Galaxy, HTC handsets like HTC Desire, LG Optimus etc. You might be interested in comparing the speeds between various mobile data services. We have created an article about the data transfer speed in various wireless standards. To compare the speed difference between various mobile data services, click on the link below.
Compare various Data Services and Their Speed Limits

In this article, you have learned how to setup BSNL GPRS on your Smartphone. If you find the service provided by current ISP is not that satisfactory, you can change to another service provider. There are different guides to activate cell phone Internet access by different service providers on a smartphone are written. To learn how to activate Idea 3G on your mobile device follow the instructions provided in the link below.
How to Activate Idea Wireless Broadband

While transferring data through your BSNL HSDPA phone, you might notice a toggling of 3G and H symbol on the screen. To know the reason for toggling H and 3G in BSNL 3G mobile handset (when data service is enabled), click on the link below.
Why toggling 3G and H in a 3G Handset


Anonymous said…
Hi I want to know bsnl gprs settings for android smartphones in Delhi.
ShaJi said…
BSNL GPRS internet is slow. Can you tell any methods to get faster gprs connection? which is best gprs connection in india ?
Binu said…
Thanks. I was looking for instructions to setup 3G on my BSNL handset. Now I understand the same steps are enough for both.

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