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Error 797: A Connection to the Remote Access Server was not Made because the Modem was not Found

Yesterday accidentally I received an error message while connecting to Internet from my laptop "Error 797:A Connection to the Remote Access Server was not made because the modem was not found". It happened when I connect USB modem from one of my Internet Service Providers and clicked connection shortcut of another Service Provider. I am having both Photon and Netconnect modems. I connected Photon to my laptop and clicked the Netconnect connection wizard. The error message I received looks like the one in the image given below.

Connection to the Remote Access Server was not made

Reasons for Error 797: Modem not Found
The major reason for the error code "Error 797: A Connection to the Remote Access Server was not made because the modem was not found" is your computer failed to find the modem to establish connection to the ISP. You will get the same error message if modem is not correctly installed on your computer. Another reason is the port issues where the connected port is not responding or faulty. Now let us list all possible reasons to get this alert.
  1. Driver is not installed

  2. Device failure

  3. Connection issues like loose connection, faulty Ethernet cord etc..

  4. Computer issues

Solution for Error 797
The first step you should do is to ensure if the modem/adapter installed properly in your computer. If your computer is not detecting modem, follow the steps below.

  1. Make sure the correct connection shortcut is clicked

  2. Power Cycle

    If you have USB modem, you may Unplug and replug it. Otherwise you just turn off the device and turn it on after one minute. Now check if you receive the same alert.

  3. Disable and Enable the adapter

    If the issue is related to the NIC, you have to disable it and and turn on back. To disable and enable adapter, follow the steps provided in the link below.
    How to Enable and Disable Adapter

  4. Update driver

    Driver compatibility issues may invoke this alert. Most models doesn't need any specific driver but some require it. If the modem you are using requires a driver and if the current one if outdated, you must update it. To update the driver software, click on the link below.
    How to Update Driver installed

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