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How to Setup Belkin Wireless AC Router With DSL & Cable Modem

If your ISP provides a basic modem, you need a wireless router to share the Internet among multiple devices.

Belkin is one of the leading wireless router manufacturers which produces different types of wireless routers.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to configure Belkin Wireless Routers by accessing the web-based setup page without using the setup disc.

Though Easy Setup reduces our time to configure a device, manual configuration helps to make custom changes in the default settings.

Let us check how to manually configure various Belkin Router models like N150, N300, N600DB, N750DB, etc.

Steps to Configure Belkin Wireless AC Router

  1. Connect Belkin Router To Your Computer & Modem

    Connect the devices in the same order provided below.

    1. Connect the Internet port of the Belkin Router to the LAN Port of Modem using an Ethernet cable

    2. Connect the LAN port of the Router to the LAN port of Computer using an Ethernet cable

    3. Switch On the Router

    4. Power on the Computer

    5. Switch off the modem

  2. Access Belkin Router Setup Page

    To access the web-based setup page, type on the address bar of the browser. The default Login IP address of Belkin WiFi router is
    Log on to Belkin router setup page

    There is no password set by default. Leave the Password field blank and click the Submit button.

    Belkin WiFi Router default login password

  3. Configure Internet On Belkin Router

    Click on Connection Type under Internet WAN and select the Internet connection you have from your ISP.
    Select Belkin Internet Connection Type

    There are mainly four different ways you can configure Internet connection on your Belkin Router. They are:
    1. Dynamic Connection to Configure For Cable Broadband

    2. Static Connection

    3. PPPoE Configuration

    4. PPTP Configuration

1. Setup Belkin Router for Cable Modem
  1. If you have a Cable Internet connection, you should select Dynamic option and click next. In most cases, you may need to type the hostname provided by Cable Internet Service Provider.
    How to setup Belkin router for cable modem

  2. In addition to this, to work with the cable modem, you may need to clone the MAC address of your computer using the link/button Change WAN MAC Address.
    How to clone Your Computer MAC Address On Belkin Router

    Use the clone button to copy the MAC address of your computer. Click Apply Changes after entering the details. After having this step, Belkin will be ready to work with your cable internet connection.

    This step is important because your Internet Service Provider recognizes registered users using the MAC address of the PC used while activating the connection.

    Your ISP will not allow it to access the Internet on a different computer because of the nonregistered MAC address.

    We can override this restriction by using the MAC address cloning feature.

2. Setup Belkin Router for DSL Modem Using PPPoE

  1. You must select PPPoE for most of the DSL Internet connections.

    Setup Belkin Router With PPPoE

    Click Next

  2. Enter the Username and password provided by your DSL Internet Service provider.
    Belkin Router Configuration Guide For DSL broadband

    Here you should enter the user name and password provided by your Internet Service Provider. You should click on the Save Settings button after entering the details.

    Now your Belkin router is configured in PPPoE for DSL broadband connections. If you do not configure in PPPoE(means in bridge mode), you may need to enter username and password (provided by ISP) on your PC whenever you access the Internet.

    Another problem with the bridge mode is the inability to share broadband.

3. Configure Belkin Router With Static IP Address

  1. Select Static and click Next
    Assign Static IP Address

  2. Enter the Static IP Address provided by your ISP
    Belkin Static IP

    Click Apply Changes

Setup Wireless Feature On Belkin Router

To edit the wireless settings, click on the Wireless tab on the setup page. You can edit the Wireless network name and wireless channel here.
Here I have customized certain WiFi settings with personalized information.

Wireless name (SSID) is the name of your wireless network. The most recommended wireless channel is 6. You can use channels 1 and 11 too.

You can use a new name for your WiFi network at the wireless name (SSID) field.

The most recommended wireless channel is 6. Other recommended wireless channels for Belkin WiFi router are 1 and 11.

It is good to change the default SSID with something another.

6. Enable Wireless Security
To enable WiFi security, click on security under the wireless tab, and follow the instructions in the link below.
How to Enable wireless security To Prevent Unauthorized Entry

WiFi problems

Do not forget to Update the Firmware

How to Update the Firmware 

Change the LAN settings on the Belkin Router

You can change the router IP address from this window. By default, Belkin router IP address is, but you can change it to any other valid IP address.
Change Local IP

There are some other points you must care about configuring the device. One of them is to ensure the safety of the wireless network.

It is a nice practice to enable MAC address filtering to avoid any unauthorized access to your WiFi network. To learn how to enable the MAC address filter, follow the link below.
How to enable MAC Address Filter

Can not Go Online After Installing Belkin Router

Some users say they were able to access the Internet before adding a Belkin router in their network.

After installing the router, they are not able to go online. There are so many reasons for this issue, and we have an article about how to deal with such a situation.

If you face such an issue on your network, follow the link below to fix it.
I cannot go online after installing the router


Unknown said…
hey buddy, really thanks for your timely help... ur post helped me thoroughly to make a secure wi-fi connection......

Thanks alot...

<a href="> karthik</a>
Alex George said…
It is really nice to hear.
Unknown said…
i did all these steps but still i am not able to set up a good wireless network.its always limited or no connectivity.not even once i got good wireless connection.plzzz help me.i hv belkin N router.
Alex George said…
Limited or no connectivity can be due to many reasons. I hope this particular post will help you.

Always make sure that you are typing the correct wireless key while it prompt you to enter wireless key (WEP or WPA key)
Peter said…
I am happy now, I was looking for a technician to setup my Belkin Wireless router. When I google with Belkin router setup I saw this page. Now I setup my Belkin Wireless router with this guide. Thank you and may God bless you...
Anonymous said…
Can I setup Belkin Wireless G router using the steps you wrote? I have a wireless G router from Belkin and looking for a help to setup it.
Suad said…

im sooo saddend and pissed of at Belkin!!

I have belkin router,and i got a nintento Wii
So i wanted to install the wireless for the wii but it wouldnt work, so i called the Wii helpdesk they said call the router ppl..

soo i called belkin helpdesk. The dude said ill email you how to change your channel for the router.
He did what he said

then i ran in to the problem, in the email there is the link to the setup page (
BUT ITS NOT WORKING. so i called them back and he said i dont know why itst working.
sorry cant help you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sooo can anyone help me.
Alex George said…
The default login IP address of Belkin router is

If it is not working try following things.

1. Reset Belkin Router

There is a reset button on Belkin router. Press that button for 30 seconds using a pen (make sure power light is blinking that time)

2. Power cycle router

Disconnect power from Belkin router for 30 seconds and connect it back

3. Connect computer to the first LAN port of the Belkin (make sure modem is not connected to the router)

4. Try to access Belkin

Access Belkin setup page using ip address

If still facing issues ,you should clear browser temporary files.

Hope this will help you.
Anonymous said…
Can I enable WPA2 in Belkin router ?
Anonymous said…
Thanks for your post. Saved me lots of time. very strait forward and right to the point.
Alex George said…

We can use WPA2 wireless encryption in Belkin Wireless router.
Anonymous said…
Can I configure Xbox 360 with Belkin router ? Can you provide me the setup steps ?
Ashraf said…
Thanks buddy. I successfully configure my Belkin router. I enabled Wireless too
Anonymous said…
what happens if i can't log in with my password.....stupid i know!
Alex George said…
If you forget the login password of your Belkin wireless router, follow the steps mentioned the link below.
Anonymous said…
I have a Belkin N Wireless 75AC57,, model F5D8236-4 v2 router. It was working good until I messed with it to try to add another wireless device (Nintendo DSi xl) and found that I had to change the security settings to do this. I didn't know what I was doing at that time. Now I've figured out what I should have done, but my Belkin Router icon has disappeared. Cannot access the router default reset online webpage because it says the link is broken! Called Belkin helpdesk and that is what happened when they also tried to have me access this web page.
I understand there is also a reset button on the router, but I cannot find it. I was told it is probably on the bottom of the router, but the only thing I see there is the plastic stand that holds the router in a vertical stand-up position. I have tried to take the stand off, but it doesn't seem to come off, and I don't want to break that too! Any ideas from anyone?
Anonymous said…
The reset button is on the side that wraps around to the rear where the connections are(oppisite side where "Belkin" is imprinted". It's in the center near the "top" (where the antennas are) Use a paper clip or similar to press it.
Unknown said…
Can the N Wireless Modem Router support a Vonage VOIP phone?
Siju George said…
This model of Belkin router help you to connect your voip to Internet. You may need a Voip adapter
Unknown said…
Hey Siju you really seem to be the only one online who can help me. I have called my ISP and Belkin help desk and neither can so far...

First of all I have 2 Belkin N routers. The reason for this is my house is a little too big for the range of just one in the position where I had to put it - ie at one side of the house.

I bought another one to try and set it up as a repeater. The trouble is when plug out my internet cable from the router and I go to try and setup the router my default gateway address in ipconfig is gone. I'm afraid to reset the router completely because it took me ages originally to get just the one router working. Is there a simple way to get these two speaking?

You would really be helping me out.
Siju George said…
Hi Derek,

I understand from your question that you have 2 Belkin wireless N routers and you want to use the second one as a wireless repeater.

Could you please explain the following sentence a little more as I failed to understand it

The trouble is when plug out my internet cable from the router and I go to try and setup the router my default gateway address in ipconfig is gone."
Anonymous said…
I ju1st brought a Belkin N router, The set up is working prefectly but I also have a Cannon computer that has Wi-Fi so what I want know how do I set up my printer with the router to go wireless? Please Help!
Suleman Safique said…
This really works.. thankssss a lot....
Suleman Safique said…
Its really works... Thanks....
Anonymous said…
THANK YOU VERYYY MUCH!!!! just set up my N+ router in seconds
chinpa said…
i can connect to my pc but i can't find my network name to my notebook ,,,can you help me pls
Siju George said…
If your PC can connect to Belkin wireless network, your router settings are fine. So it is better have a look at the adapter side (of netbook). Have a look at the link below.
Anonymous said…
Instructions were great!!!! AT&T wanted to charge 50 bucks for the same info....such a rip off! And they were the ones who caused the problem in the first place. I'm glad I found your post. I was up and running again wireless in less than 5 minutes! THANKS!!!!
Anonymous said…
This was great after agonizing over how to connect my new laptop for hours I looked this up and within ten minutes had it running.
Siju George said…
Hi Jay,

Please follow the link below to troubleshoot the issue.
a-myth said…
that relly works.... :)
Samantha said…
Amit said…
Can I connect linksys Range extender with Belkin router?
Anonymous said…
Hi, I have just bought a Belkin N600 DB. It has a USB input where you can connect a HD, which can become a common drive for all connected to the router. I have tried many combinations with no success. Appreciate your feedback/support
Anonymous said…
I made some false settings in my belkin router. Can you tell me how to reset that settings and reconfigure my belkin router ?
Siju George said…
In order to reset your belkin router follow the link below.

After reset your router, you can setup it again by following the steps mentioned in this article.
Anonymous said…
I have a Belkin Playmax Wireless F7D4401v1 Modem/Router. Seems that my downloads especially from YouTube are very slow. What are the optimum settings for this unit? I have a MacBook Pro and a Mac Desktop and both seem to suffer from the same problem on this router.I use Exetel ADSL2+ ,current bandwidth reading is:
129.70kbps. It should be much faster.
Anonymous said…
you can tell me about normal Belkin Router settings
Harish Kumar said…
Siju...You rock man..!!!

Amazing post, made my life easy to set Belkin and discover vonage resetting in a diff way...

Good to see nice people around...

Cheers ~Harish
Siju George said…
Hi Harish,

Thanks for your comment.


Are you getting high speed when the Belkin router is removed and computer directly connected to the modem ?
Anonymous said…
after 3 days and calling tech support 4 different times and not being able to connect the belkin router to my modem....i kept getting a message from my computer saying that there was a bad connection unplug and replug i did with a different yellow lan cord and it worked perfectly. the networking cable that was shipped with the router was bad.
Admin said…
Its good to know that you found it by yourself.
Anonymous said…
You provided steps to configure this device by accessing the setup page. I do not want to access belkin router. I want to know how to configure it?
Anonymous said…
Belkin wireless N router.. Works perfectly for our laptop, but very poor signal for other wireless devices in the house. my sons ps3, and android cell phones get very poor connections. any help?
Siju George said…
Make sure there is no compatibility issues with wireless encryption used on Belkin Router and your wireless devices.

I recommend you to change the wireless encryption you are using on Belkin Wireless router and check for the issue.
Anonymous said…
I purchased a Belkin model F7D7302 new in the box. I followed all the steps and received a message to call Belkin. When I called they insisted I pay $40 before they would support the product. The thing does not work and appears to be some sort of scam. I recommend that everyone avoid buying this junk.
Admin said…
Have you received any error message while configuring your Belkin router?

I recommend you to reset your router and reconfigure it. To reset your Belkin router, follow the link below.
Anonymous said…
Has anyone figured out how to rename the router's workgroup to something other than "Workgroup"?

Previous "hidden" pages htm don't work. Have piddled around with several variations, and so far, no luck.

http://ROUTER_IP/util_storage_admin.htm *does not* work on the N600DB
Anonymous said…
I don't know where else to post on this POS router (F5D8235-4 v2), but I'm probably going to toss it in the garbage if I can't find a workaround.
All I want to do is give the router a PASSWORD other than the default password of BLANK. Sounds easy? Right? When you go to the change password page and type in your new one (remember the old one is blank or empty), it ALWAYS barks back saying "Current Password is invalid"! The current password is blank, so an empty input box should suffice, right?
I tried other browsers with the same results (FF, IE, Opera).
Madness, I tell you. Madness!
Admin said…
It seems strange, if you are not able to create a password for your router, I suggest you to follow the steps below.

1. Perform a firmware upgrade (Updating to latest firmware can fix most of the router issues). If still issue persists, follow step 2

2. Reset the Belkin Router and reconfigure
Saiful Rahman Barito said…
Belkin is not good router, It's insecure and not stable connection.

Clik Login, and see the source you will see the password login. So, WPA will be useless. You are really under high risk by using Belkin Router.

Updating firmware doesn't solve the big Belkin mistake.
Emily said…

I'm sorry but could you please elaborate a little more in regards to the connnection between my modem and the belkin router? As you've said that the LAN port from the modem is connected to the Internet/ADSL port of the Belkin router, however the Internet/ADSL port of the Belkin Router requires a phone line not a LAN cable?
Alex George said…
You can connect the LAN port of your modem to the WAN/Internet port of Belkin router. If normal Ethernet cable is not not fit for your Belkin router, kindly tell us the model number of the Belkin router you have purchased.
Anonymous said…
Dear technical assistance:

I need your advice concerning with "BELKIN F5D8231-4 V1000 ROUTER" which I use. I wanted update the program (Firmware Update) with V5000 but it automatically cancelled and said that I used wrong update. After that I cant connect to my computer for going to this( ) address. Also I tried to push RESET button, but it's also didn't helped. How can I restore the program.
After " Firmware Update " it's can't connect to local network and couldn't find it's address ( I tried RESET but its also didn't help and the routers blue light blink all the time. Also I tried to do 30/30/30 hard reset ( I read it in forums) but again no result. How can I return the program?.

Vahe Khachatryan
Alex said…
Hi Vahe Khachatryan,

The default login IP of BELKIN F5D8231-4 V1000 ROUTER is Even if you are not able to access the router webpage via this IP address, it means you did not reset the router properly.

To do proper reset for your Belkin router follow the steps below.

1. Locate the reset hole on the Belkin router

2. Use pen to press the reset hole for 30 seconds (make sure the power light of Belkin router is blinking

3. Take of your hands from reset button and wait till the light is steady .

Do a power cycle for your Belkin router.

Now try to Upload firmware from the Belkin router firmware upgrade page. (I mean from Belkin web based setup page)
Anonymous said…
so i have a belkin n+ router and it works fine with everything but when i play my ps3 online, it always get connection interrupted. i noticed that every time i type in my ISP info that it wont accept it forcing me to change it back to a dynamic connection. i just want to know if u know how to make the belkin router accept my info because before it worked perfectly then i had to change my internet info and it wouldn't accept it anymore
Alex said…
Belkin Router should accept your Internet connection details without any error if it is in a correct format. If you face issues then follow the steps below.

1. Reset Belkin Wireless Router

Click on the link for more details about how to reset Belkin router.

If still you face the issue, you may update the firmware of your Belkin router.
Anonymous said…
Can u tell me how to setup Belkin modem if your internet is connected with your telephone line because when i try your steps my telephone won't work
Alex said…
Please make sure that your modem is connected to the Belkin router, not the telephone line directly to the Belkin.

The setup should be like this:

Telephone line splitter --- Modem and Telephone.

Modem --- Belkin router

So here you make sure that the correct cable from splitter is going to the Telephone and modem. You can check your Internet Service Provider (DSL) manual for the exact diagram.
Anonymous said…
I have a Belkin N router every thing was fine until I added my blackberry I have now lost all wireless connections what can I do ???
Alex George said…
We have a Belkin Wireless Router. The wireless connection was set up using a Mac. Now when friends are here with their PC laptops, they cannot connect to the Wireless yet anyone with a Mac can. Why is that? We have tried both the main wireless password and the guest option... neither will work with PC's. Can you help?
Alex said…

May I know your Belkin Wireless settings ? Without changing any settings in Belkin router, your computers will loose network connection (except frequency issues)


Try to change your SSID, Wireless channel and beacon interval.

Also make sure there is no MAC filtering is enabled in your Belkin router.
Anonymous said…
hey, i need someone to help me, I have Belkin router, i was connected the last few days, suddenly the connection unable to connect using my laptop thru wireless connection,
Alex said…
Can You tell me how many computers are connected to your Belkin router?

Is this connection problem only for your laptop ?
Jay said…
Great advice on this site well done guys,
I have a belkin f5d8233-4v3 problem,
I went round to help an old friend connect their new pc to their wireless network , I thought it would be as simple as finding the wireless network pressing connect and job done but although their network name is available I cannot connect their new pc and have even tried my iPhone 4 bit same message displayed when I click to connect, there is no password on the router and all we get is unable to join the network

Can anyone help an old timer out lol
Alex said…
Hi Jay,

Please follow the link below to troubleshoot the issue.
Unknown said…
Hi was wondering if you know if you are able to connect the belkin router wirelessly to the interent that is already active without having to connect a ethernet cable to the back of it.
As i am currently struggling atm.

Thank you
Unknown said…
Hi i was wondering if anyone knows if i can connect my Belkin wireless Router N300 wirelessley to the already active internet connection without having to connect an ethernet or adsl cable to the back of the router.

As i am wanting to put another router in a different place in the store but just want to extend the connection as the main router is some distance away.

Thank you
Unknown said…
Hi was wondering if you know if you are able to connect the belkin router wirelessly to the interent that is already active without having to connect a ethernet cable to the back of it.
As i am currently struggling atm.

Thank you
Alex George said…
@ Wakar

To complete your requirement, you may need an Access Point or Wireless Range Extender if you want to connect your Belkin router wirelessly to an active Internet connection. An ordinary router cannot perform wireless cascading.
Unknown said…
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A Computer (Optional)
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Unknown said…
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Unknown said…
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anurag said…

follow tutorial, which is based on Belkin instructions, is provided as a courtesy to help you visit
Unknown said…
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