Blogger Blog With Custom Domain is Not Opening in My Country

Right now I am having issues with opening in India and it is the same story for all blogger blogs with custom domains. I noticed this problem on yesterday night but I thought it was just a temporary phenomenon and never cared much about it. Sometimes my Internet Service Provider shows strange issues. I have been using BSNL and Bharti Airtel for my home.

Today morning some of my friends called and informed me about the issue. They too are not able to open my blog on their computers. Seems a serious problem, so I have started working with it. I tried to open my blog on my desktop computer but failed. On both my desktop and laptop, the browser seems to wait for my blog and it is not coming to an end. Once I faced such an issue with my BSNL connection; so decided to check with different Internet Service Provider. I tried different Internet Service Providers but the result is the same.
I Cannot Access Certain Websites With BSNL Internet Connection

Blogger Blogs are Not Opening In My Country

I decided to check whether it is just my issue or others are also facing it. I found following Google support thread and the issue is all over in India. No blogger blogs with the custom domain are opening in India. Link to the thread is given below.

It is a country specific issue. I have verified it with proxy and my blog is opening in all other countries. So I think there is nothing I can do at my side because it is a Blogspot problem.  Perhaps any firewall settings on the Indian Internet gateway prevents the Blogspot or any changes in blogger server privilege prevents it from showing in India. They must come with a solution to this problem and I am eagerly waiting for it.

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