How to Redirect Namecheap Non-WWW Domain to WWW Version of Custom Domain Address?

Yesterday I purchased a new domain name from NameCheap for my Blogspot blog The domain name I purchased is I know, a blog with Blogspot subdomain address does not look professional. A custom domain name will make it look professional and completed the steps to set up the custom domain name in the Blogger account. The Blogspot address successfully redirected to the new NameCheap custom domain name

Soon I realized a redirection issue. Though everything looks fine, I am not able to access my blog using the non-WWW version of the domain name.

Whenever I type the naked domain, it doesn't show my blog, but it works fine with the WWW version.

There is a redirection issue either with Blogspot or with Namecheap.

I must say, I couldn't find enough tutorials to solve this issue and I had to spend a lot of time to identify and rectify the problem.

This tutorial explains how to do correct the 301 redirection issues from the naked NameCheap domain name to the WWW version of the domain name.

301 Redirection Of Naked NameCheap Domain to WWW Version
How do I redirect a NameCheap URL without www to www version? To redirect a NameCheap domain and fix naked domain redirection problems, follow the steps provided below.

  1. Login to NameCheap account

    Click on to access their website and Sign In using the username and password you have created.

  2. In My Account page Click on Manage domains, or you can click on view link near the number of domains in your account.

  3. Click on the domain name which shows redirection problems

  4. Click on URL Forwarding under Host Management

    Here we must enter the CNAME details (Alias), Type of URL redirect (301 Redirection), DNS details insertions, etc.

  5. Enter the following details

    Under IP Address/URL, @ is http://www.your and www is If you are prompted to enter a manual TTL value, it is 1800. The URL Redirect should be 301 and select CNAME (Alias) as below.

    After entering the details, click on Save Changes.

  6. Log in to your Blogger account and complete the steps provided in the link below.
    Complete Blogger Custom URL Configuration

Now if you type your blog address without WWW (the naked version of the custom web address), it will redirect to the WWW version.

Redirecting non-www version of blog URL to WWW version helps to retain visitors who use the naked web address of your website.

So you will not lose your visitors who are not using WWW prefix. 301 redirection ensures the permanent redirection of nonWWW version of your NameCheap URL to WWW version and avoids duplicate content issues in Google.

Now visitors using naked and WWW version of blog address will reach your blog without having any redirection issues.

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Since any changes with CNAME details may take time to show, you may need to wait a few more hours.

If the issue persists even after waiting for more than five hours (though recommended to wait 12 hours), I suggest you cross-check the settings you made in the NameCheap account and rectify any deviations.

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If you still facing redirection issues with the bare domain name, you may need to check the DNS issues. To check it, visit the link below.

NameCheap DNS Server Issues Made The Bare Domain Version Down

CoreNetworkZ has a collection of tutorials explaining various types of URL redirection cases like NameCheap Wildcard redirection, redirect www to the non-www version with domain forwarding, etc.