How to Set Up Custom Domain Name For a Blogger Blog

Last Updated:-August 30, 2009
For a professional blogger, the custom domain name for his blog is a must and this tutorial explains step by step procedure to add it for a Blogspot blog. It also explains how to redirect the root page and other posts successfully to the respective pages in a new address. This tutorial shows a practical example by redirecting a Blogspot address to a custom address. I am redirecting to It is a two-step procedure. The first step is to enter CNAME and a-records in the domain (registrar website) control panel and the second step is to enter the new address which you want to point to your Blogspot blog.

1. How to Enter CNAME and A-Records For Your Blogger Blog

Before setting a domain name pointing to your blogger site from your blogger account, you must enter the CNAME and A-records in the domain registrar's control panel. To do this step, you must log on to the registrar's website. Under domain management, you can find DNS (Domain Name System) settings. On that page, you can enter the following information. For more information, I recommend you refer to the steps mentioned in the link below.
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CNAME should point to
A-records should point following 4 IP addresses.

It may take hours to activate the DNS settings you entered on the registrar's website. After this, you should make the following changes to the blogger account.

2. Add Custom Domain in Blogger Account for Your Blog
  1. Sign into Your blogger account and click on your blog listed here

  2. Click on Settings

  3. Click on Settings and click Setup a 3rd party URL for your blog link under Publishing

  4. Now enter the address you have purchased

  5. You must enter the WWW version of the name

  6. Now the address looks like

  7. If you haven't added CNAME details at the domain control panel, you will see the following error.

    If you are seeing the alert, "We have not been able to verify your authority to this domain. Error 12", you must crosscheck the CNAME details entered under DNS settings in the domain registrar's control panel.

Now the custom address for your Blogspot site is configured and you can access your blog through the new address. Now onwards redirects to All the published posts too will be redirected to respective pages.

  1. 301 redirection from old URL to new URL:

    Backlinks, bookmarks, PR, etc gained by your Posts URLs will be transferred to the new URLs.

  2. Post wise redirection:

    Each blog post will be redirected to the respective new URLs.

  3. It is easy to promote a Custom name rather than a .blogspot address

The last point is also very important as the first two points because .blogspot or WordPress addresses are difficult to promote and look unprofessional. There are not many financial troubles associated with buying a new domain name because all you have to spend is around $10 per year as the registration fee.

I bet, any serious blogger can earn more than $10 per year from AdSense through this site. I have been blogging since my college days but after two years from the starting day only, I recognized the importance of having a domain name. Once I bought the address, I understood its importance. It gave my blog a professional touch and gradually helped me to increase the visitors' count.

One advantage of starting with Blogspot is the facility to use the custom name even if you are hosting your site on their server. So you can avoid the expenses of buying a server space. Definitely, a custom domain name can make your blog promotion easier. To learn about the promotion, click on the link below.
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  1. Nice post, but you are leaving out alot of details. The process is a lil more difficult if you really dont know what you are doing....but if i can do it, being a complete newbie. Then i guess anyone can do it. Thanks for the post.

  2. Anonymous4:15 AM

    whats up everyone

    just registered and put on my todo list

    hopefully this is just what im looking for looks like i have a lot to read.

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    If you are looking for custom domain name based email service, you can use Google standard business App.

  4. I want a custom domain name for my e-mail.What I have searched all are paid..I have seen some AOL service but not allowing sign-ups more in it. If you can tell me where i can get a custom e-mail domain..Please help!

  5. Are you looking for domain name or free domain based email service ?

    If you are looking for custom domain name based email service, you can use Google standard business App.

  6. Cheap Blog Domain11:52 AM

    Also you could direct this domain and still use Blogger quite effectively (to save on hosting fees. But I would advise starting with a cheap hosting account from Hostgator or Dreamhost and using Wordpress, which is super easy


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