Village Field Assistant in Kerala Revenue Department - Examination Date (368/2021)

PSC has notified examination for the post of the Village Field Assistant in the Kerala Revenue Department.

Village Field Assistant is the new name given to the post of Village Man in the Kerala Revenue Department and is one of the few posts where PSC conducts direct recruitment to the Revenue Department.

Public Service Commission conducts different examinations for each district, and there will be different question papers and cut-off marks.

Since it is a district-wise examination, one can apply to one district only.

The Number of Village Assistant Vacancies

PSC has not revealed the exact number of vacancies available at this moment.

So we do not know the exact number of vacancies in each district. According to the High Court verdict in 2006, women too can apply to Village Field Assistant post.

This article explains Kerala Village Field Assistant exam patterns and previous year question papers.

The Latest Village Assistant Examination Notification

Notification Number Category Age Limit
: 368/2021 District wise 18-36
: 123/2017 District wise 18-36
The category number of the notification is 368/2021. According to this notification, anyone who has passed the 10th Standard and having cycling skills can apply.

Cycling is no longer required

There is no ineligibility for those having higher education standards to apply for Village Field Assistant. So, degree holders can also apply.

Monthly Salary of a Village Field Assistant

The salary scale is 17500 - 37500 Indian Rupees per month

Eligibility Criteria
Applicant must have passed at least the 10th Standard and must know about cycling. His /her age must be between 18 and 36. That means the date of birth must be between 02-01-1981 and 01-01-1999 including both dates. For OBC, SC, and ST categories, the upper age limit is 39 and 42 respectively. Both men and women are eligible to apply for the Village Field Assistant. There is no restriction on those having higher education qualifications.

Syllabus and Exam Pattern
PSC conducts OMR-based objective type examination for Village Field Assistant post. There will be 100 questions in the question booklet. The date of examination is not yet published. The department rank of Village Field Assistant is just above last grade services. So the exam syllabus of Village Field Assistant is:
1General Knowledge, Current Affairs
2General English
3Simple Arithmetic and Mental Ability

Detailed Examination Syllabus

How to Apply
To apply for the Village Field Assistant post, you must log in to Kerala PSC official website and look for the category number 368/2021 under the notification. If you see the alert 'You are Ineligible' when you click Apply button, choose the option to change qualification and select the one in your profile. It is a district-wise selection and you can choose only one district. The direct link to login your PSC account:

District wise Vacancies and Exam Dates
Village Field Assistant Examination date for Alappuzha, Kottayam, Thrissur, Wayanad, and Kannur districts is 04-November-2017. For those applying for Village Field Assistant exam for Thiruvananthapuram, Pathanamthitta, Idukki, Palakkad, and Kozhikode districts, the exam date is 18-November-2017. Village Field Assistant exam date for Kollam, Ernakulam, Malappuram, and Kasargod districts is 25-November-2017. Examination time is 1:30 pm to 3:15 pm.
DistrictExamination Date Cut Off Mark Date Of Publishing of Rank list
Trivandrum 18-11-2017(1:30pm to 03:15pm) --- ---
Kollam 25-11-2017(1:30pm to 03:15pm) --- ---
Pathanamthitta 18-11-2017(1:30pm to 03:15pm) --- ---
Alappuzha 04-11-2017(1:30pm to 03:15pm) --- ---
Kottayam 04-11-2017(1:30pm to 03:15pm) --- ---
Idukki 18-11-2017(1:30pm to 03:15pm) --- ---
Ernakulam 25-11-2017(1:30pm to 03:15pm) --- ---
Thrissur 04-11-2017(1:30pm to 03:15pm) --- ---
Palakkad 18-11-2017(1:30pm to 03:15pm) --- ---
Malappuram 25-11-2017(1:30pm to 03:15pm) --- ---
Kozhikode 18-11-2017(1:30pm to 03:15pm) --- ---
Wayanad 04-11-2017(1:30pm to 03:15pm) --- ---
Kannur 04-11-2017(1:30pm to 03:15pm) --- ---
Kasaragod 25-11-2017(1:30pm to 03:15pm) --- ---

Some syllabus-based model questions for Kerala Village Field Assistant Examination.

Expected Questions

It is better you start studying for Village Field Assistant test as soon as possible using the sample questions and answers provided below.

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  1. Anonymous5:12 AM

    In some web sites it is saying that one should get minimum of 50 percent in bachelor degree is tht true..can u please clear this doubt sir..

  2. Village field assistant is not a degree level exam. Pass in SSLC is the Educational requirement.

  3. what are the jobs of a village field assistant in revenue department

  4. They deal with land surveying and check complaints related to illegal occupations etc

  5. Kerala Village field assistant exam expected date?

  6. Dates are not yet declared but can expect in any month from November onwards.

  7. where i will get village field assistant detailed syllabus ?

  8. Anyone please share me the syllabus for kpsc village field asst. Exam??

  9. The detailed syllabus will be uploaded on Kerala PSC official website however, Village Field Assistant examination syllabus is similar to LD Clerk exam syllabus. Visit the link below and check for syllabus provided for SSLC level examinations conducted by Kerala PSC.

  10. How many vacancies are there in the village assistant post, malappuram district

  11. @Murali,

    Kerala PSC has not published the exact number of reported vacancies in Malappuram district so far.

  12. Will the qn paper be in English or Malayalam?

  13. Village Field Assistant question paper will be in Malayalam.

  14. How many vacancies there in the village field assistant in palakkad district ?

  15. How many vacancies are there in the village field assistant post in palakkad district?

  16. How much was last time cut off for the exam?

  17. We don't know the exact number of Vacancies reported for Palakkad district at this time.

  18. Thozhil Kerala6:39 AM

    Good information, does < href="> psc village field assistant have english in subject ?


  20. @Ananya

    You will be informed about the availability of hall tickets by SMS or email from Kerala PSC 15 days prior to the examination. You can download it from your official Kerala PSC portal under hall tickets.

  21. Can u plz give the number of applicants for village field assistant. (District wise)

  22. Anonymous9:34 AM

    Can anyone tell me what was last years cut off marks for kottayam dist in village field assistant exam

  23. Please anybody tell.what is the Normal cut off range for this exam

  24. Anyone knows how much amount will get in hand for this post.They mentioned salary scale 17500-35000

  25. Is it district wide or statewide exam?

  26. It is a district wise examination.

  27. Sir I wrote exm in wayndd district village field assistant I got 78 marks .I'm obc .had any chance for me

  28. What is the eligible criteria to became a village officier

  29. A clerk in village office will be promoted to the post of Village Officer

  30. i got 80 marks in village field assistant exam in malappuram dt is there any hope?

  31. i got 84 marks in village field asst in pathanamthitta is there any chance

  32. I got 72 in malappuram district is there any hope for getting job ( general)

  33. I got 85 in Alappuzha dist in General category. Is there a chance for me? Any idea about e?result data

  34. When short list will publish...?

  35. I got 82 mark sc category. Any chance

  36. I got 66 mark siuc category .Any chance

  37. Whether the rotation of appointment be based on the chart for Last Grade Servants?

  38. @ Unknown

    Do you mean the advice order rotation based on Open Category and the Reserved category?


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