Setup & Troubleshoot FASTtelco Wireless Router and Compare With Other ISPs

FASTtelco is one of the leading Internet Service Providers in Kuwait. They provide high-speed ADSL broadband service to both business and residential users. This tutorial explains how to configure FASTtelco ADSL modem by yourself without the assistance from any experts and troubleshoot both Internet and wireless connection issues with FASTtelco router. Next part of this guide explains how to check FASTtelco Internet usage and pending bill payment by login to FASTtelco payment account and comparing the monthly data charges of various Fast telco broadband plans with competitors monthly charges.

How to Setup FASTtelco ADSL Modem

To install any modem/router with FASTtelco ADSL broadband connection, follow the instructions below.
  1. Connect FASTtelco Modem with Computer
    Make sure the LAN port of FASTtelco modem/router is connected to Ethernet port of Computer using an ethernet cable. Modem WAN port should be connected to Phone cable.

  2. Login to FASTtelco Modem Setup Page
    If you don't know the default login IP address of your FASTtelco modem or do not know the modem login username and password, follow the instructions provided in the link below.
    Find Default Login IP Of a Modem

  3. Click on New Connection button on Configuration/Setup Page

  4. Continue FASTtelco Connection Setup Wizard

    You will be asked to enter following FASTtelco ADSL parameters in different pages.
    FASTtelco Connection typePPPoA VC-Mux
    VCI value35
    IP ControlStatic IP
  5. Enter FASTtelco Broadband Username and Password. You will receive these details from FASTtelco support.

  6. Reboot FASTtelco Modem

Compare Fast Telco With Other ISPs in Kuwait
Choosing an Internet Service Provider from a list of ISPs in Kuwait should be based on your requirements. You should analyze your requirements with the packages offered from various ISPs in Kuwait. Here you can compare the Internet speed, broadband charges and quality of service from FAST telco with other companies in Kuwait. You may have a look at the chart below to compare Fast telco Internet with its competitors.
  QualityNet DSL Broadband Service in Kuwait   
Gulfnet Broadband Internet in Kuwait
Comparing Zain and Viva

FAST telco Network Connectivity Issues Solution

Once the modem is configured correctly, you will be able to access the Internet without any trouble on your devices. However, it is possible that sometimes you may face issues with connecting the Internet with your FASTtelco ADSL connection. The guide given below will assist you to find the reasons of not able to access the Internet from FASTtelco modem.
I Cannot Access Any Websites

Installing FAST Telco Internet With Second Router
FAST telco supplies its own modems from different vendors like Zhone, Belkin, Netgear, Linksys, Cisco etc. While configuring FAST telco Internet connection with Zhone router, Cisco router etc, you may find different user interfaces. The same problem happens while you add a second router to Fast telco modem. The below chart shows how to configure routers from Zhone, Netgear etc with FASTtelco modem.
  Setup D Link Router   
Setup Belkin Wireless Router
Setup Linksys Wireless Router

Important Points
  1. FAST Telco ADSL Broadband Monthly Plans
    You can see the latest FASTtelco ADSL Broadband Internet monthly charges for different plans based on data transfer speed from the link below.

  2. Check Fast telco Connection Speed
    It is important to check your broadband speed once the fast telco modem is installed at your place. You can use the tools provided below to check fast telco download and upload speed.
    Online Tools to Check Internet Speed

  3. Customer Support
    FASTtelco Customer Support number is 1886666

  4. Fast telco Online Payment Page
    You can pay your pending FAST telco broadband bill by visiting the page:

  5. Improve FAST telco Internet Speed
    There might be many reasons for not getting faster FASTtelco Internet connection. Follow the instructions given below to increase the fast telco broadband speed.
    Increase Internet Connection Speed