How to find Login IP Address of a Router or Modem

Till now I have completed many router configuration tutorials. In every tutorial I am writing steps to log on to the router before start configuring it. Here what I am planning is to write a complete guide for steps to login to any router irrespective of manufacturers and providers. Hope this will be useful for my readers. First step we need to find out before start configuring our router/ modem is to find the IP address of that device. It is because in order to log in to the router/Modem we need to know the IP address of the device. Even if you don't have your router manual where the login IP is present, you can simply follow the steps below to find your router login IP address.

Steps to discover Log-in IP address of your Router

To find the login IP address of your router:

1. Connect Router/ Modem to the computer and power on the device

2. On command prompt Type ipconfig

In order to open command prompt in any driver click on the link below.

Open Command prompt in any directory

How to know default login IP address of my wireless router

Check the default gateway address shown in your command prompt. It is the configured IP address of your router which is connected to your computer. If you need to log in to this router, you can simply type the IP address shown in the command prompt(Default Gateway) on the address bar of your web browser and press enter. Now it will ask you the user name and password to enter. In default settings it will be the configuration of admin.

Scenario :1

User Name : admin
Password : admin

Scenario :2

User Name :
Password : admin

Scenario :3

User Name : admin
Password :

You can use either one of the above user name and password combination to log on to your router.

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