Tools to check your Internet Connection Speed - Upload and download speed Test

How to check my Internet Connection Speed - download and upload speed

How many of you are actually checking whether you are getting the actual Internet speed offered by your Internet Service Provider ? Do you know your actual Internet download speed and Uploading speed ? If you are not sure about the actual speed of your Internet connection, there are many free online tools available to check the Internet connection speed. You can use these free speed checkers to confirm your available Internet speed.

Free Internet Speed Testers

If you are looking for a way to increase your Internet Speed click on the link below.

Increase my Internet connection speed

Some of the free Internet speed testing tools are:

1. Bandwidth Place - Internet Speed Test

This is an online Internet Speed Tester to find both your download speed and upload speed. To start your Internet speed test simply go to the link below and click on Start Test button.

See the result below.

Check my Internet connection speed- download speed and upload speed

2. Speedtest - Internet Speed Test

Another Internet speed testing tool is:

 Speed checker for your Internet connection

3.Speed test by Speakeasy

This is another Internet speed checker.

Broadband speed check

There are so many other free Internet speed checkers are available. So always check your actual download speed and upload speed using these tools and never blindly believe your ISP.

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rajesh said...

How to install the sg tcp optimizer in a system?

sharon said...

You can also use to test internet speed and check bandwidth, at free of cost. You just need to type speedtest: in the search box and click on the web search link.

Siju George said...

@ Rajesh

You can download it and install on your computer directly. Plrase go through the post


Thanks for your additional details. I will check it later.

Computer Support said...

Today, Internet problem is the general & major problem in all over of the world.In busy life every one want quick search & quick results about anything like services & products etc.So this is right that when one source give you some solutions then it also create some problems and you give many of solutions about internet problem.This is really helpful for everyone.

I really appreciate and recommend this blog.

Network Support

Internet Speed Test said... is another great Speed Test tool.

Swift Computers said...

your blog is really good and informative.

Sam said...

These test in terms of mbs (bits) not MBs (bytes). My connection is too fast for these to be useful.

Anonymous said...

here the another tools for testing the internet speed in online it free and check the download and upload speed of the internet....