Check For Traffic Violation Cases Online

With the introduction of AI cameras ( Artificial Intelligence ), the number of booked traffic violations has spiked all over India.

Most Indian states introduce road cameras based on Artificial Intelligence to detect traffic violations and prepare for road cases.

The Government of Kerala took the initiative to introduce AI cameras to reduce road accidents with the help of technology and book any vehicle that violates traffic rules.

Various reports prove that the presence of AI cameras has reduced road accidents and forced drivers to obey traffic laws more seriously.

The Government of Kerala installed 726 AI-enabled road surveillance cameras in April 2023.

However, from the driver's point of view, AI cameras catch even minor traffic violations and send E-Challan.

Many drivers do not know whether their vehicles have an active E-Challan.

While considering the inter-state drivers, the chances of missing Challan are high.

As per the law, the booked vehicle owner must pay the fine before 60 days. If he fails, the case will go to court.

So, the question is, how will you check whether your vehicle has an active challan to pay fines?

Check Active Traffic Violation Fine For a Vehicle Online

The Government of India initiated an online facility for vehicle owners to check any active Challan issues against them.

We can check online all active Challans on the Parivahan portal.

You can check if there is any Challan issued against you by the state traffic department.

Go to the link below and enter the Vehicle number and Chassis or Engine number to find any traffic violation case against your vehicle anywhere in India.

Fill in the vehicle details below the Challan Details tab.

Check for active traffic violation cases against any vehicle in India online.

Select the Vehicle Number.

Enter the vehicle number and the last five characters of the Chassis or Engine number.

Enter the captcha and click the Get Details button.

You can see if any traffic violation case is registered against your vehicle anywhere in India.

I had a recent all-India trip on my motorbike and was curious to check if any state traffic department had registered a traffic violation case against my bike.

Even though I follow all traffic rules, the proliferation of AI cameras can capture an unintentional violation.

It is the result.

Pay online your traffic fine from anywhere in India.

No traffic violation Challan has been issued anywhere in India against my motorcycle.

How to Pay Traffic Fines Online?

If there is an active Challan against your vehicle, you can pay the fine using the Pay Online button in the top menu.

Check if the road AI surveillance camera catches your vehicle.

Once you press the Pay Online button, the E-Challan Parivahan portal will start the payment process.

It is the easiest method to pay traffic violation fines online anywhere in India.

Other Methods to Check Whether You Have a Pending Traffic Challan

Now, the next question. Is there any other method to check whether you have violated a traffic law and generated an E-challan?

We can check the traffic violations captured by law enforcement agencies through state online services.

Let us check a few state online services to see whether there is a pending traffic violation charge against a vehicle.

Check Traffic Violation Cases Registered in Kerala

After the installation of AI cameras in Kerala, the number of registered traffic cases increased.

Many drivers do not know whether they have a case for a traffic violation.

If you are a driver from Kerala, visit the following link to check if the state Police has an active traffic challan against your vehicle.

Type the vehicle number on the tab and click the Search button.

searched for any traffic violation registered against my vehicle in Kerala using this online portal.

Check if Kerala Police has registered a traffic case against you.

The result shows I have no traffic violation case.

If you have doubts regarding a possible traffic violation challan against you, I recommend you verify it with the Parivahan or Kerala police portal.

You have learned how to check for any traffic violation booked by the AI surveillance cameras in Kerala. If you have doubts, feel free to write in our support forum.