How to Check SMS On Your JioFi SIM Number?

I have been using JioFi as my wireless router for my home network since 2018.

So far, I am happy with their service, but today's post is about one issue I faced after porting to their network.

I had more than one phone number at that time. So, I decided not to take a new Jio SIM for the JioFi.

I used one of my existing numbers after porting to Jio Network.

It created a problem for me. Though I do not use the number for calling, I use that number to authenticate a few online services.

I needed the confirmation SMS ( sent by them ) to log in to the accounts. So, I had to read the text messages sent to the JioFi phone number.

A new JioFi user may wonder how to check SMS messages on the JioFi phone number.

This post explains how to check the SMS on the JioFi. You can also read our tutorial on downloading and upgrading the JioFi Firmware.

Read SMS On JioFi

JioFi is a simple WiFi router. So, we need another device to load and read SMS on JioFi.

We can access the SMS on a JioFi phone number in two different methods. They are:

  1. By Configuring the JioCall App on another Android Phone.

  2. By inserting the JioFi SIM into another device and Check SMS.

The first method works on Android devices only. The second method works on any device that supports Jio SIM.

The iOS version of JioCall does not support JioFi.

Let me explain each method in detail.

Read JioFi SMS On Any Android Phone

We can access the JioFi SMS on any Android Smartphone. By installing JioCall on your Android device, you can read all messages in the JioFi SIM.

You must configure JioCall with the JioFi network to work this solution.

Connect your Android Smartphone with the JioFi network and install JioCall from the Play Store.

  1. Open the Android Play Store in JioFi Network. Type JioCall and install the App.

    You must use the same JioFi network to install and configure this App.

  2. Open the JioCall and tap on the three vertical dots at the top.

    Tap on Settings.

  3. Open the JioCall Settings. It will ask you to set this App as the default messaging client to detect the JioFi.

    Click the SET NOW button to proceed.

  4. Choose JioCall from the menu and tap on SET AS DEFAULT.

  5. JioFi will send a verification code to verify your Android phone.

    You will receive an OTP on the registered number. You need to enter the OTP to verify the device. Tap on Proceed to verify the device.

Now, the JioFi network has verified your Android smartphone.

You can make a Voice Call and Send an SMS With JioFi With this App.

You can access and read every SMS coming to your JioFi connection number.

Jio App Does Not Detect Messages on JioFi Number

Some users reported an issue with the Jio Voice Call App(JioCall). It fails to load SMS on the JioFi SIM.

You may see a notification -Unable to detect JioFi SIM with which JioCall is configured.

After an updation, I also detect it on my phone.

That means I cannot read SMS on JioFi SIM with my phone. So, I added another method to read SMS on JioFi SIM from any device.

Check JioFi SMS On Any Device

You have learned to read SMS on JioFi SIM on an Android smartphone. Now, let us discuss how to read text messages on a JioFi SIM with any device.

Open the JioFi router and Take the Jio SIM card out. Insert the SIM into any smart device. You can read the SMS stored on the Jio SIM.

Can I receive JioFi SMS messages on a Windows computer?

One user asked whether he can receive JioFi text messages on a Windows device.

The answer is yes. But the laptop must have a SIM card slot. So, you can insert the JioFi SIM and access the SMS.