Reset SBI Profile Password Without Visiting Branch Office

If you are using SBI net banking for money transfer and online bill payments, you know the importance of keeping update the account credentials. To change any details on your State Bank of India online account, you need to login to the profile using profile password. However, it is common that most of the account holders remember just the account login password but forget the profile password. Without entering profile password, we cannot change any details like adding a new email address, change NetBank password, etc..

This article teaches how to reset forgot SBI NetBank Account Profile password.

How to Change SBI Internet Banking Profile Password Online

To change SBI Internet Banking account profile password without visiting your branch office, follow the instructions given below.
  1. Login to your SBI online account and click on the profile from the left-hand side menu.

  2. Click on Change Password

  3. If you do not remember the SBI profile password, click on the link Forgot Profile Password.

  4. You will be redirected to Profile Password reset page. Here you need to authenticate yourself by answering a hint question set by you before.
    You need to select the hint question from the questions drop-down menu and write the answer you set before. You should not forget the fact that, only three attempts are allowed in a day. If you have made three wrong attempts, this facility would be blocked for 24 hours by the bank.

  5. If you do not remember the hint question and answer, you will need to click on the link near If you have not set the Hint Question or Answer (or) have forgotten them.

At this point, you need to visit your branch office with the details displayed on the screen. You will receive a reference number and a document. You need to download the document and take a print out. You need to produce this on your branch office to reset the profile password.

Best Practices to Set a Hint Question and Answer
State Bank of India allows you to select one hint question from a group of random questions. You must remember the question you have selected because, at the profile password reset procedure, you will be asked to select it. There won't be any hint about which question you set before.

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Now let us check the answer part. No one expects you to answer a hint question with an honest answer.

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For example, if you have chosen the question about the name of your first school, you should not write the correct answer.

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Instead of your first school name, you should write a passphrase no one could guess. It is a best practice to write a passphrase which includes both capital and small letters with numbers and special character.