Configure Outlook Express With Dataone Account Email

Outlook Express is an email client from Microsoft which is outdated and no longer supported by them. If we reach Microsoft for any support, they will redirect to with similar features. Though this tutorial is outdated I am still keeping it as a legacy post. This tutorial explains how to configure Outlook Express for BSNL DSL broadband email ID. BSNL is one of the leading broadband service provider and the username provided to the customer is usually an email address. If you want to integrate this address with an email client on your PC, this article may help you.

To configure Outlook Express for Dataone customers with their email ID, follow the steps below.

  1. Open Outlook Express and click on Tools

  2. From Tools click on Accounts and select mail

  3. Now click on Add to add a new mail and select mail

  4. Now enter the display name and click next

  5. Enter the dataone email address and click next

  6. Select POP 3 as the incoming mail server and enter the name of the mail server.

    For dataone it is

  7. Enter the out going mail server (SMTP Server)

    For dataone it is and click on next.

  8. Now fill the account name and click on finish.

Points to remember

Procedure to configure BSNL email address with Oulook Express is very simple. All you have to do is to follow the instructions provided. While configuring the BSNL ID, you may use the following information.

  • POP3 server for dataone account =

  • SMTP server for dataone account =

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