MTNL Broadband ADSL Modem Configuration Guide

MTNL (Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited) is Government owned Internet Service Provider who is currently providing high speed broadband service in Delhi and Mumbai. They offer unlimited broadband plans for their customers in these two metro cities. This tutorial explains how to configure MTNL ADSL modem manually. They offer different types of modem like D-Link, Huawei, Utstar, TKD etc.. for their customers. Though they are from different manufactures, configuration steps are similar.

Boost MTNL Net Speed

Setup MTNL ADSL Modem

Here let us check how to configure different models of of DSL modems like Huawei, D-Link, Utstar etc with Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited broadband service.
  1. Login

    Login IP address of MTNL modem is and use the following username and password to access setup page.
    Username : admin
    Password : admin

  2. Configure WAN Connection

    You might see different user interface for different modems. The process is same for every models and the values of  VCI, VPI, PPPoE username and password etc.. are same.

    • Huawei Modem

      1. If you have Huawei model, you may see the following setup page.

      2. click on ATM Setting on the left hand side menu

        Here we need to enter following values. We must select the mode as routing to enter the MTNL username and password. Usually we must enter the telephone number as username and Subscriber number as password if MTNL has not provided another values. We must make sure the default route under IP address is enabled.
        PVC          - 0
        VCI          - 32
        VPI          - 0
        Mode         -routing
        Service Name -MTNL


        You must select the encapsulation as PPPoE. After verifying the details you must click Apply button at the bottom of the page.

      3. Restart

        Restart by pressing restart link on the left hand side menu. You must choose the option restart now with current settings.

    • D-Link Modem

      1. If you have D-Link modem, you might see a different setup page. Look at the picture below and to configure broadband, click WAN button on the left hand menu.

        Use the same information I have provided above to configure D-Link modem with MTNL broadband connection. You may use the username and password provided by MTNL or use telephone number as username and subscriber number as password to establish PPPoE connection.

      2. Restart

        Click on Tools button on the top menu and then click System button. Now to restart the device, click on save and reboot button under Save Settings.

    • Ut-star Device

      Another popular modem brand provided by Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited is UT-Starcom. They have different models like UT-300R2U with routing feature. The values to configure are same and the procedure to setup UT-300R2U is provided below.

      1. Click on WAN

        Now enter the details as provided above. Connection type must be PPPoE LLC and make sure Network Address Translation (NAT) is enabled. After entering the details, click apply to save settings.

      2. Reboot

        Click Tools on the top menu and click Misc button. Now you can see Save & Reboot button.

        Click on it.

Enable Wireless Security On MTNL Modem

If you are using the WiFi feature, it is important to enable WiFi protection to block unauthorized users. This guide explains how to set wireless encryption on modems supplied by Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited. You can follow the same steps on every models provided by them.
  1. Click on Wireless LAN

    You can change the SSID, WiFi broadcast status etc from this window. If you do not want public broadcasting of your wireless network name, you may select no button at Broadcast SSID. At SSID, you can change the name of the wireless network.
    change name

  2. Authentication

    Select the right authentication for the wireless connection from authentication drop down menu. I recommend you to select WPA2 from the drop down menu because it is the most reliable WiFi encryption available for MTNL WiFi network.

    You must enter a pass phrase at Pre-Shared key which is known to you only.

  3. MAC Address Filter

    You can prevent certain computers from accessing the network even if they know the pre-shared key you set. It can be done by blacklisting MAC address of those devices. Another option is to allow access to certain computers only by white listing MAC address of those devices. You can perform it on MTNL modem under Wireless MAC Address Filter option. See the image below to get more idea about it.
    MAC filter

    If your computer is showing connection troubles with MTNL WiFi network, you may check whether the MAC address of your device is blacklisted in the modem under Wireless MAC Address Filter.

Connection Trouble With MTNL

If you are facing any connectivity issues, first you should check the status of the link light. If your line is connected well and modem is receiving Internet connection, it must be green. If your net connection is down and the MTNL link light is green, may be you must check your local network (especially if you have a router). I recommend you to follow the instructions provided in the link below.
How to Check Local Network Connectivity

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