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How to Find the IP Address of a Website using command prompt

Once one of my friends asked me how to find the IP address of a domain name. Then only I just understood some steps might be very simple but for someone, it might be a new tip. So I decided to write this post. There are so many methods to find the IP address of a website. Many online tools are there for this purpose( OK their main purpose is something advanced). The basic tool we need is command prompt. Think if your computer is connected to the Internet and want to find the IP address of one particular website for any reason. You can simply go to command prompt and ping the website.

The Steps to find IP Address of a domain Address are

1. Click on start

2. Click on Run and type cmd Press OK ( In Windows XP)

In Vista use search and type command, press enter

2. Command prompt Window will open

Find the IP Address of a Domain name

On the command prompt window type

ping [website URL] press enter.

Now you will get a reply from the IP address of the website. Sometimes we may get Request Timed out instead of replies. For that issue click on the link below.

Request Timed out while pinging to an Address - Ping Error

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nivetha said…
Thanks for the information about the find ip address of the website using command prompt.I found the websites ip address from the site give the new way to find websites ip address .Thank U.