Firefox 3D image Search

Today I was looking for some interesting Firefox browser add-ons  and accidentally found one 3D image addon called cooliris. I downloaded and installed this addon and checked whether it is a good stuff or not. It is really impressing as the normal Google image search displays in 3 dimensional  view with additional features. There are many other add-ons which provide same 3 dimensional photo search feature. Let us check this one first and go to other add-ons. You might be interested to see, how photo viewing is different on my PC after installing this tool. Some of the screen shots are attached below.
3 D effect Firefox image search addons

If we select one image, it will be displayed as below.

CoolIris is not just for Google. It works well for other  platforms like Bing,YouTube etc. It can be selected from the options on right hand top of the window. You just need to click on the search and various options will come out.
Image Search for Different Search Engines and picture hosting

To rotate pictures to each directions (with 3D effect) we need to press the blue button on the bottom of the page. Just by changing the button to each directions, we can rotate the images with 3D effect.

Install Cooliris on your computer

The installation procedure is like any other Firefox addons.

  1. Download Addon

    We need to download the addon from their website. The website link is:

  2. Install

    Double click on the downloaded file and click allow to install this addon on browser.
    Download and Install Firefox Picture addons

  3. Click on install now to install this addon.
    Install 3D view

  4. Restart

    After installing this addon Firefox needs to be restarted.
    Installing Firefox 3D plugins

    Click on Restart Firefox.

Now we can use it for image search by searching for a picture in Google picture. In Google photo search result, place your mouse on any photo. Now you can see how it is highlighted on that picture as below.
Cooliris image search plugin reviews

Click on this highlight and you will see the beautiful cooliris photo page.
Three dimensional view

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How to Check My Tata Photon Plus Internet Usage and Bills

I have been using Tata Photon Plus service for one month while my room mate is using Reliance Netconnect for his Laptop. We have chosen different wireless broadband services for our laptops because of the concept "Don't put all your eggs in one basket". I purchased my Tata Photon Plus wireless USB modem from their online store instead of local dealer. It is because there was an offer (Laptop bag worth of 1.5K ) for every online Photon Plus purchase.

Update: Special offers are purely up to the time to time decisions made by Photon plus marketing team and I am not sure they offer the same at this point of time.

I received the packet including Photon plus modem (with a small delay) and the Internet is working fine (Though I am not getting 3.1Mbps what they offered) with reasonable speed. Seems everything fine but now only I noticed one issue how to check my Internet usage ?. In the manuals I received, it is written that you can check the Photon Plus Internet usage by logon to online Photon Plus account but I didn't receive any online account details. Then I followed the online instructions and found that we need to create an account first using our connection number and tata photon plus account number instead of a ready-made account usually provided by ISPs.

Then the second problem... I don't know what is my account number and connection number. The local Tata photon plus agents activated the device in my computer and went without giving any clues. Somehow I found the Photon Plus account number by checking the mails (e-bill) and find the connection number via photon plus customer support. Now only I understood I am in time based plan instead of data based plan. Right now I send a request to tata photon plus customer support to change the plan and waiting for their response.

Update: Successfully changed to data based plan (Took just one day only).

Tips to Increase your Photon Plus Broadband speed

You can increase the actual speed of your photon plus Internet connection. To know the tip click on the link below.
How to Increase Broadband Internet Speed on your Computer

Useful details and links for Tata photon plus users:
  1. Tata Photon Plus Customer Support number : 1800-266-121 (Toll Free number)
  2. Troubleshoot Photon Plus connectivity issues: Check connectivity issues in a Network
  3. Tata Photon Plus Customer Care email address :
  4. Tata Photon Plus Online Store :
  5. Check you Photon Plus Speed: Check Internet Speed
  6. Supported Photon Plus Modems in Linux : Linux Supported Tata USB Modems
  7. How to create a new Photon Plus user account :
  8. Customer care number for prepaid Photon Plus users can be found in:

    PS: Select the Tata service and your location to get the customer care number.
  9. How to configure your Tata Photon Plus Modem is Linux computer:How to Configure Tata Photon Plus USB Modem in Linux PC
  10. Check Photon plus Internet usage and Bills :

    Log in to my account in by entering the photon plus phone number and password created.

Compare Tata Photon Plus With Other Mobile Broadband Services

I think if you are not yet started using Photon Plus service, you may be wondering to have a comparison between other wireless broadband services. Let me tell you frankly the speed and reliability of any mobile broadband service depends on the signal quality at user location. So it may not be true if I say Photon plus is faster than BSNL Wireless broadband (WiMAX )or vice versa. It purely depends on how good the signal quality of WiMAX service and Photon Plus service. So my recommendation is to tell the service provider to show a live demo of the Internet speed at your location before taking the final decision. Now a days you can see a lot of advertisements about the unlimited Internet Usage Plans by Photon Plus and Other service providers. Before bite the ads it is your duty to read carefully the conditions to use unlimited usage plans. You may not expect the same speed after crossing the threshold (for example 3GB download) and after crossing the threshold download value, your service may be degraded to 2G automatically. I think it will be helpful for you if I leave links to my articles about other major wireless broadband service providers.

  1. Photon Plus and Reliance Netconnect:

    If you are looking for a comparison of Tata Photon plus service and Reliance Netconnect, I suggest you to read my article about the later by following the link below.
    Reliance Netconnect Wireless Broadband Service

  2. Photon Plus and Idea Net Setter:

    Just like Photon plus service, another market leader in wireless broadband service is Idea Net Setter. Though Photon Plus use CDMA, Idea Net Setter is 3G (GSM). To learn the speed difference between Photon Plus and Idea 3G at your location, better you can go to their official sites or ask the representatives to give a live demo. To read about Idea 3G broadband, click on the link below.
    How to Configure Idea 3G Broadband On your Handset

  3. Photon Plus and BSNL WiMAX (3G EVDO):

    Just like Photon Plus by Tata, BSNL also have 3G broadband service. One of the difference between BSNL EVDO service and Photon Plus is the difference in technology. Photon Plus use HSIA while BSNL use "Evolution-Data Optimized". To lean about BSNL 3G follow the link below.
    BSNL 3G Wireless Broadband Configuration
Tecnology Guide

How to Configure Linksys WRT160N WiFi Router With DSL Modem

WRT160N is one of the popular Wireless routers from Linksys which works on 802.11n standards. Wireless N is far superior to other standards like 802.11a,b and g in WiFi speed and network coverage. This tutorial explains how to configure this device without the help of setup disc comes with the package. Here I assume you have a DSL broadband connection and share the Internet with additional devices using WRT160N. If you are using cable modem, there is a little difference in the way we configure it. The difference is mentioned at the end of the guide.

Configure WRT160N With DSL Broadband Connection

To perform it, follow the step by step instructions provided below.
  1. Connect your Computer to the WAN port of the WiFi Router using an Ethernet cable

  2. Make sure WRT160N is powered on.

  3. Open Internet Explorer on your PC and type on the address bar. When it prompts, enter the default login username and password of WRT160N provided below.

    User Name : [Leave this field blank]
    Password : admin

    After entering the details press enter.

  4. Now you are on setup page.
    Linksys WRT160N Wireless Setup

  5. Setup WRT160N for DSL Modem

    If your DSL modem is DHCP enabled, you may need to change the IP address of your Wireless router. It is because you cannot use IP address in the same network range of your modem(third octet) for your wireless router. To know your modem IP address connect your computer to the modem. On command prompt type ipconfig and press enter. Check the IP address. So you may change it to 192.168.X.1

    Where X can be any number in between 1 to 255 excluding the number used on modem. After changing the IP address, click on save settings. Your connection must be like this.

    • Connect LAN Port of Modem to WAN/Internet Port of Router

    • WAN Port Router to LAN Port of PC

    • Power on all devices in the network

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How to Restore Accidenatlly Closed Firefox Browser Tabs

It is possible that you may close a browser tab accidentally and want that back. If it is happened on Firefox browser, you can restore that tab without any trouble. This tutorial explains various methods to recover a Firefox browser tab closed without intention on your computer. There are different methods to do it. At first we explain how to do it from User Interface and the second method tells keyboard shortcut to do it. So let us check these two methods.

Restore Closed Firefox Tab From Interface

If you are comfortable with user interface, follow the steps below.

  1. Click on History tab in the tool menu

  2. Select Recently Closed Tabs
    Restore tab

    Now you can see the list of recently closed Firefox tabs. All you have to do is ti click the one you want to restore.
One of the important problem many users face is to find the Tools menu. If you cannot see Tools menu on the top of Firefox browser, just press [Ctrl] and [F] buttons together. Tools menu will be shown when you hold these two keys together.

Keyboard Shortcut Method

If you are not comfortable with the User Interface method, there is another method to bring back the closed tab. It is by pressing three keys together. The key combination is provided below.

[CTRL] + [Shift] + [T]

Press these three keys together to bring the recently closed tabs. This method is the easiest and fastest method to restore the recently closed tabs. There are many instances where users loose important works by accidental browser closing and features like this can reduce the risk of losing the unsaved work. To open most recently closed tab, press these three keys together. Press them again to start the second most closed tab.

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How to View Event Log in Event Viewer On Windows Computer

Windows Operating system keeps a log file for all the incidents happening on your computer. All the entries are written to a file called Event Log. If you are an advanced Windows user, you can check this file to study every issues happened on your computer. It is like hardware or software failure. First step to do is to view the this file stored and this article explains steps to access and read it. It records the following three events and they are provided below.
  1. Application,

  2. Security,

  3. System

Let us learn more about these three events. Application log tells the major events by installed programs including any failures. Security event keeps track of major security incidents like invalid login attempts, hacking attempt etc. The system log stores incidents by Windows XP system components.The procedure is similar for Windows 7 and 8 computers.

Open Event Viewer to Read Entries On Windows XP

To read the log details, you must access the viewer first. Here I provide steps to access event viewer on a Windows XP Laptop.
  1. Click on Start and go to Control Panel

  2. Click on Administrative Tools (In Classic View )

  3. Open Computer Management

  4. Click on Event Viewer

  5. Now you can select the  log which you need to read.

You can open this file and read the entries. Depends on the entries you can find out the real reason behind system failures when you face one.

How to Open Event Viewer in Windows 7

Since many of our Windows 7 troubleshooting steps require to open the same file, it is necessary to write a complete guide to open Event Viewer in Windows 7. This supporting article can reduce the size of actual troubleshooting guides by just proving a link to this article without mentioning the steps to open it. For those who are not familiar with it, "Using Event Viewer we can see system logs about hardware and software issues". In Windows 7, we can open it in two ways.

Method 1

In this method we just need to type "Event Viewer" in Windows 7 search.
  1. Click on Start

  2. Type "Event Viewer" on Search

  3. Just click on it to open.

Method 2

This method is purely a GUI method.
  1. Click on Start

  2. click on Control Panel

  3. Click on Administrative Tools

  4. Click on Event Viewer

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