How to Check My Tata Photon Plus Internet Usage and Bills

I have been using Tata Photon Plus service for one month while my roommate is using Reliance Netconnect for his Laptop. We have chosen different wireless broadband services for our laptops because of the concept "Don't put all your eggs in one basket". I purchased my Tata Photon Plus wireless USB modem from their online store instead of the local dealer. It is because there was an offer (Laptop bag worth of 1.5K ) for every online Photon Plus purchase.

Update: Special offers are purely up to the time to time decisions made by Photon plus marketing team and I am not sure they offer the same at this point in time.

I received the packet including Photon plus modem (with a small delay) and the Internet is working fine (Though I am not getting 3.1Mbps what they offered) with reasonable speed. Seems everything fine but now only I noticed one issue how to check my Internet usage ?. In the manuals I received, it is written that you can check the Photon Plus Internet usage by login to online Photon Plus account but I didn't receive any online account details. Then I followed the online instructions and found that we need to create an account first using our connection number and tata photon plus account number instead of a ready-made account usually provided by ISPs.

Then the second problem... I don't know what is my account number and connection number. The local Tata photon plus agents activated the device on my computer and went without giving any clues. Somehow I found the Photon Plus account number by checking the mails (e-bill) and find the connection number via photon plus customer support. Now only I understood I am in time-based plan instead of data based plan. Right now I send a request to tata photon plus customer support to change the plan and waiting for their response.

Update: Successfully changed to data based plan (Took just one day only).

Tips to Increase your Photon Plus Broadband speed

You can increase the actual speed of your photon plus Internet connection. To know the tip click on the link below.
How to Increase Broadband Internet Speed on your Computer

Useful details and links for Tata photon plus users:
  1. Tata Photon Plus Customer Support number: 1800-266-121 (Toll-Free number)
  2. Troubleshoot Photon Plus connectivity issues: Check connectivity issues in a Network
  3. Tata Photon Plus Customer Care email address:
  4. Tata Photon Plus Online Store:
  5. Check you Photon Plus Speed: Check Internet Speed
  6. Supported Photon Plus Modems in Linux: Linux Supported Tata USB Modems
  7. How to create a new Photon Plus user account:
  8. Customer care number for prepaid Photon Plus users can be found in:

    PS: Select the Tata service and your location to get the customer care number.
  9. How to configure your Tata Photon Plus Modem is Linux computer: How to Configure Tata Photon Plus USB Modem in Linux PC
  10. Check Photon plus Internet usage and Bills :

    Log in to my account in by entering the photon plus phone number and password created.

Compare Tata Photon Plus With Other Mobile Broadband Services

I think if you are not yet started using Photon Plus service, you may be wondering to have a comparison between other wireless broadband services. Let me tell you frankly the speed and reliability of any mobile broadband service depends on the signal quality at the user location. So it may not be true if I say Photon plus is faster than BSNL Wireless broadband (WiMAX )or vice versa. It purely depends on how good the signal quality of WiMAX service and Photon Plus service. So my recommendation is to tell the service provider to show a live demo of the Internet speed at your location before taking the final decision. Nowadays you can see a lot of advertisements about the unlimited Internet Usage Plans by Photon Plus and Other service providers. Before biting the ads it is your duty to read carefully the conditions to use unlimited usage plans. You may not expect the same speed after crossing the threshold (for example 3GB download) and after crossing the threshold download value, your service may be degraded to 2G automatically. I think it will be helpful for you if I leave links to my articles about other major wireless broadband service providers.

  1. Photon Plus and Reliance Netconnect:

    If you are looking for a comparison of Tata Photon plus service and Reliance Netconnect, I suggest you read my article about the later by following the link below.
    Reliance Netconnect Wireless Broadband Service

  2. Photon Plus and Idea Net Setter:

    Just like Photon plus service, another market leader in wireless broadband service is Idea Net Setter. Though Photon Plus use CDMA, Idea Net Setter is 3G (GSM). To learn the speed difference between Photon Plus and Idea 3G at your location, better you can go to their official sites or ask the representatives to give a live demo. To read about Idea 3G broadband, click on the link below.
    How to Configure Idea 3G Broadband On your Handset

  3. Photon Plus and BSNL WiMAX (3G EVDO):

    Just like Photon Plus by Tata, BSNL also has 3G broadband service. One of the differences between BSNL EVDO service and Photon Plus is the difference in technology. Photon Plus use HSIA while BSNL uses "Evolution-Data Optimized". To learn about BSNL 3G follow the link below.
    BSNL 3G Wireless Broadband Configuration
Technology Guide

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  1. Anonymous7:13 AM

    Amiable dispatch and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you for your information.

  2. Sharath10:08 PM

    Hi I too need to know my Tata Photon plus account number and Photon connection number. Do you know how to get it.

  3. Anonymous5:10 AM

    Are you checking your Tata Photon plus Internet usage daily??

    The problem is the they are updating our current Internet usage only after 48 hours and the statistics is not reliable. Why don't these photon plus guys update the Internet usage in the mean time?

  4. Saidu Mohamed10:23 PM

    I can't create my Tata Photon Plus account. I typed my 9 digit photon plus account number and connection number. They are not accepted What to do?

  5. Hi Saidu,

    In order to create a new Tata Photon plus account you should follow this link.

    Please make sure that you have the correct tata photon account number and connection number with a valid email address.

    Photon Plus account number is 9 digit.

    Photon Plus connection number is 10 digit starting with 92.

  6. Anonymous4:06 AM

    Hello Siju ,Can you tell me how to install Tata Photon Plus in my computer?

  7. Dav Aravind4:41 AM


    Is there any way to check my Internet usage (Photon plus) in accurate measurement?

    In my account it is just updating after 48 hours and it is like unbelievable amount. I just chatted with my friend for 46 min in yahoo messenger (I know the time and no other downloads ) but it showing I used 100 MB for that day!!!

    How can I believe this. No downloads, no software updates but still consumed 100 MB?????


  8. If you have purchased the Tata Photon Plus through a dealer, you can get the account number from them.

    If it is an online purchase you can see the account number from the mails send from tata photon customer service. The mails send by them includes our account number.

  9. Rahul Memon1:58 AM

    When I bought Tata Photon Plus ,it was faster. Now I am seeing a drastic drop in Photon Plus speed. Why they reduced the Internet speed now?

  10. Sagar2:29 AM

    can i do voice chat using tata photon plus internet ?

  11. Hello Sagar,

    Yes I am able to do voice chat using my tat photon plus connection.

  12. Rahim3:44 AM

    Hey Siju .. nice post. I start following you.

    Can I ask a question? Can you share the Tata Photon plus Internet connection between two computers ?

  13. Yes Rahim , We can share the photon plus Internet connection between two computers. We need to use ICS to share this internet as Tata photon plus modem does not have DHCP facility.

  14. Anonymous2:36 AM

    Hi, can you please let me know how to enable tata photon to limited user accounts in a lap top. I do not want to login as admin while browsing the net. When I login as a user account the signal is not detected by Huawei Access Manager. My os is windows xp sp3. Thanks a lot.

  15. Anonymous2:02 PM

    I have bought photon plus prepaid from a store near where i stay. They gave me the account number. But when i try to reach the toll free number it always says that a/c no. is invalid. Then the shopkeeper has not registered with the email id i have provided in the form. So i am not getting the link to view my account usage and balance report. But i get sms in my mobile and also i am able to re-charge online. Plz let me know how to view useage report. My mail id is ashwin [dot] chn [at] [plz dont spam] gmail [dot] com

  16. I was actually looking for Photon plus reviews to buy this product. What is your review about tat photon service ? Is it good?

  17. Hi Aswin ,you should contact photon plus customer support either by this toll free number 1800-266-121 or the mail support. Tell them your Photon plus phone number (it is a 10 digit number) and ask them to fetch your account number.

    Hope this will help.

  18. Robin John11:01 PM

    Could you plz tell me how to a call from my Tata Photon sim. I know we have a telephone number from Photon plus and I don't know how to make a call using

  19. Till now we cannot make a call using Tata Photon Plus SIM. The phone call feature is present in Photon Whiz but not in Photon Plus.

  20. sir my photon no. is 9205424514 ;;;plz send me prepaid call centre no. i hv already got 1 no. i.e1800266121 but it is told me tht this for postpaid users& also the speed of my photon is very slow.plz inquire abt it give me reply & it is given on mannual tht we will get 1gb for 2 months ..but the dealers are giving only 1month for plz also inquire abt this &give me reply as soon as possible

    with regards

    paramjeet singh

  21. Hi Paramjeet,

    To get the prepaid photon plus customer care number go to the link below.

    You should select the service and location to get the customer care number.( I don't think it is toll free number.)

    To make a complaint about the service you can fill this form and submit to tata photon customer care. The link is:

  22. Anonymous3:19 AM

    What is the average Internet speed of Tata Photon Plus ?

  23. sir how to check my tata photon plus internet usage and bills?

  24. @ Vicky

    First we should create a user account for photon plus by following the link below.

    It will ask your Tata Photon plus number, Account number and email address.

    After creating an account you can login to my account in the following link.

    After login to your account, you can check your current photon plus usage and Bills

  25. Reliance netconnect Vs Tata Photon Plus11:27 PM


    Can you provide a comparison between Reliance netconnect and Tata Photon plus ? If you can give such a comparison that will be well appreciated.

  26. I tried creating a new account in the my account page but could not succeed. It is telling me invalid tata phone number. Called up the customer support number and they told me to wait for one week and then try...May be my number is not registered yet.

  27. Dear Sir Recently i had taken tata photon plus in corporate plan . I want to know my account nunber and tell how i can know the usage.

  28. Hi Sachin:

    If you have your Photon Plus telephone number, you can call the Tata customer support (1800-266-121) and ask your account number.

    So make sure you have any one of this:

    1. Tata Photon Sim number or

    2. Email ID used to register

    If you are ready to wait anyway after activation they will send you an email which include your account number.

  29. how to chek tataphoton plus usage

  30. how to check about tataphoton plus usage plzzzzzz send me reply as soon as possible

  31. Check Photon plus Internet usage and Bills :

    Log in to my account in by entering the photon plus phone number and password created.

    In your account you can see the Tata Photon Internet usage.

  32. Priya Amit2:07 AM

    Is there any way to to check my prepaid tat photon plus balance? I have a prepaid photon + account

  33. Anonymous4:36 AM

    is there anybody to help me...?

  34. Pls let me know how to check TATA Photon Plus usage, and from where I will get my 9 digit account number.

  35. Inorder to check your TATA Photon Plus usage, you may logon to your Photon plus account and click on Internet usage.

    To get your account number:

    1. Either you should contact customer support and ask their help to get your account number

    (they need your photon plus sim number)

    2. Wait for the first bill from Tata Photon.

    It include your account number.

  36. Anonymous5:02 AM

    How do i disable Internet Explorer Once I connect the Photon cos it always starts internet explorer by default..How do i disable this option. Help....

  37. Anonymous3:15 AM

    i juss..want to knoww how the billing works for tata photon plus...pospaid connevtion..?is it dat dey bill up according to da usage or jus bill up on random..2 weeks back i took a tata photon postpaid...n since dan i hav'nt downloaded a single song..jus surfing n dat too...maxx.3 to 4 hours a day...!! two dazz back i chck ma bill it was 2750..since dan i hav been using da past two dazz for jus 1 hour n smhow ma bill rose upto 4080 is it eva possible...tata photon is simplyy gr88..lolll..........i sud hav opted for reliance...dats far fren nxt door is online mst of da tym..uses a llot mre dan postpaid cnnection n her bill cme upto..jus 800...izz siply gr8..tata photon rockss...loll

  38. Hi I recommend you to veriefy your tata photon plus connection plan. If you are in a minute based plan, u will be billed according to the time u r online. Once again recommend you to contact tata photon customer care and ask what connection plan u have

  39. Anonymous8:34 PM

    hi friends, i took unlimited tata photan+ postpaid conection on last week,1st two days the network s good. den it gives 0.10mb dwn speed ony. i want change my network.can u help me, how to get my money back...

  40. I think it may be technical issues with Tata Tower in your area. Better you call them and ask the exact reason.

    1800-266-121 is their toll free number.

  41. hello boss i am rajesh from belgaum i have puchased TATAT PHOTON PLUS so i am not getting how to check usage

  42. hi i'm using tata photon whiz and i would like to check my bill online...i already have my account number...

  43. You can check your Photon Plus Internet usage and bills in your photon plus account.

    Log in to my account in by entering the photon plus phone number and password created. You can click o Internet Usage to see the regular Intenret usage.

  44. Anonymous11:29 PM

    Hi Siju
    I want to check my internet usage.
    I logged in to but there is no 'Tata Photon Internet usage' link.
    By the way, My plan is 'KO-Photon Plus 2 GB@Rs 750' ,whatever that means.
    Please Help.

  45. When you login, you can see "Internet Usage Meter " and Click here to view internet usage details. (on the bottom of the Summary of your account)

    Please click on that to see your photon plus Internet usage.

  46. Hi all,

    If anyone wanted to check your internet usage and bill amount in online.....
    Just follow this steps

    Step 1: Open the site
    Step 2: At bottom of that page you will be finding my account. Click on it.
    step 3: Then click on New user, and provide your tata phone no, account no, prepaid or postpaid, email address and your alternate mobile no( Its nothing but your mobile no).
    step 4: Then click on submit button. Immediately you'll receive 4 digit password to your mobile no.
    step 5: Re-login with your new 4 digit no. Then it will ask for your new password. Just click submit.
    There you go its done, now you have created your account.....
    After filling up your formalities....
    There you find Internet usage: simply click on "click here".


  47. Thanks Naresh for your explanation.

  48. My Tata photon + a/c No. is 906510395
    Phone No. 9290313653. Plan Rs.750/2gb
    My password corrupt long back. Unable to check my account and measure my usage to be within limits. That phone 1800266121 getting busy tone repeatedly.Pl send me daily SMS updates of my usage to my mobile No. 9849321303 Thanks a lot..

    From P.Ramachandra Rao, 50-83-4/8, Keeethana Enclave, Madhuranagar,
    Visakhapatnam 530016. Email Id. Mob 9849321303
    land line 2554167 (STD code 0891)

  49. Hello,

    Please contact Photon Plus Customer care via email. is the photon plus customer care mail ID.

  50. Anonymous2:57 AM

    hai wat s mean by Old Password (Initial PIN)

  51. Anonymous3:01 AM

    hai wat s mean by Old Password (Initial PIN)

  52. Do you mean the temporary password sent by Tata team ?

  53. Anonymous5:13 AM

    hai siju,i created my account,when i relogin it shows a login form & it shows Old Password (Initial PIN)column and new password.i filled the new password colum.I don't wat s my old password,pls help me...

  54. Anonymous9:26 PM

    Tata photon bill :
    My plan :10 GB
    First few months no issues with the speed and bill .
    Later on they started to show their true colors.
    All they do is show 10 GB in the first week itself ,actually in reality i have not downloaded any big size files .

    So think twice before you go for this

  55. Anonymous9:16 PM

    yes,wat s temporary shows
    temporary password has been expired

  56. You may reset your password and create one using the link below.

  57. Hi Siju.

    Need you help, as seen you been very helpful to everyone's queries :-P

    How can i use my Photon Plus as wi-fi for multiple laptops.

    Please guide me.

    Thanks in Advance.


  58. Hi Vnod,

    If your computer has a wireless adapter, you can set it in adhoc mode. So your laptops can connects to your computer. Make sure that the Internet is set to shared.

  59. Anonymous1:27 AM

    siju,it shows two column.tata phone no,i know that.second is,alternate no.pls guide me.

  60. It is your alternate phone number. Your working phone it means. First one is the number of your Photon Plus.

  61. Anonymous12:35 AM

    hai pls help me.i created my account in tata photon plus.days later, it shows your temporary password was expired.wat can i do

  62. Anonymous12:37 AM

    tata photon no is invalid.wat can i do

  63. You may reset your Tata Photon plus account password and create a new one using the link below.

    It is important to make sure that Tata Photon number is 10 digit starts with 92...

    If still the issue persists, you may need to wait one week (if it is a new one) and try to create the account again.

  64. how to get my account number

  65. please send me my account number

  66. Hi Avinash,

    In order to get your photon plus account number you may contact Tata Photon Customer support with your Photon Plus phone number. They will provide your account number.

    Tata Photon Plus Customer Support number: 1800-266-121

  67. can i get by e mail

  68. Yes Avinash, you can get it by mail. Please contact Photon plus customer support with this address.

  69. Avirachan11:35 PM

    Hello Siju,
    Can you provide more details of Tata Photon Plus Bill Payment ?

  70. Anonymous12:34 PM

    does log option of photon plus show the time of login and log out as well?

  71. You can check the Photon Plus Log file to know the last time of log in and log out

  72. hi
    i have a tata photon and want this account under safe custody as i am travelling abroad. i had already sent a mail reg this. but i have not recd any reply.Also i called the customer care and requested them yet nothing has been done. kindly look into this and keep it i safe custody for 3 months . my tata account no:906684146


  73. Hi Shoba,

    I strongly recommend you to contact Tata Photon Plus customer support and register you need. Do not forget to ask the complaint number as it is the reference number you can use in future about the issue. So you should call them again and register it plus write down the reference number (complaint number).

    Email ID:

    Customer Support:

  74. The Tata photon is very worst one thats it what i am telling publicly

  75. Anonymous2:25 AM

    i have my account number,i am able to login into my account,but after that i dont find an option to check my minute usage,i have 1800 minute plan,so please reply ASAP.

  76. You should click on Internet Usage to find it

  77. Anonymous11:37 PM

    hey please help me to check my tata photon whiz balance by messaging

  78. To get Photon Plus daily SMS updates please contact 1800-266-121

  79. how to check d usaage of ma photon......?????

  80. when i try to create my account,it says you forgot ur initial pin,whats that?

  81. @Nandan

    Please contact Tata photon plus customer support for more assistance in your issue. Either you can mail them to

    or call them 040-66570232 (10 am to 6 pm from Monday to Saturday)

    @ Harish

    Please go through the Internet usage link in your tata photon account.

  82. Hey i have got a paswd thru mail..thn am gng to my a/c enter phone no. nd pwd..then it shows change ur initial pin..when i am chng my says..• One Lower Case Character
    • One Upper Case Character
    • One Numeric digit
    • One Special Character
    WTF is dis...

  83. Hey i have got a paswd thru mail..thn am gng to my a/c enter phone no. nd pwd..then it shows change ur initial pin..when i am chng my says..• One Lower Case Character
    • One Upper Case Character
    • One Numeric digit
    • One Special Character
    WTF is dis...

  84. Hi Ramy,

    It is to ensure that your new password for your Tata Photon Plus account is secure. The new password should contain

    1. At least a number

    2. Caps letter

    3. Special Character

    Eg: The password below is valid


  85. Anonymous10:30 PM

    hi.. recently i bought Tata Photon Postpaid device they activated my account ans sent me my photon no 9246...... when i tried to call that no its ringing what does this mean can this number be used by any other

  86. hi recently i bought my Tata photon postpaid connection ..after activation they sent me my tata photon number 9246....
    when i tried to call that number it is ringing think somebody is using it, will there be any problem please reply ASAP.

  87. You cannot use this photon plus number to make a call till now.

  88. The new photon+ modem EC156 from Huawei doesn't show any Statistics, viz, Usage, Dowload speed, connection time etc. I think they had removed purposely, to keep the customer in dark. The usage details in the online are updated only after 48 to 72 hours and that too not correct. MTS gives a very good option, to check the statistics readily.

  89. salute to whoever r working on tis page !!!!!! got lots of info ty

  90. kiruthika10:00 AM

    hi sir, i cant create my account i enter the 10 digit tata docomo photon plus number,but it display given tata indicom no is not registered or not valid... how to i create the account and also which no it excepts to enter it... plz help me out....

  91. Hi kiruthika,

    It is better wait one or two days and try to create your account. However, if the issue persists it is better call the Tata Photon Plus customer care for assistance.

    Tata Photon Plus Customer Support number : 1800-266-121 (Toll Free number)

    @ Mar,

    Thanks for your compliment.

  92. i forget my usb modem number....then how i recharge my modem

  93. I forget my tata photon whiz number,,,then how i found/recharge my usb modem

  94. I forget my tata photon whiz number,,,then how i found/recharge my usb modem

  95. Hi Amar,

    If you have the Photon plus account number, you can contact customer care for your photon plus number.

    1800-266-121 (Toll Free customer care number)

  96. i forgot my tata photon plus prpaid 10 digit number.i am unable to recharge my tata photon plus prepaid.please help me.

  97. sonam7:01 AM

    Hllo sir!
    whn I try to creat my acc. a TaTa Number is appeared wtz that exctly means? I mean wht shud I entr in tht box???

  98. Siju George10:51 PM

    It is the number of Tata Photon connection. You can contact customer support and ask them your photon plus number by telling them your account number.

  99. RAM KRISHNA1:51 AM

    Photon Plus is not working in my area. What should I do ?

    What is the actual speed you are getting at your area ? Please tell me the true value.

  100. Anonymous2:37 AM

    I am planing for Photon plus prepaid connection. Can you tell me the tax plus amount I should recharge in every month ?

    Ashok T

  101. Anonymous11:54 AM

    Where is tata photon plus my account

  102. what have to do if we don't know both photon number and photon account number o_O ??

  103. Admin2:12 AM

    Hi Pradeep,

    If you do not know the photon number and account number, either you contact the customer support with registration email id or contact the local vendor from where you purchased the photon modem.

  104. how to check the tata photon plus internet usage...

  105. how to check tata photon plus usage balance...

  106. Siju George11:01 PM


    To check the photon plus internet usage, you should log in to "my account" in by entering the photon plus phone number and password created.

  107. Siju George1:40 AM


    1. For the error code issue: Could you please give as the full error message including error code?

    2. Forgot Password

    Photon plus will send the new password to the phone number you gave them while registration (at the time you applied for photon plus) as your contact phone number.

  108. Pooja Sharma7:26 AM

    Hello Sir,

    I received an email from some sales team saying if I purchase Photon Plus data card from them I will get some amazing gifts. They mentioned something about Silver Pendant. What is that? Are they really from Photon Plus company ? Can anyone from Photon Plus answer it ? I am from Delhi

  109. Anonymous7:49 AM

    I think photon modem is damaged. Is there any way to get a replacement for my damaged modem ? It is a USB modem.

  110. Dear Sir,I lost my tata photon+ number and account number.........pls help me to get back my photon number......pls inform as quickly as possible to my

  111. Hi Srihari,

    You should contact Photon Plus customer support with your contact number (provided at the time of registering Photon service) and contact email address.

    Toll Free No: 1800-266-121

  112. I am in Noida,

    I want to know BSNL Wimax wireless broadband business connection or photon wize connection is fine for my office? Which is secure and cost less ?

  113. Shakshi S4:14 AM

    Tata Photon Whiz Data Card Recharge can be done from the convenience of home, office, or from anywhere and at anytime, Recharge is simple, secure and easy and instant process.

  114. Hi Speed Internet in Remote Area
    How to get 3g speed in remote area, Watch in the following youtube video:

  115. Anonymous10:09 PM

    Hi, can you tell how to check for log history for tata photon. As in which sites were visited and when. I cannot find it in settings.

  116. Hi Alex/Siju!
    I have been using Tata Photon Plus (the 10 GB package) for almost 5 years now. I recently started using BitTorrent. I'd like to know whether I'll be billed according to the downloaded data amount or the downloaded minus uploaded data amount.
    Thank you in advance.