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Asianet Dataline Cable Broadband Modem WiFi Connectivity Issues

I have been using Asianet Cable broadband connection for more than a month without any issues. They provide Cisco DPC2320 Wireless Residential Gateway as modem and it has both routing and WiFi feature. Everything was fine but very recently I was facing connectivity problems on my computers which are connected to the Asianet WiFi network. I was a little disappointed while checking up for help tutorials because there is not much resources available. Perhaps I called at wrong time, whenever I called the technical support, it said either the user is busy or no one is picking the call. Fortunately I could fix the issues by myself without extra information. This tutorial tells the steps I have done to fix the Internet connectivity problems I faced with a normal guide about how to manage the Asianet Cable modem hassle free.

Asianet Broadband Hack To Improve Speed

  1. Login Asianet Cable Modem

    Logon IP address of Asianet Cable modem is and by default there is no username and password set on Cisco DPC2320. When you are prompted to enter the logon details, click Log In. You may be prompted to change the current password with a new password.

  2. Change Password

    To change the current log in password of Asianet cable modem, click Password Settings link.
    password change

    Leave the current password field blank for the first time entry and then type the new password. After this, click Apply.

  3. Change Login IP

    We can change the default Log In IP address of Cisco DPC2320 from IP Management page. Click on LAN IP Address Management link under Basic Settings.
    IP Management

  4. Change Asianet WiFi name

    You can change the current WiFi name set by Asianet from Basic page under wireless. Delete the current name set on Service Set Identifier (SSID) and type the new name. Now onwards it will be the name of your wireless network.

  5. Change WiFi Password

    To change the current wireless password on Asianet WiFi, click on Security link under Wireless. Here you can change the WPA Pre-Shared Key configured here. Just check the checkbox at show key to display the the password you entered. You cannot join the WiFi without providing this new Wireless key.

  6. Block Websites

    We can use the Parental Control feature on Asianet modem to block specified websites. To enable this feature go to User Setup under Parental Control.
    certain websites are blocked

    Procedure to block websites based on keywords as well as domain name;
    • Click on Setup from the top menu

    • Click on User Setup

    • Select the user (default if none configured )

    • Go back to setup and click basic rules

      Here you can enter the keywords or websites you want to block.

    In case if you are facing issues with accessing any websites in Asianet Internet connection, first place to check for the issue is Parental Control page. Any wrong settings on this page can deny your free access to World Wide Web.

  7. Check Devices Connected to modem

    If you are suspecting some unauthorized devices are accessing your Asianet cable Internet connection and stealing the bandwidth, you can simply find it by checking the CPE Connections under Status tab. You can monitor the devices currently connected to Cisco DPC2320. This feature helps you to identify the computers connected to the WiFi network by checking the MAC address. To check the currently active devices on Asianet Wireless network, click on Status tab.
    check intruder

    Under CPE Connections, you can see the devices currently connected to Cisco DPC modem. You can check their IP and MAC address as shown in the image.

  8. WiFi Connection Issues

    If you are facing WiFi connection issues with Asianet cable modem, follow the instructions provided in the link below.
    How to Troubleshoot Asianet WiFi Connection Issues

Useful Tips
  1. Create Invoice

    Dataline customers can automatically generate last invoice from their account. all you have to do is logon to the account and click My Invoice link.

  2. Check Internet usage

    You can check Asianet dataline broadband usage by visiting the link 'My Account' on the top of the window. You may access the same page by visiting the link below.

    You may be prompted to enter the username and password. Here you can see the plan you opt, IP address from Asianet, connection start time and end time, duration, upload data details and download data size, effective total data transfer etc. So if you want to know the total data usage, you may login to this page.

  3. You can change your current password from the same page by visiting the link 'Change Password' from the top menu.

  4. Customer Support

    If you want to visit  customer support page of dataline connection, visit the link below.

    Asianet Technical support number: 80860 11111

    For any kind of complaints regarding Asianet dataline connection like lower speed, frequent disconnection or billing issues either you visit the above link or try the phone number listed.

My Experience With Asianet Broadband
After paying the full amount in advance, I had to wait at least a week before getting the connection. They said it was due to the shortage of cable to my home from the nearest connection. I called them multiple times and after one week one technician came and activated the modem. Major problem I feel is, Asianet wants me keep one tab open by login in to their website whenever I want to go online. If I close the tab, Internet connection will be disconnected and I need to log on to their website again with the username and password provided by them. So far I am happy with the speed they provide but I must say I am not fully satisfied with their technical support. another disappointment is about Asianet modem lease agreement which I feel not so customer friendly. I really suggest a new user to read their modem lease agreement before applying for their service because I smell it really bad and my review will not be completed without specifying it.

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bryt said…
how to get a static ip in cisco modem??
Alex George said…
Can you provide the model number of your cisco modem ?

For a general view, visit the link below.

This tutorial may help you login the device and find out the DHCP option under LAN IP Address management.

Disable DHCP and assign static IP.
Mithun sebastin said…
how to block site ...please answer step by step
Alex George said…
You may check the 6th step to block websites in Asianet broadband connection.
The first three lights of my modem stays on. But the fourth one (Online) doesn't turn on. Requesting help.
Alex George said…
Hi Pavan, it seems you have cable issues. Contact your ISP and ask about the current status of online light on modem.
kaps said…
are u still using wifi modem of asianet, if yes does it have option of reduce/increase wifi signal strength ie Tx power ? is there a switch to switch on and off the wifi in your modem?
Alex George said…

My modem doesn't have that feature. You may request Asianet broadband customer support to issue a modem with the feature to change signal strength.
Aashiq shajahan said…
Logon IP address of Asianet Cable modem is is not available, What to do?
Please Replay.
Alex George said…
@ Aashiq,

You may try the steps in the tutorial.
Linson Joseph said…
Kaps there are options available for reduce/increase wifi signal once you logon with your credentials. There is also option to switch on and off the wifi of your modem.
Alex George said…

Thanks for answering Kaps query.

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