Check Reliance Netconnect Usage Bill & Support Links For Internet Issues

Last week one of my friends purchased Reliance Netconnect from a local dealer. Reliance NetConnect is a wireless broadband Internet service from Reliance which offers download speed up to 3.1 Mbps. Reliance USB modem installation and activation are done by the technician from the local dealer and offered their assistance in any future issues too. In the ads, Reliance offers 3.1 Mbps speed but we are not getting speed more than 1 Mbps. Though it is less than the speed they actually promised, we know the real download speed depends on multiple factors like a total number of Wireless Internet users, distance from the mobile tower etc. Here I collect some of the useful information for Reliance Netconnect users.

Useful links and details for Reliance Netconnect Users

  1. Netconnect Customer Care:
    Reliance Netconnect Customer Care number: 1-800-3000-5555 (Toll-Free Number).
    Reliance Wireless Broadband customer care email address: and

  2. How to Increase Reliance Netconnect Wireless Broadband speed :
    To increase the Speed of Reliance Wireless broadband Internet click on the link below.
    How To Increase Broadband Internet Speed

  3. Create a New User Account: To create a new user account for Reliance Netconnect connection click on the link below.

  4. Check Netconnect Tariff: To Check the current Reliance NetConnect Wireless Broadband Internet Tariff click on the link below.

  5. Check Netconnect Internet Usage:
    To check Reliance Wireless broadband Internet usage and bills, click on the link below.

    Here you need to login to Reliance Netconnect account to check your regular Internet usage and bills.

  6. How to Pay Bill:
    To pay Reliance Netconnect bill online, follow the link below and click on Instant Pay.

  7. If you are facing Internet Connectivity issues in Netconnect, click on the link below to start troubleshooting.
    How to Check Connectivity Issues in a Network

Testing Speed Difference Between Reliance Netconnect & Tata Photon

I have my Tata Photon Plus connection and its speed is around the same speed of this reliance connection. If we compare the speed between Photon plus and Reliance Netconnect, I feel Photon plus is faster. But I understand the fact that Tata Tower is nearer to our place than Reliance tower.

This distance has an effect on the speed of both Photon Plus and Reliance wireless Internet (Netconnect). Compared to a traditional cable Internet connection, this mobile Internet facility is more helpful because we often move to our home town and other places depending on the work and holidays plans. However, Reliance Netconnect is fast only in major cities.

In local towns, you can expect only basic CDMA speed from Reliance Netconnect. I hope in near future they will add more HSIA towers in more locations. One of our friend planning to buy BSNL CDMA EVDO/1X data card and after testing that I will write a detailed review post comparing the speed and service provided by Tata Photon Plus, Reliance Netconnect, and BSNL wireless Internet. If you are interested in reading Photon plus review, click on the link below.
Tata Photon Plus Review

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