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Check Reliance Netconnect Usage Bill & Support Links For Internet Issues

Last week one of my friends purchased Reliance Netconnect from a local dealer. Reliance NetConnect is a wireless broadband Internet service from Reliance which offers download speed up to 3.1 Mbps. Reliance USB modem installation and activation are done by the technician from the local dealer and offered their assistance in any future issues too. In the ads, Reliance offers 3.1 Mbps speed but we are not getting speed more than 1 Mbps. Though it is less than the speed they actually promised, we know the real download speed depends on multiple factors like a total number of Wireless Internet users, distance from the mobile tower etc. Here I collect some of the useful information for Reliance Netconnect users.

Useful links and details for Reliance Netconnect Users

  1. Netconnect Customer Care:
    Reliance Netconnect Customer Care number: 1-800-3000-5555 (Toll-Free Number).
    Reliance Wireless Broadband customer care email address: and

  2. How to Increase Reliance Netconnect Wireless Broadband speed :
    To increase the Speed of Reliance Wireless broadband Internet click on the link below.
    How To Increase Broadband Internet Speed

  3. Create a New User Account: To create a new user account for Reliance Netconnect connection click on the link below.

  4. Check Netconnect Tariff: To Check the current Reliance NetConnect Wireless Broadband Internet Tariff click on the link below.

  5. Check Netconnect Internet Usage:
    To check Reliance Wireless broadband Internet usage and bills, click on the link below.

    Here you need to login to Reliance Netconnect account to check your regular Internet usage and bills.

  6. How to Pay Bill:
    To pay Reliance Netconnect bill online, follow the link below and click on Instant Pay.

  7. If you are facing Internet Connectivity issues in Netconnect, click on the link below to start troubleshooting.
    How to Check Connectivity Issues in a Network

Testing Speed Difference Between Reliance Netconnect & Tata Photon

I have my Tata Photon Plus connection and its speed is around the same speed of this reliance connection. If we compare the speed between Photon plus and Reliance Netconnect, I feel Photon plus is faster. But I understand the fact that Tata Tower is nearer to our place than Reliance tower.

This distance has an effect on the speed of both Photon Plus and Reliance wireless Internet (Netconnect). Compared to a traditional cable Internet connection, this mobile Internet facility is more helpful because we often move to our home town and other places depending on the work and holidays plans. However, Reliance Netconnect is fast only in major cities.

In local towns, you can expect only basic CDMA speed from Reliance Netconnect. I hope in near future they will add more HSIA towers in more locations. One of our friend planning to buy BSNL CDMA EVDO/1X data card and after testing that I will write a detailed review post comparing the speed and service provided by Tata Photon Plus, Reliance Netconnect, and BSNL wireless Internet. If you are interested in reading Photon plus review, click on the link below.
Tata Photon Plus Review

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Sunil said…
I am using Reliance netconnect for my laptop. I am in Noida and offered a good coverage by reliance. PRoblem is I am not getting promised speed from Reliance Wireless Intenret. Also my wireless modem disconnects frequently. Is there any specific reason for this
Anonymous said…
Hello what about a prepaid reliance netconnect card ? Is it available if yes where should I get it


Alex George said…
@ Jimmy

Thanks for your comment.


If you are not getting the promosed speed from Reliance Internet, you can contact their technical support division. Their number is 1-800-3000-5555
Sharaf said…
I am trying to create an account in Reliance mobile broadband netconnect. They are saying my reliance number is not correct ? Why is it
Anonymous said…
What is the reliance help desk number ?
Siju George said…
@ Sharaf

May be your Reliance Netconnect sim is not yet registered with them. Just wait few more days and if the issue persist it is better contact reliance netconnect customer care.
Deepu said…
I have a reliance netconnect connection and one desktop and on laptop. Now my Laptop is getting Internet from Reliance mobile broadband. How can I share the connection to my desktop computer ? I am a little bit confused. Can I use switch ?
Alex George said…
Hi Deepu,
From your post I understand your Laptop is getting Internet from Reliance mobile broadband and you want to extent it to your desktop computer too.

Reliance netconnect modem doesn't have DHCP function. So you need to enable ICS on your Laptop and share Reliance wireless broadband with your desktop computer.
Sudheer said…
Is there any prepaid option for reliance netconnect ? I am planning to migrate to reliance prepaid broadband service.
Sumesh R said…
Can you tell me how to check my Reliance netconnect broadband Internet usage and bills?
Vicky said…
Upto many computers I can share my reliance wireless broadband Internet connection ?

I have 5 computers including my laptops. I just bought one reliance netconnect and it is working fine in my main computer
Siju George said…
Hi Sumesh,

In order to check Reliance netconnect Internet usage you should login to your account and check Internet usage.

@ Vicky

You can share your Reliance netconnect Internet among your 5 computers. You should need additional services like Internet Connection Sharing for this. It is because Reliance netconnect modem does not support DHCP.
AM said…
Ridiculously low speed in Mahadevapura area (actually near Ayappa nagar layout) in Bangalore - 560048. Reliance netconnect does not really care. They have been telling they will solve the congestion in this area, they are not doing it, just promising. If you feel its worth taking, ask the Reliance people to install the datacard, activate it and then give them the money.
Neeraja said…
I need to check Reliance netconnect bill. how to check my reliance bill ?
Unknown said…
I am KIRAN From Bangalore..

Since from 1.5 years i am using REliance broadband + connection.

TILL NOw I have no issues regarding net connection.

I didn't had single complaint to Relaince connection.

totally OWESome..

sujesting anyone to go for it... enjoy..

I am getting 1.25 speed...
Siju George said…
Thanks Kiran for sharing your experience with Reliance netconnect.
Alam said…
how to check my Reliance netconnect usage check ? I am getting mobile alerts from reliance netconnect team about netconnect usage and realiance netconnect bill check. Is there any internet usage meter there to find how much broadband I used ? I am doing my netconnect bill payment from my SBI account directly and not sure about the internet usage. I think they are showing more than what I used. For note I am using reliance netconnect post paid service. If you need I can send my netconnect account number and phone number. Is there any reliance netconnect toll free number?
Unknown said…
I will never suggest any one to buy Reliance net connect broadband+ wireless modem. because its speed is very poor. customer care is just time pass. and billing system is very punctual, either you are using data card or not. Also if i am using 200KB or 500KB reliance will deduct charge of 1024KB.

So, my request to all please avoid reliance data card.

power said…
to know the relince gprs current usage data
all u haue to do
is to dial
alekhya said…
Can you tell me how to check my Reliance netconnect broadband Internet usage and bills?
nagendra said…
how to use reliance netconnect broadband+ usb modem internet connection for acessing mails on my mobile phone (nokia express music)?
Siju George said…
Reliance Netconnect Customer Care number : 1-800-3000-5555 (Toll Free Number)

@ Power

Thanks for your contribution.


It is mentioned in the article.

@ Nagendra

I am not sure about it.
aravindhan said…
as my alias name i had forgotten!!!so that i can't login to my account to check my usage...pls teel us a proper solution for my querry..pls sir
Anonymous said…
Hello sir..,
this is ram rajesh,..i taken reliance netconnect in may2011.but now i lose my number bcoz my lap formated...pls how can i get know my number...i want to recharge it...pls tell me anyone if u know..pls
thank you...
Siju George said…
Hi Ram,

The number must be provided in the mail from Reliance Netconnect during the activation time. Or else you should contact their Customer support and provide your details to get back your Netconnect number.
Anonymous said…
My Relience Netconnect speed is reduced. I do not know why all my friends in my area too say the same
Anonymous said…
i am using reliance netconnect
few days later my net validity expired. it was 10gb in it. i forgot 2 recharge and make it carry forward by grtting it recharged.
so its a request 2 u to plz return my balance and for further usage of reliance net connnect iwil make it recharge.
my data card no is 8595130569
Thank you
Siju George said…
Hi Vanisha,

For your issue I suggest you to contact Netconnect customer support using their toll free number 1-800-3000-5555.
K.G Menon said…
Sir, I have some complaints about service of can you please guide me what to do ?
Anonymous said… is a reliance self service portal for users. You can recharge your prepaid Reliance netconnect, access your online account, instant pay etc are vailable here. If you have any complaints you should contact their customer support.
Anonymous said…
how to check the postpaid usage daily
Suji said…
if reliance netconnect prepaid connection is recharged before the expiry date, will the remaining data be carried forward to the new validity period? Can someone please advice ASAP.
Thank you in advance
Siju George said…
Hi Suji,

In my best of knowledge the data usage for one recharge is expired on the expiry date even if you recharge for next month before the expiry date. However, it is purely depends on the reliance policy and I recommend you to make a call to their customer support to know their latest recharge and usage carryout policy.

Customer support number: 180030005555
Rohit Manohar said…
Hello Sir,

I have been using Reliance Netconnect for the last two years. It had been fine till last week. I do not know what happened right now Reliance network is very slow in my area. I am not getting the promised speed and it is not just my problem. My neighbors also have the same problem. So can you tell me how can I improve the netconnect speed in my area or I can send you my Reliance Netconnect user account number and phone number. Please do fast.

Anonymous said…
Hello! I am Ngoyi kilomboshi Jean paul,i stay in pune. Actually i'm using Reliance wireless Internet in my house.and i'm ready to pay your money 2122.21Rupees of the bill because often i pay by cash payment. So there is no any one in your Office
who is available to come at my house and to collect it.So how may i do about that? this is my :917875076890.
Admin said…
Hi Ngoyi,

You can pay Reliance netconnect bill online. Please go to the link below and click Instant Pay.

Admin said…
Hi Rohit,
It seems the issue is with Reliance Netconnect connection in your area. I suggest you to call netconnect customer care and inform them the issue. Number is 180030005555
Hari said…
how can i check my internet usage in reliance 3G postpaid connection. I also want to know expiry date in reliance netconnect connection. If I pay before the date will reliance netconnect data balance carry forward to next month ?
Virthi Communications said…
Reliance Netconnect advantage

Reliance Netconnect service offers you Hi-speed wireless internet access across India in over 24,000 towns and 6 lakh villages, as well as along major highways, railway routes, airport lounges and remote locations. Reliance's cutting edge CDMA 1x network can give you high-speed internet access, up to 144kbps.

< hef=Reliance netconnect plus in chennai <
Unknown said…
Unknown said…
HOW to check my Reliance netconnect usage im using postpaid but the reliance home page can't show the details.
Alex George said…
Hi Karthik,

To check your Reliance netconnect post paid connection Internet usage, go to this link.
soonmoon said…
Friends, I have read most of your comments and feel bad for those who are facing issues with this USB device . But let me share my experience so far !!

I was using CDMA 1X WIFI USB for last 9months
and found prettly comfortable till date .

- The connection was very stable when ever i connect and browse .
- I have tested this device in Moving Train where i was connected for Uninterrrupted for 2HRS.
- No doubt the company says 144KBPS , but you will get only 90 -100KBPS …dont go by Advertizements ….
But you should be happy that whereever there is Relainace Signal in INDIA, this device actually connects and you can browse net at slow rate !! (- Something is better than Nothing )

Guys everyone knows that FIXED Broad Band line itself is not stable how can u expect WIFI to give high speeds

NOTE – Any WIFI works faster or Stable if you are close to the Service provider TOWER. ex 2KM

With all this wonderfull experience, Today i have upgraded from CDMA 1X to HIGHSPEED USB 3.1

Since it is just an upgrade my old connection was deactivated and ACTIVATED exactly in 10MIN at the Reliance Webworld .

By the time , i reached home and Installed the CD and new USB and just clicked on ACTIVE from Dialer , the connection is REALLY ACTIVE and was able to connect to NET like a Rocket

I am amazed by the connectivity speed …. though the company says 3.1 speed, i am not ready to listen and agree. So have tested for 1hr and noticed that it connects at 2.1 – 2.4 MBPS …
Sajeev said…
i am a regular user of your 1x connection but unfortunately i was attracted the fabulus add on broad band + mayyanad kollam kerala PIN 691018 is also included in the service area. my MDN no 9349268431 but no service availble so far.It was informed to the customer care, complaint no.134441191 Alas there is no remedy .See my place is included in the coverage area. So I hope an earliest reply or to take back the modem dr. Sajeev
Siju George said…
Hi Dr.Sajeev,

I am not from Reliance Netconnect team. I am a blogger who try to give valuable information to my readers. In order to fix your complaint about Reliance broadband connection please call to the following customer care service.


It is a toll free number. If the issue is not resolved you can send a complaint to the following Reliance customer care email address.

I hope this will help you.

Siju George
Unknown said…
my reliance netconnect speed is not proper in my locality in Sample distt Rohtak Haryana. My netconnect no is 9354208822.
Sandeep kumar.
Alex George said…
Hi Sandeep,

I recommend you to contact Reliance technical support to fix your issue.

(Ph: 1-800-3000-5555)
Unknown said…
Hello service provider,
I am not able to connect with internet though I was recharged with 255 INR.
Please find receipt no for online recharge.(receipt no.AMPR73826817).

Kindly help us to connect with reliance net connect + Internet service

Mob: 9975642135
Alex George said…
Hi madhavan kambale,

I recommend you to contact Reliance Customer care using the following address. Make sure you have provided the connection number and receipt number in the email.

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