MTS MBlaze Data Card Hack to Fix DNS & Connection Speed Issues

MTS is one of the leading wireless broadband service (MBlaze) providers in India. Some of our readers commented about slow responses from the default ISP provided DNS server. MBlaze works fine with the default DNS in most of the time. In case if you feel there is a connectivity issue with MBlaze because of the faulty DNS, you can follow this guide to fix it. This article explains how to remove the ISP DNS server configured on the default MBlaze network settings and change it with Open DNS or Google public DNS address.

 We need this process only if you feel the default DNS of MBlaze is not working up to the expected level. Steps to resolve any DNS related issues with MTS MBlaze are:

How to Fix MTS MBlaze Data Card DNS Issues 

  1. Open MTS Start
    Quick Fix for Connectivity issues with MTS MBlaze

  2. click on Settings on the bottom of the MTS Start
    change MBlaze data card network settings by hack

  3. Check 'Use DNS'

  4. Enter the DNS address on both DNS and Alternate DNS fields
    Mblaze hack to improve connectivity

    The Open DNS address


    Google DNS Address

    Now you should decide which DNS service is suited for your MBlaze Data Card. At the end of this tutorial, you can see a link to a service which finds the best DNS service for your MTS MBlaze data connection. Following links leads to best performing free public DNS services available now.

    1. How to Use Google Public DNS For MBlaze
    2. Steps to Add Open DNS Address

  5. Click on Apply after entering the details.

  6. Disconnect and Reconnect MTS MBlaze

Important Tips and Links
  1. How to Check MTS MBlaze Data Card Balance

    You can always check the remaining MTS MBlaze Data balance from the link below. Link to log in to your MTS India mobile broadband service account:

  2. MTS Mobile Internet toll-free Customer Care number: 1800 2081 955

  3. MTS Technical support e-mail address:

  4. Post Paid Bill Payment

    If you want to pay the bill for your MTS MBlaze postpaid data plan, visit the link below.

  5. MTS Broadband Prepaid Recharge

    You can do online recharge for your MTS MBlaze data card by visiting the link below.

  6. Speed Issues

    If you face slower connection speed with MTS connection, try the instructions provided in the link below.
    Slower Internet Connection On Your Computer

Now it is the time to decide if you need to add public DNS address on your MBlaze. You can do it by testing whether changing DNS address can improve your network connection speed. To learn more about it, follow the link below.
  1. How to Find the Fastest DNS Server for your Computer
  2. Need to Provide Administrative Permissions to Move The File
  3. WScript.exe is Infected By Malware
  4. Kill Unwanted Unresponsive Process in Chrome Browser By Task Manager

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  1. Abraham smith3:04 AM

    With Data card technology, Indian people are experiencing better life. Mts is a Russian company came india. < hrf= Mts data card. Mblaze got lot buzz in India. Mts speed is awesome on torrents 250 kbps.

  2. I heard MTS data card is giving free download in night for premium customers. Is that true ? Can I use my MTS MBlaze data card for unlimited download at least in night ? Or should I have to pay more ?

  3. How Can I check the data usage in MTS connection ? I like to know how much data I downloaded in my mblaze Internet card.

  4. Anonymous11:24 AM

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  5. Anonymous1:01 PM

    If you are based on Delhi, can you tell me the speed of MTS wireless ?

  6. Anonymous4:09 PM

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  7. Anonymous3:24 AM

    If I need to talk with MTS tech support, how can I contact them ?

  8. Anonymous3:03 PM

    Is it true to use MTS MBlaze data card to access bsnl vimx ?

  9. N.N Nair4:03 AM

    Respected sir,

    I am a new MTS MBlaze data user. Can you tell us if there any Onam or Christmas offers with unlimited download for users in ordinary plans ?

  10. Hello admin, there is a rumor of an online hack or crack what you call is available for MTS MBlaze data card which allows unlimited download without changing the speed booster. Can you just check of it and confirm it ? Is there any legal issues to use MBlaze hack to unlock unlimited download ?

  11. Is there any MBLaze user from Bangalore here ? I want to ask how much speed MTS is giving in Bangalore City ? I am currently in Chennai and on the way to Bangalore due to transfer.