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Destination Host Unreachable - Reasons and Solutions

The error message "Destination Host Unreachable " tells that the ping request from our computer cannot find the route to the destination IP address(destination host). It means, the Packet send from your computer reached the destination network successfully but the remote gateway failed to find the destination host. So the remote gateway sends an Echo message Destination host unreachable. One major possibility for this error; there is no route listed in the remote gateway, for the packet sent from your computer to the destination host. If there is no route available, it is impossible to find the destination host and your computer will receive an error message "Destination host unreachable" from remote gateway. So one of the reasons for this can be a faulty routing table. If the destination host is down at the time the packet send, it may result in destination host unreachable error message.

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You may get Destination Host Unreachable message even if you ping to a host in the same subnet. When you ping to a host in the same subnet, your computer sends an ARP request for the MAC address of the destination device. If the host does not exist, you will get destination host unreachable message. It is because without completing ARP request, ICMP echo cannot be sent. It concludes all possible reasons for Destination host unreachable error message with possible troubleshooting steps.
ICMP error message Destination Host Unreachable

Reasons to getting Destination Host Unreachable Message

  1. The ping packet find the destination network but failed to find the destination host
  2. Packet Routing issue on Remote gateway
  3. Destination host might be down
  4. Connection issues

Analyzing Destination Host Unreachable message

Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7600]
Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation.  All rights reserved.


Pinging with 32 bytes of data:

Destination host unreachable.
Destination host unreachable.
Destination host unreachable.
Destination host unreachable.

Ping statistics for
    Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 0, Lost = 4 (100% loss),


When I ping to an IP address in a different network, ping packets reach default gateway. My default gateway sends the packet to a remote gateway. So ping packet finally reaches the remote network. However, if the remote gateway failed to find the remote host, it will send an echo Destination host unreachable.

How to Resolve Destination Host Unreachable
The possible fix for the ICMP error message "Destination Host Unreachable" :
  1. Make sure that the local host is configured correctly
  2. Make sure Destination Computer/Device is up
  3. Disable the Firewall and check for the issue
  4. Perform a tracert to the destination IP and check where the problem lies

You can also check the solution for similar issues to learn more about this Destination Unreachable error messages. To check the extended troubleshooting guide click on the link below.
ICMP Echo Message Destination Net Unreachable

When the packet received at remote gateway ad failed to find the remote host, you will receive ICMP Echo Destination Host Unreachable message. However, if your computer didn't get a response from the remote gateway the situation is different. The below link tells how to handle that situation.
Request Timed Out -Reasons and solutions

If you receive Destination Host Unreachable message, you can assure that the issue lies with the remote gateway. However, if you receive the transmit failed message, you can fix it by trying the steps listed in the link below.
ping Transmit Failed, Error Code 10045

Another transmit failed error message with different error code is:
Ping Transmit Failed Error Code 65

Since the message Destination host unreachable depends on the remote gateway, you cannot do much in your network or computer. But if you receive hardware error instead of destination unreachable message, you can resolve it by following the steps provided in the link below.
Reasons and Solutions for Ping Hardware Error Message



Outstanding and simple article. Thank you.

Michael D. Waters
Anonymous said…
i dint like it..._|_
Siju George said…
@ Anonymous

Can you provide more details ? Is there any solution I forgot to mention here for the above error ?

@ Michael

Thanks for your comment.
Peter said…
Very Helpful Article. I just disabled my Firewall as per you directed and next moment the error destination host unreachable disappeared. Thanks again
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the help
Anonymous said…
Thank you so much. I usually get Destination Host Unreachable error message while ping to my server IP. Now I understand thanks
Anonymous said…
I just solved this problem across part of a network in which half of the workstations would receive this error message when trying to PING the server and half could successfully PING the server. In my case (after looking everywhere else first) this turned out to be a defective network switch!
Anonymous said…
Pretty nice work mate, it would be better if you can post something which is limited to home networks and devices connected to it.
Thanks you have ignited good info in my mind...thanks
Anonymous said…
I remember this error message destination host unreachable but I completely forget when I saw it and what I was doing. Anyway it just disappeared from my computer without doing any. Now only I understand the real cause of this. Thanks..

Ali said…
I think this error is something with my Firewall. I did exactly the same steps you mentioned and now it is fine.
David said…
Thanks for your tutorial. Now I know why I am getting this.
Anonymous said…
Will I get Destination host error message if I unplug the computer right after sending the ping command?
Siju George said…
To get Destination host unreachable message, ping request from your computer should reach remote gateway.
Anonymous said…
I have connected a pfSense box on WAN, directly to a simple Linksys router on LAN. When I ping the Linksys from the pfSense box I keep getting A RANDOM MIX OF "Destination Host Unreachable", timeouts and fast normal responses (3ms). How is that possible?
Admin said…
In order to check this issue, I request you to tell us the exact network diagram with IP addresses assigned to each devices.
Anonymous said…
Ive already tried the power modem cycle many times but it still didnot work. Are there any other options?
Admin said…
Have you disabled the firewall and check for the issue ?
Sam said…
Anonymous said…
i connect the internet cable means my remote server if working .. but i use vm Vshpere means the destination host unreachable error will came.
devry 85225 said…
I tried everything, still doesn't work
Alex George said…

Can you provide some more details ?

1. Are you able to go online from other devices using the same network?

2. Which device you are using and which OS?
santosh370.ey said…
yes this is very helpful.. my site is not responded.
Unknown said…
can you tell me about how to connect two mail servers with two routers to send the mail?
Unknown said…
can you tell me about how to connect two mail servers with two routers for send the mail?