Can I connect two Computers using USB cable

There are so many methods to connect two different computers and share data between them. Ethernet cables and wireless (IEE802.11 standards) are the most popular modes to connect two devices. However, you can use USB (Universal Serial Bus) cable to connect two computers and use the same connection to share files between them. Though, for this, you must use a special type of cable called Bridged USB cable. If you use a normal USB cord to connect two computers, it may damage the ports. This guide explains the difference between bridged and normal USB cables.

Connecting Two PCs Using Bridged USB Cable

The type of Universal Serial Bus cable which is used to connect two computers directly is called Bridged USB cable. It is available in two different standards. They are USB 1.1 and 2.0. The difference of standard is based on the speed of data transfer. In 1.1 version, the data transfer speed is 12 Mbps and that in version 2.0 is 480 Mbps. It is very important to note that no other Universal Serial Bus cords are designed for the purpose of connecting two PCs directly. Using wrong cords may harm the USB ports of your computers.

Modes of working of Bridge Cord

The bridged Universal Serial Bus cord works in two different modes. They are:
  1. Link mode

  2. Network Mode

In link mode, two laptops are connected through the bridged Universal Serial Bus cord and the file sharing is enabled. In network mode, multiple PCs are connected and the Internet too shared in addition to the file sharing. This is the basic difference between link mode and network mode.

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