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How to change system date and time in Ubuntu Linux

This week end was very interesting for me as me and my friends established a Local Area Network in their home. They have total six computers and two of them is running on Ubuntu Linux. After establishing the Local Area Network we implemented one propitiatory real time simulation software on this LAN by installing the software on all this computers. But the software works fine with the integrated data of from 5 computers and one computer is not connecting to it or connection rejects. So the techie in our mind got up and we start troubleshoot the issue.

At first we thought the issue is with the compatibility issue of Ubuntu and the software. But the first Ubuntu computer is working fine with the software and in careful analysis it is found that that computer is functioning more efficiently than other Windows based computers. So it is not the issue with Ubuntu. Then we confused what is the actual cause of the issue. Then I just checked the connection manager of the software and the error message was some thing like unpredictable date with many hexa decimal codes. So it has some thing with system date. We went to the non-functional computer and checked the system date. It was the default system date set when they installed Ubuntu in this. So we just set the system date and time with current date and time . The result was great the issue fixed. So here I am presenting steps to change computer date and time in Ubuntu linux when there is no date and time displays on system tray.

How to change system date and time in Ubuntu Linux

To change the system date and time in Ubuntu Linux from Administration is:

1. Click on system

2. Select Administration and go to Time and Date

3. Unlock Time and Date and enter password.

Now you can change the system time and date by changing the default settings there.

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