Check Accessibility Of a Website In Every Countries

If you are a webmaster, it is important to make sure your site is accessible in all countries. Some countries are notorious to filter websites which they believe to have content against their national interests. This tutorial introduces a handful of online tools which test the availability of a domain in various countries. Most of these tools are free to use. These tools also help you to find out the domain status like whether the website is up or down in case if you are facing issues to load it on your computer. Now let us check the tools.

  1. Watch Mouse

  2. Just Ping

  3. Website Pulse

Let us examine the working of them with examples.

  1.  Watch Mouse

    Watch Mouse is a free online tool which connects with different workstations located in the major countries. Watch Mouse is working on the basis of ping reply from a website, send from workstations in various countries. Watch Mouse cannot tell the exact status of a website which disabled the ping reply feature. The output of the ping operation done by Watch Mouse looks like;

    The link address of Watch Mouse is:

    In addition to the status check, Watch Mouse is providing some more tools to check the vulnerability of the web server, load test etc.

  2. Website Test behind the Great Firewall of China by Website Pulse

    It is an advanced tool compared to 'Watch Mouse' and 'Just Ping'. Website Pulse connects to your site and downloads the complete HTML web page. The total response time shows, how long it takes to download the website. Let us check the availability of a blog in China using this service. The connection test from Shanghai and Seattle is listed. The output of the test looks like below.

    You can use this service to test websites which blocked ping reply. The link address of Website Pulse is:

  3. Just Ping

    They have computers on major parts of the world and the domain address will be pinged from all these PCs. If the ICMP request cannot find a reply, this tool notices the unavailability of the site at that region. Web address to access this facility is:

    Negative side

    Just like 'Watch Mouse', this service also treats a blog with blocked ping request as unavailable. So if one webmaster disabled the ping reply feature as the part of security, only 'Website Pulse' can be used to test his sites. The following image shows the working of this facility.

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