How to Speed Up a Slower Jio 4G Internet Connection

Reliance Jio 4G is one of the most popular LTE mobile data service providers in India. Though they provide 4G data service at a cheap rate, many users find fluctuations in the data speed.

JioFi hotspot users also face the same problem. This tutorial investigates the major reasons for slower Jio 4G Internet connection on a mobile handset and JioFi Hotspot.

We also explain how to fix the Jio 4G connection speed issues.

What Is The Reason For Getting Slower Jio Internet Connection?
Reliance Jio 4G has decent network coverage, but it is not free from signal drops and slow data transfer speed. Let us check the common reasons for the slow JioFi network speed.
  1. Poor network signal strength
    The most common reason for facing lower data transfer speed is the poor signal strength. You should check the signal strength on your mobile handset. On JioFi, you should ensure that the network indicator is green.

  2. Number of Active Users Under the same Jio Tower
    If too many active Jio users are in your tower coverage area, you will get a reduced speed. Too many active users under the same tower can lead to frequent Jio call drops.

  3. Outdated JioFi Firmware & Mobile Handset Software
    Bugs in the outdated mobile phone software and JioFi firmware can reduce the overall Jio 4G Internet connection speed.

  4. Problems with Default Reliance Jio DNS Server

  5. Check the Daily Data usage
    If you have crossed the daily data limit set by Reliance Jio, your smartphone will get a slower data transfer rate. You can check if your data usage crossed the daily limit set by the ISP by log into the MyJio app.

  6. Signal Interference
    Signals from Microwave oven, cordless phone, etc.. can interfere with the mobile signal. A wall or similar physical obstructions can reduce signal strength.

  7. The Distance between JioFi hotspot and device
    Your device (whether computer or Mobile Phone) must be within 10 meters from JioFi Hotspot.

  8. Number of Devices sharing the same network
    You should not connect more than ten devices to a single JioFi network.

  9. Frequency Bands supported
    Jio supports Band 40, Band 5 and Band 3. If your operation Band is 40, you will get maximum speed.

How to Troubleshoot Poor Jio 4G Signal Strength and Internet Speed
We have checked the major reasons for the poor Internet connection speed. Now let us check how to troubleshoot and fix slower JioFi Data transfer speed.
  1. Check the Signal indicator color

    • A green signal indicator shows your JioFi router is under good network coverage. Change the position of your hotspot until it shows green instead of blue or red.

    • Place the router near the window rather than deep inside your room.

    • Avoid using the cordless phone and other microwave wave devices near your hotspot.

  2. Do not connect more than ten devices at a time

  3. Check the Operation Band and if it is not 40, call Jio customer support. You can check it by visiting the link below.

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  5. Make a complaint

    You can report slower speed issues at Jio customer support by calling the number 1800 889 9999.

By adopting the steps mentioned above, you can increase the JioFi bandwidth and speed.

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The first step to increase Jio 4G Internet speed on your hotspot is to turn the network indicator to a green color. If it shows in red color, you are at a poor signal coverage area.

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The blue signal indicator shows an average network coverage.