Calculate Normal AdSense Click Though Rate ( CTR ) Of Blogs & Forums

Last Updated:-October 10, 2013
Once approved by Google AdSense, every blogger starts calculating the possible income from their blogs and websites. One of the important factors that decide revenue from Google AdSense is the Click Through Rate or simply CTR. It is the number of clicks on Ads displaying on your blogs out of 100 page views. If if you have 4 clicks on your ads out of 200 Ad views, the AdSense CTR is 2%. It is difficult to say a standard AdSense CTR for bloggers because there are many factors affecting the ClickThroughh Rate. However, we can say any value from 1% to 3% are normal.

How to Calculate CTR
CTR is the acronym of Click Through Rate and is very important in calculating the total income generated. It is calculated by dividing total clicks on your ads by the total ad impressions. So in a nutshell

CTR = Total Clicks/ Total impressions

Factors Affecting Normal AdSense CTR Of Blogs and Forums
Number of clicks on advertisement units can be varied depends on many factors like Ad placement, the relevance of advertisements showing on your blog with the content etc. Normally targeted traffic like visitors from Search Engine to your blog tend to click more on ad units. List of factors influencing normal Google AdSense Click Though Rate of an average blog are:
  1. Ads placement

  2. Relevance of Ads displaying

  3. Number of Advertisement units displaying

  4. Niche of the blog

  5. Blog theme

How to Find CTR of AdSense Ads On Your Blog
You can find it by using the simple formula below.

CTR = (Total Clicks on AdSense Ads/Total Ads views ) * 100

Average CTR Of a Blog & Forum
We know CTR plays an important role in total AdSense income of a blog and forum. This article just discussing the average Click Through Rate of blogs and forums. As we discussed above, it depends on various factors and the type of visitors it attract. If your website is a technology oriented or webmaster oriented, the number of expected clicks is very less. It is because technology savvy visitors tends to don't touch advertisements showing. It is same for webmaster forums and blogs too. Anyone who is familiar with online advertisements, usually avoid them. If your website attract less tech savvy people, you can expect a high number of click. It is because those users usually do not know the difference between user generated content and advertisements unit. They click every links including advertisements. So if you run a website which targets less tech people, chances of getting higher AdSense Click Through Rate compared to a tech website. To learn steps to have better  AdSense revenue follow the tips mentioned in the link below.
Increase Ad Revenue by Improving CPC and Click Through Rate of Ads On Your Website

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  1. Chanjal10:45 AM

    I have a film forum. We share Hollywood and Bollywood movie information with pictures. My question is I am having very less Click Through Rate on my film forum. Can you help me to increase my current CTR of my Film forum ?

  2. @ Chanjal

    CTR of a forum depends on many factors. If you email your forum URL, I will check it.

  3. Anonymous9:07 AM

    What is the optimum CTR of a forum ? Is having 1.5 CTR is too low or too high for a forum ?


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