How Much Indian Bloggers Earn From Google AdSense Per Month?

Blogging is one of the new-generation jobs gaining popularity among youngsters in India.

In earlier days, blog writing was considered a hobby. But now it has become a profession to earn a decent monthly income.

In this article, we are checking whether blog writing can be considered an alternative to boring 9 to 6 jobs in India or whether it does not provide enough money to cover all daily expenses.

India has many successful bloggers now.

In addition, we check how much a blog publisher can earn per month from blogs that are mainly getting traffic from developing countries like India and Bangladesh.

How Much Income an AdSense Publisher Can Earn From Indian Web Traffic?

How much does Google Adsense pay per click in India? Let us consider a scenario. In this scenario, we consider a blog with Indian traffic. As we know, Google AdSense does not pay very well for clicks generated by Indian visitors.

Indians spend less money due to the relatively lower cost of living in India.

The Lower cost of living allows Indian people to spend less money.

Another reason for not having high revenue for clicks by Indian visitors is due to the lesser online purchasing power of the Indian visitors compared to developed country visitors.

Except for our younger generation, a large bulk of mature Indians are not comfortable with online purchasing. This factor also reduces the overall online purchase power of Indian visitors.

How much does Google Adsense pay per click in India?

According to my analysis, the AdSense Page RPM of Indian traffic is less than $1 in most cases.

Page RPM stands for average revenue generated from 1000 page impressions.

When we consider the Page RPM of US traffic, it is about $10 in the same niche. The spending amount of Google AdWords marketers in the US market is ten times the same in the Indian market.

It tells 1000 visitors from India is almost equal to 100 US visitors in the case of AdSense earning potential in the same niche.

Calculating The Average AdSense Monthly Income Of an Indian Blogger

Let us calculate the approximate earning potential of a website that receives 80000 page views from India. We assume the website uses the maximum potential to earn from AdSense (like optimal ad placement, decent theme, etc.).

As I told you before, the average Page RPM of Indian visitors is less than $1. We consider it $0.67 (an average Page RPM of a technology blog from developing country visitors). So, our calculation begins with these inputs.

(80000/1000) * 0.67 = $53.6

How Much Money an Indian Blogger Can Earn in a Month?

This question is entirely different. Do you know why? Indian blogs don't need to get only Indian traffic.

It is possible to get visitors from developed countries and other developing countries to a blog belonging to an Indian publisher. If we calculate the average AdSense earnings of an Indian blogger, we need to have more traffic details.

For example, consider an Indian recipe blog. It is possible that many people from Western countries are interested in learning about Indian food, and they may read this blog.

Another example is an Ayurveda blog that discusses herbal medicines for lifestyle diseases and Yoga learning.

To calculate the average monthly earnings of an Indian blog that receives traffic from all over the world, click the link below.

How To Increase AdSense Earnings Per Month Of an Indian Blog?

  1. Niche selection is the key to increasing the AdSense earnings per month of Indian blog writers. Pick a topic that has a large number of advertisers.

    If the number of advertisers is high, the competition will be higher.

    So, the CPC (Cost Per Click) will be higher.

    It leads to higher bidding in Google AdWords. A blog that discusses lifestyle diseases will generate more revenue per click than a recipe website.

  2. If an Indian blogger writes about topics that interest people from the USA and European countries, that blog will get a large audience from those countries. It will hike the average Page RPM of the blog.

    Topics with USA and European audience is necessary to get a decent monthly earning from Google AdSense.

  3. Another strategy to increase monthly earnings from a website is to increase the number of clicks on AdSense ads displayed. Better placement of Google AdSense ads on blogs from India increases the chances of getting more clicks and a hike in monthly income.

  4. Always try to increase the number of page views. By drawing more visitors, your website will generate more income from advertisements.

You have learned the average monthly earnings of Indian bloggers from AdSense. What are your thoughts about our calculations? Tell us in the support forum.