Is Submitting Same Article in Multiple Article Submission Directories a Good Practice ?

Article submission is one of the most popular SEO strategies to acquire backlinks to a website. Everybody has been doing this method to improve the backlink profile. However, recent changes like Panda updates, SEO experts are not so fond of this technique. The good days of getting valuable links from Article Directories are over and some even fear the links form them may hurt as well. This tutorial explains the risks associated with submitting the same posts to multiple submission sites like Ezinearticles, Goarticles etc.

Remember the golden days where, as long as we provided high-quality content, we got quality dofollow links. It was a win-win situation where Google spiders and submission directory got new quality content for a backlink to our blog or website from relevant pages of a trusted domain. It was a good method to promote our websites both in terms of Search Rank position and traffic. These days no longer exist. Google Panda punished domains having duplicate and low-quality content. It reduced the influence of Article Submission sites. Later with Penguin, Google punished domains who acquired links in unnatural methods. Many of the leading sites like Ezinearticles stop providing dofollow links.

Is it Worth to Submit Articles?

Good articles may bring so many visits to our websites by tempting users to click resources links in the articles if they feel the post is so nice and want to know more.

Submitting the Same article in Multiple Article Directories is not a Good Method

Though article submission is a good link building method, some people are too lazy to create new content so they submit the same one in multiple submission directories to get backlinks to their websites. Will this help to improve the Search Rank of their website? Submitting the same post many times will not improve the ranking. It is because this method just increases the number of duplicate content on the Internet and Google hates it. Google is not going to give any importance to duplicate content. It may attract Panda penalty for domains which publish duplicate content. In past, when Google spiders found multiple copies of your article from different sources, they sat one source of your post as the original and marked others as duplicate content. However, right now they changed it and start giving a penalty for the submission site. In addition to this, the links from those pages will be devalued by Google and block any PR flow to your website. So it is not a good practice to submit the same article in multiple article submission directories for the sake of link building.

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