How to Check Backlinks To a Website in Google, Yahoo & Bing Search Engines

If you are a blogger or webmaster, one thing you are always curious to check is the backlink count of your website just after checking your keyword rankings. We all know the importance of backlinks and how do they help to get higher keyword rank for our sites. This article teaches various methods to check the number of backlinks in major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing pointing to your and your competitors' domain names.

There are various ways to find the number of external links indexed in Google, Yahoo and Bing. Here I am not using any third party tools to view the backlink count but the methods provided by the respective Search Engines only.

How to Check Backlinks in Google

First, let us check the methods to find indexed backlinks to your website from Google. There are two methods to find it. They are Google backlink check command and link list from Webmaster tools account.
  1. Google External Backlink Check Command:
    Type to find the external links pointing to a domain in Google. You can use this command to view important listed links pointing to a domain. But it does not show the full list of external references. To check the total backlinks, try the next method.

  2. Google Webmaster Tools to Check Backlink count:
    • Login to Webmaster Tools using the link

    • Click on your Domain name

    • Click on Traffic

    • Click on Links to your Website
      Check competitor backlinks on Google

      Here you can see the list of indexed external links pointing to your domain. However, you cannot use this method to check the backlinks pointing to your competitors.

Check Backlinks in Bing

We can check backlinks in Bing either by using the backlink checker command or by logging in to their Webmaster Tools. I hope you have registered your website in Bing Webmaster Tools. I have explained both methods below.
  1. Bing backlink command:
    Type to find the links pointing to a domain name. You can type any website name after inbody: and press enter key to see the web pages, mentioned your webpage, indexed by Bing Search Engine.

    Problem: Bing will not show the full list of indexed backlinks to your website by using this check command.

  2. Log In to Bing Webmaster Tools:
    • Log in using the link

    • Click on your website

    • Click on Reports & Data

    • Click on Inbound Links
      how to check competitor

Now you can see the list of backlinks indexed by Bing Search Engine to your website.

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Same as in Google, this method cannot be used to analyze your competitor backlinks in Bing (Microsoft Search Engine).

Check External Backlinks in Yahoo

Yahoo backlink checker command gives more options than Bing and Google Commands. There are two different commands to find links pointing to a domain.
  1. link:Your Website

    This command shows the external web pages pointing to the home page.

  2. linkdomain:Your Website

    This command shows the entire list of external links pointing to all pages including the index page. For example
Now you have learned various methods to find and analyze external links pointing to your website.

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Sometimes Webmaster tools will not show the full list of backlinks to your website. Such an incident is listed below.
A Lot Of Backlinks Suddenly Disappeared From Webmaster Tools


  1. What would you do if if you type inurl command into Bing and it showed you have over 500,000 backlinks but Bing webmaster tools shows you have 200? Because that is my problem. To make matters worse when you look at the pages through Bing search there is no backlink to your site at all.

  2. Detailed and easy guide to check backlinks. Thanks


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