Setup Nokia Siemens Residential Router 1600 with BSNL

Nokia Siemens Residential Router 1600 is one of the common modems provided by BSNL. One of my friends lost the setup disc came with this device and struggled a lot at the time of reconfiguration. In this tutorial, you can learn how to setup BSNL Internet connection using Nokia Siemens Residential Router 1600. Just like other BSNL modem/ router models, we do not need setup disc to configure it. We can do it manually by following the steps provided in this tutorial. At the end of the tutorial, you can see the steps to activate WiFi and wireless security on Nokia Siemens Residential Router 1600.

Configure Nokia Siemens Residential Router 1600

In order to configure this device with BSNL broadband, follow the steps below.
  1. Connect Nokia Siemens Residential Router 1600 to the computer using Ethernet cable

  2. Power on the modem

  3. Type on the address bar of Internet Explorer and press enter
    nokia modem

    Username: admin
    Password: admin

    Now you can access the web-based setup page of Nokia Siemens Residential Router 1600 by entering the login details given. You will be redirected to device info page where you can read basic information about it. You can select the right option to set up this device from the left-hand side menu.

  4. Click on Advanced Setup

    Delete all connections except VPI/VCL 0/35.

  5. Click Edit button of 0/35

    Click next. Here we must make sure the value set for VPI is 0 and VCI is 35.

  6. Select PPPoE

    We need to configure PPPoE connection with BSNL modem. So we should select PPP Over Ethernet (PPPoE). Now we should enter the BNSL broadband username and password.

    We should check

    i. Enable PPP Debug Mode
    ii. Bridge PPPoE Frames Between WAN and Local Ports

    Now click on Next

  7. Enable NAT in Nokia Siemens Residential Router 1600
    Set NAT in Nokia Modem

    We should check

    i. Enable NAT
    ii. Enable WAN Service

    Click Next

  8. Click on Save and we will automatically redirect to the main page.

    We should click on Save/Reboot button there. After this step, we should go to Management (on the left-hand side) and click Save/Reboot to save the current settings properly.

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  1. Sir i have Nokia Siemens Residential Router 1600 (BSNL) will it configure to other networks and how?
    whether it is applicable to 2G or 3G also.

  2. Nokia Siemens Residential Router is for broadband DSL connection. You need USB modems to connect to 2G and 3G connections.

  3. I have a Nokia siemens 1600 model router.will it a hybrid one?. it has 4 LAN ports.i want to make a small network using this and internet sharing. will it be possible?. if so can u plz tell me how to do?

  4. Yes you can use it to expand/create a network.

    If you enable DHCP, your LAN ports will give unique IP addresses to the computers connected to it.

  5. I had BSNL connection earlier. Now I switched over to Reliance wired connection. How can I configure Nokia Siemens Residential Router 1600 with Reliance Modem? What changes will I have to do comparing to your given tutorial for BSNL? Please reply ASAP


  6. You have to get the modem configuration details like VCI value, VPI etc from Reliance technical support. After that you can follow the same steps.

  7. Anonymous4:35 AM

    sir, i have the same router,how can i connect my laptop with the same connection.i want my desktop and laptop be connected to the internet at the same time.

  8. Do you wish to connect your laptop with wireless or with Ethernet Cable ?

    You can connect your laptop to another LAN port of the router using an Ethernet cable.

  9. I am using the same modem,and I want to configure a sip phone,hw cn I make it? And hw cn I opn sme voip ports? Plz help me

  10. Siju George3:18 AM

    It is better you contact your SIP phone technical support to configure it with BSNL modem (or provide us the model number of the SIP phone with vendor name). To open Ports in Nokia Siemens Residential Router, follow the steps below.

    1. Login Nokia Siemens Residential Router

    2. Click on Advanced Setup

    3. Click on Port Mapping

    Now open the Port numbers as per the instruction.

  11. Anonymous5:31 AM

    Sir for my ps3 i have to make its nt type open how to do that .. sry technically illitrate

  12. Siju George5:49 AM

    Could you please explain a little more?

  13. Anonymous10:31 AM

    Sir i dont know much but it says ur nat type is moderate if it were open i could connect to gamera around the world more easily ..

  14. Siju George1:55 AM

    If you are looking for a way to enable NAT in Nokia Siemens Residential Router, follow the steps 6 and 7 mentioned in the article.

    Or else

    Are you trying to do port forwarding for your external device connected to the router?

    Please confirm it.

  15. Anonymous9:32 AM

    Sir i guess it is port forwarding as i have read it in some blogs

  16. Siju George9:19 AM

    For port forwarding please click on the link below.

  17. Anonymous8:07 PM

    Sir wo option he nahi aate 1600 wifi modem main wo tut. is not for 1600 wifi

  18. Siju George1:48 AM

    In that case could you please send me the screen shots of your router setup page?

    Please send them to

  19. Anonymous10:09 PM

    Can i stream HD movies over wifi using this router? What's this router's speed?

  20. sir, i have reliance connection in my home and i want to use my bsnl 1600 wifi it
    plz suggest me.

  21. You can configure bsnl 1600 wifi modem with Reliance broadband. Follow the same steps mentioned here with VPI /VCI for reliance 0 and 35. While setup PPPoE use the user name and password provided by reliance broadband service.

  22. i am getting a Problem "The server at is taking too long to respond." what i have to do sir

  23. Admin9:20 AM

    Hi Sarat,

    To fix this issue try following steps

    1. Try to use different web browser to connect modem setup page or delete the browser cache

    2. Power off modem for 1 minute and power on

    3. Check whether the modem login ip is not changed before

    To check the login IP address of a modem, follow the link below.

  24. Anonymous8:32 AM

    Sir, i have Nokia siemens 1600 router for bsnl broadband connection.I am able to access internet by ethernet cable but my wireless is not working. Wireless works only for 2-3 minutes when i start the router,after 2-3 minutes wifi stops working. My tablet says that it is NOT IN RANGE. I am having router setting as you have described above.DHCP is also enabled.WLAN light also glows continuously. please provide any solution for my problem. Thanks in Advance

  25. Admin3:53 AM

    Have you checked the wireless network availability with another wireless device (laptop or smartphone ) ? If there is no wireless network from Nokia siemens 1600 router, perform a firmware update on it. Also check for any possible wireless interference with another wireless devices.

  26. us vpn3:55 AM

    Nice article on how to set up the Nokia-Siemens router. I was experiencing this problem and your solution worked great.

  27. Anonymous8:44 AM

    I have nokia siemens 1600..and BSNL broadband connection....wifi is working fine on my laptop..but when i use to connect my windows phone to gets connected to the router...i can access but cant access any website.....please help me out.....

  28. Admin1:21 PM

    Seems strange, are you sure your Windows Phone/laptop is connected to the right router ?

    To check it, change the SSID and try to connect and access the Internet again.

  29. Anonymous10:30 AM

    hello sir when router homepage open its not showing the wireless option for wifi what can be the reason?

  30. Anonymous6:17 PM

    sir, in my nokia siemens residential router 16oo(bsnl),no wireless option comes in the left pane.can it support wifi.

  31. If it doesn't have Wireless tab, I believe you have a type 1 modem without WiFi.

  32. In one of the post you have you have mentioned the Firmware update of NSN 1600 modem,I have tried updating the same from motive.bsnl but always there is an error.. can you plese brief on how to update the Frimware

  33. @Vethamoorthy

    You may access the link to download the zip format of the self care software.

    Now before running this software, you may right click on the zip file and extract it. Use the extracted file to run the process.

  34. hi
    i wanna use one ethernet port as wan port for Cable Broadband and create wifi access point.
    is it possible?

  35. @Samadhan,

    You may try the steps provided in the link below.

  36. Sir, i m using residential router 1600 but DSL is not stable( The DSL is always blinking). Our BSNL connectivity is ok i.e. checked by other modem. Is it any software problem??? Kindly provide me the link for software upgradation or useful step so that the problem of DSL stability can rectify.

  37. Sir, i m using residential router 1600 but DSL is not stable( The DSL is always blinking). Our BSNL connectivity is ok i.e. checked by other modem. Is it any software problem??? Kindly provide me the link for software upgradation or useful step so that the problem of DSL stability can rectify.

  38. Sir, i m using residential router 1600 but DSL is not stable( The DSL is always blinking). Our BSNL connectivity is ok i.e. checked by other modem. Is it any software problem??? Kindly provide me the link for software upgradation or useful step so that the problem of DSL stability can rectify.

  39. Sir, i m using residential router 1600 but DSL is not stable( The DSL is always blinking). Our BSNL connectivity is ok i.e. checked by other modem. Is it any software problem??? Kindly provide me the link for software upgradation or useful step so that the problem of DSL stability can rectify.

  40. @unknown,

    You may try update the firmware. Try the following links,


  41. hey can anyone help me I have got this residential router with me and I need to use it as a repeater for my base station......Anyone please help me

  42. To turn your residential router supplied by BSNL as an Access Point, you must follow the instructions below.

    1. Logon to Residential router

    2. Click on Wireless

    3. Choose connection type as "Wireless Repeater"

    4. Enter the wireless details from Primary Router (SSID, Encryption details)

    5. Choose a different wireless channel

    6. Better perform a power cycle the router once yu save the settings.

  43. Hi Sir my name is Nisar and i am using nokia siemens residential router 1600, i want to block some web site at specific ip.
    sothat pls provide me solution.

  44. @Nisar

    To block websites based on IP address from a router, it should have features like web filter/Parental Control. I couldn't find Parental Control feature on Nokia Siemens Residential Router 1600.

  45. Sir i have this nokia residential router and in want it to connect to my mobile hotspot and share the internet through its lan port to my cctv dvr. Is it possible? If yes can you please provide detailed steps to follows.. Thanks in advance.

  46. This model (1600) of Nokia router does not receive WiFi signals from mobile hotspot directly. If you have a different model of Nokia Residential router, I suggest you tell me the model number.

  47. If you setup your Nokia Residential Router in bridge mode, you must need to configure the source ( mobile hotspot) too in bridge mode to establish the connection between two devices.

    In wireless bridge setup, only devices in bridge mode can connect each other.

  48. I have this Nokia Siemens 1600, configured by BSNL technician for Broad band connection. It worked only for 5 minutes, after that the DSL indicator is blinking. Is it the line fault of BSNL or the Modem fault? Please help

  49. @ BG Narendra Babu

    If the DSL indicator is blinking, you should ask the BSNL technician to check the line. 99%, it is due to the line issues.

    As a workaround, you may perform a power cycle on your BSNL modem.

  50. Hello Sir,

    I too have this same modem at my home.I am struggling with some strange issue though, everything is working fine except some specific functiins.I can surf the web but cannot perform a speedtest of any sort. Also IM like pidgin is not connecting to the server through this AP.I double checked and allowed all traffic including SNMP (for monitoring purpose) through the modem admin interface.Also a second device (in this case my android smartphone) is not able to resolve urls even though it connects to the AP.DNS seens to be broken as downloads via apps are working fine.

    I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

    Thanks in advance.


  51. @ Prem Prakash

    It seems like the problem with internet speed or faulty DNS settings on your PC.

    What is the download speed you are getting on your android smartphone?

    To check whether its the DNS problem or not, try Google DNS on your PC. You can try the steps mentioned in the link below.


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