How to Fix JioFi Battery Charging Issues?

Jio is a leading mobile network service provider in India. Their WiFi solution, JioFi, is equally popular. covered many Jiofi topics, and our readers made them popular posts.

JioFi has a Lithium-ion battery.

One of the frequent questions our readers asked was the Jiofi recharging issue. More than a hundred readers complained about problems with Jiofi battery charging.

This article covers why the JioFi battery fails to retain the charge and the best practices to prolong the life of the JioFi battery.

How to Detect Battery Problems in Jiofi Router?

The Lithium-ion-based Jiofi battery is covered well inside the router. So, the only option to find issues with it is by analyzing the common problems we may experience.

So, we must know the common problems associated with a faulty battery.

We will experience several problems if the Jiofi battery is not working well. They are:

  1. The router fails to turn on when you press the power button.

  2. JioFi shows a blue or red LED color soon after disconnecting the device from the power.

  3. Experiencing a slower Internet connection soon after disconnecting from the power.

  4. Jio WiFi connection shows frequent disconnection.

If you are experiencing any one of the problems, check the battery.

How to Check The JioFi Battery?

Are you experiencing any one of the listed issues? If yes, it's time to check the JioFi battery.

Another symptom of a faulty battery is overheating.

If your Jiofi router shows frequent overheating problems, chances are the issues with the battery.

To check the Jiofi battery, you must open the back panel.

How do you detect whether the Jio router battery is healthy or not? A bulgy JioFi battery tells the battery is about to die. Do not use the JioFi router with a swollen battery.

A battery that lost the ability to retain the charge also indicates the need to change it. If your Jio 4G WiFi router does not keep a decent backup time, change it.

It is a good practice to check the battery's health at a fixed interval. You have learned to check the JioFi battery health. Let us check the best practices to retain the Jio Hotspot battery life.

How to Keep JioFi Battery Healthy?

Let us check how to prevent your JioFi router battery from damaging and retaining its natural life.

Always disconnect the device from the power once it is 100% charged. Overcharging for long will damage the battery.

Though this advice is controversial, I strongly recommend you follow it.

Lithium-ion-based batteries have an auto cut-off feature, but why should we take the risk? Even the Jio Technical support recommends not to overcharge the device.

Another recommendation for Jio is to use the device at room temperature only. Avoid using Jio hotspots in cold and hot conditions.

Avoid direct sunlight on the device. It will reduce the battery life.

How to Replace a Damaged JioFi Battery?

If the battery is not retaining the charge, you should replace it. You can purchase the original JioFi battery or other compatible batteries.

Always go for a battery with the JioFi specifications with a minimum of one year warranty.