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How to Convert D-Link Wireless Router into Bridge Mode

This article is about steps to convert D-Link Wireless Router into Bridge mode. If you want to connect two LANs via WiFi, you need a wireless router in bridge mode. In this tutorial, I will teach you how to configure the D-Link wireless router in bridge mode to communicate with another WiFi router to connect two LAN networks. The network diagram is like this. One router is in Access Point or wireless router mode but the second router is in bridge mode.

The D-link device in the bridge mode accepts a point to point communication only. It is important to remember that once we change D-Link router into bridge mode, it will not connect to other WiFi clients and its Internet port also will be disabled.

Every device connected to the Ethernet ports of the D-link router will connect to the WiFi from the first Router.

Steps to Configure D-Link Wireless Router in Bridge mode
  1. Enable Bridge mode:
    1. Login:

      To learn more about this, follow the link below. 
      Manual Steps to Configure D-Link Device

    2. Click on Manual Internet Connection Setup

    3. Check Enable Wireless Bridge mode box and click on save settings
    It starts rebooting, and you will get following notification about changing the router IP address.
    Configuration in bridge

  2. Log in to setup page:

    You should use the new IP address and User-Name as admin and leave password field blank. Click on Setup tab and then click on Wireless Settings.
    Connect to a bridge network

    Click on the Site Survey button

  3. Select the WiFi connections you want to connect from the list of available networks.

  4. If the connecting network is encrypted, you need to enter the network key and then click on Save Settings.

After this step, D-Link router will operate in wireless bridge mode. To learn more about configuring D-Link Router in normal mode, follow the link below.
How to Enable Wireless and Wireless Security in DLink WiFi Device

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This method helps you to connect two office networks in two different buildings via wireless. For example, if you own two offices in two adjacent buildings, you can connect both office networks by using a D-link router in wireless bridge mode.


Anonymous said…
I never knew we can convert D link router in to wireless bridge mode. I thought we need AP for that. Thanks for sharing the tip.
Sam said…
Wonderful, I never knew we can convert D link modem to bridge. Thank you let me have a try
Han Jenny said…
How to Convert D-Link Wireless Router in to Bridge Mode. How to set White Bell DSL Modem/Wireless Router 2Wire. Router as a Wireless Adapter Without NAT.
i use dlink 817w ac 750 router. but i see wireless bridge/repeater mode is absent. pls help
Alex George said…
Have you checked the wireless settings page of your d-link router ? Not all D-link wireless routers support wireless bridge / repeater mode. Have a look at the official D-link article given below.