Tips to Improve Alexa Rank And Boost Approval by Online Ads Companies

Last Updated:-August 13, 2023

Alexa is one of the most trusted online stats companies which calculates the popularity of a website.

According to this ranking system, the most popular domain ranks one.

The second most popular domain ranks two. So, a lower rank means it has high popularity.

As the traffic to a site increases, website rank reduces. This tutorial explains how Alexa calculates website traffic and the factors in the Alexa ranking algorithm.

Amazon shut down Alexa Internet Service on May 1, 2022.

Alexa's stat is not accurate. It is because it counts the stats get from users who installed Alexa toolbar on their browsers. If one user visits a blog by a browser without an Alexa toolbar, they are blind.

Alexa rank calculates the number of daily visits by users with the Alexa toolbar installed.

It means we can manipulate the Alexa rank of our website if we try hard.

One advantage of this ranking system is its daily update. Many online advertisement companies count their stats as an indication of popularity and traffic to a website.

One example is BuySellAds, a famous online ads company. Companies like BuySellAds do not accept a blog with poor stats rank.

Tips to boost the Alexa rank of your website are listed below.

How to Manipulate Alexa Ranking Of Your Website To Get A Better Rank?

This ranking system is not accurate, and we can manipulate it. The steps below will help you to decrease(lower the better) the current Alexa rank of your blog.

  1. Install the Alexa Toolbar on your browser and visit your website often.

  2. Tell your blog readers and friends to install this toolbar on their web browsers and visit your domain often.

  3. Target the audience who are familiar with this ranking system. There is no wonder why webmaster blogs and SEO websites have better ranks. Add more pages to attract bloggers with the Alexa toolbar.

  4. Add an Alexa widget to your blog. There is nowhere I found if they use Widgets to gather traffic information on a webpage. However, I encourage you to add this widget to your site.

  5. Third-party services offer help to improve the Alexa rank of your websites. Be careful while choosing a service to improve the Alexa rank of your website. Most of the page views they provided might be using bots. It may create issues for Adsense installed on your website.

    Use the third-party improver system wisely and carefully. Bots traffic may boost your ranking, but that risks your Adsense account. So read reviews about these boosters and decide to choose their service wisely.

    To learn the effect of traffic and Adsense, click the link below.

  6. Continue SEO works and increase the traffic to your blog. When the traffic to your blog increases, your traffic statistics get better. If you are using a Blogspot blog, having a custom domain can improve the SEO value of your blog. To learn more about it, click the link below.

Alexa Helps Spy Stats Of a Competitor Website

Alexa calculates the global and country-based rank by analyzing the hits. They also tell you who visits your blog with details of gender, age, education of the visitor, location of the visitor, etc.

If you are interested in checking the historical traffic details of a blog, you can use this tool. It shows the historical traffic trends of every listed website.

They keep web snapshots of a website taken from different timelines. So, if you want to check the older designs of a website, you can use it.

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