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How to Redirect Traffic and Links Pointing Old Blogger Post URL to New URL

Blogger introduces a new feature called Custom URL Redirect. By this feature, we can provide a permanent redirect for old nonworking URLs to new working URLs. The main benefit is, we can still utilize the backlinks pointing the old posts (which may be deleted ) to the appropriate blogger blog posts. We can also successfully redirect the users who click the old post links (links which are no longer working) to the respective new updated posts. So we can retain the traffic and backlinks using this blogger Custom blog post URL Redirect feature. Steps to use Custom URL Redirect on your blogger site are provided below.

Redirect Traffic from broken Links to Working Blog Posts Login to Blogger Account

Click Blogger Dashboard

Click on Settings

Click on Search Preference

Click Edit link on Custom Redirects

Here you should enter the broken links to which external links are pointing on "From" field. You should enter the working URL on "To" field. Do not forget to select check bo…

How To Delete Beneficiary Fund Transfer in HDFC Netbanking Account

If you are using HDFC bank for online transfer of money to another account, you should add the beneficiary details (account number and other details of receiver) first. Then you should wait till HDFC enables the new beneficiary for fund transfer. After they enable the beneficiary you can start transferring money. The time to enable beneficiary account depends on the bank policy (right now it is 12 hours). It is important to note that there is a maximum number of beneficiary registration for each type of fund transfer in HDFC bank (Currently it is 50 beneficiaries per each type of transfer). This article is about deleting a no longer needed beneficiary from your HDFC netbanking account.

Steps to Delete a Beneficiary from HDFC Account Update (05-04-2015): It seems HDFC has removed the feature to delete existing beneficiaries but we can use the edit feature to alter all information we added. The instructions listed just below this update explains this procedure.

Procedure to Modify Benefic…

Difference Between Configuring Modem in Bridge Mode and PPPoE Mode

As I mentioned in my old posts, I started my career in computer networking as a SOHO consultant. In first few months we were assigned to configure Local Networks in small offices. During the time first thing I learned was the differences between configuring a DSL modem in bridge mode and PPPoE mode. It is because the mode of modem configuration entirely affect the router configuration. If your modem is configured in bridge mode, you need a dialer to access Internet and every time you must enter the Username and Password provided by ISP. If your modem is in PPPoE mode, the connection is always on. It means you do not need to use any dialer to access Internet. Below you can see a summary of differences between modem in bridge mode and PPPoE mode.

A Lot Of Backlinks Suddenly Disappeared From Google Webmaster Tools

Have you checked the backlink count of your website reported in webmaster tools ? If not, I recommend you to login and make sure there is no big different in the number of external links pointing to your websites. Right now in my webmaster tools account, most of the backlinks to my blog are disappeared. You can understand the sudden shock it can give to a blogger. However, I recovered from the shock very soon because this issue happened for many website owners. The same issue is shared by different people in Google product forum, blogs and other webmaster forums. So my guess is Google may be changing the way to display external links pointing in webmaster tools or it might be a bug in their system.

Update: Google seems fixed the issue. Now I can see the backlinks again in Webmaster Tools.
How to Check Backlinks to Your Website in Google Webmaster Tools
If you are not sure how to check the backlink count of your website, follow the steps below.
Login to Webmaster tools account by follo…

Duplicate Name Exists Error While Connecting to a Network

Have you ever received an error message Duplicate Name Exists while trying to connect your computer to a Local network? If yes, it is because another computer in the network is already using the (host name used by NetBIOS) name of your computer. You can fix Duplicate Name Exists error by simply changing the NetBIOS name (Network Basic Input/Output System) of your computer(it should be unique in the Local network). Some time you may receive this error message even if your computer has a unique name. Reason is the outdated WINS Server. It is because WINS server is responsible for verifying the NetBIOS names of the computers in the same network. So the possible solutions to fix the error Duplicate Name Exists are provided below.

How to Power Cycle Router & Modem In a Local Home Network

Power cycle is a miraculous cure for many home networking issues. Power Cycling is the process of turning off and turning on networking devices (Say Wireless Router or Modem ) in a systematic order. Sounds simple but very effective in troubleshooting networking issues. Power Cycle is a recommended process after configuring a modem or router. In this article we can check how to power cycle specific networking devices like modem, router, Access Point etc and an entire Local network.