How to Configure Reliance DSL Broadband Modem

Reliance Broadband is one of the leading private DSL connections in India. Usually, they supply a modem which will be configured by Reliance technician at your place, and you do not need to worry about the setup procedure. However, there are instances where you may need to reset the modem or change any default settings by yourself. You will face connectivity issues if you do not know how to set up Reliance DSL modem after having manual changes.

Here I provide you the guidelines to configure every Reliance Broadband Modem models by yourself. This article provides step by step guidelines to set up Reliance DSL broadband modem by your self.

Though I have added screenshots in this tutorial, you should note that different modem models have different user interfaces.

Manual Setup Guide for Reliance Broadband Modem

Manual steps to configure Reliance DSL Broadband Modem are:
  1. Connect Modem to Computer :
    You should connect the LAN port of the Modem to a computer using an Ethernet cable (RJ45) and make sure the power light on Reliance modem is steady.
  2. Login to Reliance Modem:
    1. Find the Login IP address of Reliance modem by following the steps mentioned in the link below.
      How to Find the Login IP address of Reliance Modem
    2. Type the login IP address (in most modem versions it is on the address bar of your browser and press enter.

    3. Enter the Username and password provided by the modem manufacturer (in most cases they use the combination of admin.)

  3. Click on Configure/ Internet Connection/ WAN tab (Depends on modem versions, the name also changes)
    Create a new connection in Reliance DSL Modem

    Delete all previously configured connections using the delete button
  4. Create new Connection: You can see a button names create or add to create new Internet connection for Reliance DSL broadband connection. Now enter the following values.
    How to setup DSL Reliance modem and router

    VPI= 0
    VCI= 35

    Leave other values default unless you are instructed by Reliance DSL team otherwise. Click next to continue.
  5. Configure Reliance modem in PPPoE mode: In most cases, Reliance will give your username and password. You need to configure your DSL modem in PPPoE to enable the Internet on multiple computers. So select the option PPP over Ethernet (PPPoE) and click next.
    Setup Reliance modem in PPPoE mode

  6. Click on Obtain an IP address automatically. Make sure you have checked the check boxes of Enable NAT and Add Default Route. Click next to continue.
    Set the modem to get an automatic IP address

  7. Enter username and password provided by Reliance DSL broadband and make sure Always on radio button is selected.

    Service Name: Reliance DSL
    Broadband User Name: (Provided by Reliance)
    Password: (Provided by Reliance)

    Click next to continue.
  8. Verify the details and click on Apply
  9. You might need to reboot the modem by clicking the Reboot from the last button under the Admin tab.
    Reboot Reliance Router

    Reboot process may take one minute and wait till power light, DSL light are steady.

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