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A Lot Of Backlinks Suddenly Disappeared From Google Webmaster Tools

Have you checked the backlink count of your website reported in webmaster tools ? If not, I recommend you to login and make sure there is no big different in the number of external links pointing to your websites. Right now in my webmaster tools account, most of the backlinks to my blog are disappeared. You can understand the sudden shock it can give to a blogger. However, I recovered from the shock very soon because this issue happened for many website owners. The same issue is shared by different people in Google product forum, blogs and other webmaster forums. So my guess is Google may be changing the way to display external links pointing in webmaster tools or it might be a bug in their system.

Update: Google seems fixed the issue. Now I can see the backlinks again in Webmaster Tools.

How to Check Backlinks to Your Website in Google Webmaster Tools
If you are not sure how to check the backlink count of your website, follow the steps below.
  1. Login to Webmaster tools account by following the URL

  2. Select your Website

  3. Click on Traffic (on left hand side of the window)

  4. Click on Links to Your Website
    Check links to your blog

It is recommended to register websites in Webmaster Tools for every webmasters to understand how big G sees our websites. You can see a log of useful information like crawl errors, search queries, HTML errors etc. These information are very important for a professional Internet marketer to optimize his website. Similar to this if you want to set safe search permanently on your browser follow the instructions provided in the link below.
How to Enable  Safe Search Permanently on Your Browser

Internet marketers try hard to increase the traffic to their websites because more traffic brings more income. AdSense is one of the most popular PPC programs which lets bloggers earn money from their traffic. It is true that getting an Adsense account is difficult now days. To learn more about it click on the link below.
Keeps Rejecting My Adsense Request

Google personalized search results is one of the important feature provided by Google. Sometimes you may want to see search results without any personalized effect. In that case you need to turn of this feature. Following link tells the steps to disable this feature on Google Search.
How to Turn Off  Personalized Search Results


Syed said…
This article was written in 6th fab but i am noticing this currently on my webmaster data, earlier it was around 21 but now only link tin my webmaster account..what has happened any report?
Jithu said…
Hello Alex, I am too facing the problem. Last month my website had 4523 backlinks in web master tools. Now Google is showing just 1322 backlinks. Where should I complain about missing backlinks in webmaster tools ?
Alex said…
It automatically fixed in my webmaster tools account. So I recommend you to wait for a little more time and see if Google fix it.