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Kerala Range Forest Officer Recruitment Notification

Public Service Commission has invited applications from eligible candidates to recruit Range Forest Officer post in Kerala Forest Department. Age limit to apply for Forest Range Officer in Kerala for general category candidates is 19-31 years. Only those having Degree in Forestry can apply. The selected candidates shall be required to undergo Range Forest Officer Course in any one of the Institutions under the Director of Forestry Education, Government of India for a period as prescribed by the Government of India from time to time and one-year practical training. Monthly salary of a Forest Ranger in Kerala is 39500 - 83000 Indian Rupees . Notification Number Name of The Post Last Date to Apply 544/2017 Range Forest Officer 17-January-2018 Kerala Forest Range Officer Exam Pattern & Syllabus Kerala PSC conducts a written examination as the first stage in selecting Forest Ranger. Forest Range Officer written examination syllabus, optional subjects, and mark distribution

Kerala Secretariat Assistant Recruitment Exam Preparation 545/2017

Applications are invited by Kerala PSC for the post of Secretariat Assistant, from qualified candidates. According to the latest notification, the name of the vacancy is Assistant / Auditor, and those selected after the examination will be posted in Government Secretariat/Kerala Public Service Commission/ Advocate General’s Office (Ernakulam)/ Local Fund Audit Department/ Office of the Vigilance Tribunal/ Special Judge and Enquiry Commissioner Office. Age limit to apply for the vacancy of Secretariat Assistant in Kerala is 18 to 36 years. Both SC/ST and OBC candidates are eligible for upper age relaxation. Starting monthly salary of Kerala Secretariat Assistant is 27800-59400/- Indian Rupees. Anyone having a degree from recognized Universities can apply for Kerala Secretariat Assistant examination. Notification Number Name of The Post Last Date to Apply Tutorials 545/2017 Assistant/Auditor 17-January-2018 Exam Tutorial Kerala PSC has announced the examination date for th

Setup Cox Cable Modem And Troubleshoot Internet & WiFi Connection

Cox Communications is one of the leading Cable Internet Service Providers in the USA. They provide high-speed Internet plans for almost all type of users all over the USA. This tutorial explains how to set up Cox Cable modem by yourself and troubleshoot any network connection issues with their High-speed Internet. We also reveal small tricks to improve both download and upload speed of Cox cable broadband connection. They allow customers to use customer-owned modems to connect to the network. However, if you are looking for Panoramic WiFi, you should go for Panoramic WiFi modem that comes as Cox rental modems which are installed by the company technicians. How to Setup Cable Modem With Cox High-Speed Internet Connection This article covers the instructions to configure cable modems which support DOCSIS 3.0 technology and above. Cox High-Speed Internet supports ARRIS / Surfboard modems, Asus CM16 modem, Cisco cable modems, Hitron-Zyxel CDA30360, D-link DCM301, Hitron-Zyxel CDA

How to Show Personal Tour as Business Travel and Claim Expenses in India

In India, any person who earns above the base tax slab from his business or profession is legally obliged to pay Income Tax as in the rate, in which slab he falls, notified by the Government of India in a financial year. However, the Income Tax Act 1961 allows professionals and businessmen to deduct expenses incurred while performing profession or business in the financial year from the net income in the same period. Cost of travelings for the purpose of business and profession is one of the major areas where you can save your hard earned money from paying Tax. In this article, you will learn which all travels are counted as business travel and how to mention business travel cost in your Income Tax Return and claim Tax exemption. Why Should We Include Business Travel Expenses in IT Return? Income Tax Act allows any person to deduct the amount he spent on travels he made in order to perform his business and profession. Here profession means a work done by a person in order to mak

Simplest Method to Link Aadhaar With PAN & Solve Any Error

The government of India has made it mandatory for everyone to link their PAN cards with Aadhaar card numbers issued to them. If you have not yet linked your PAN card with Aadhaar card number issued to you, you will not be able to file Income Tax Return. Why does our Government force everyone to connect Aadhaar and PAN cards? It is a revolutionary step taken by the Government of India and Income Tax department to stop people from acquiring multiple PAN cards for the purpose of Tax evasion. Since there is no biometric information collected while applying for a PAN, it is possible to obtain more than one PAN card and use it without the Tax department's detection. As biometric information is collected while registering for Aadhaar, it is impossible to have more than one Aadhaar card with a person. Any extra PAN cards with a person will be deleted automatically as they wouldn't be linked to Aadhaar number. In this article let us check different methods to link a PAN card with

Comparison - Kerala Vs Gujarat Development Models

In contemporary India, while considering development, Kerala and Gujarat are two leading states. I have been watching a lot of heated arguments from different corners about the comparison of the different model of development adopted in these two Indian states. Some say the Kerala Model of Development outshines Gujarat Model of Development while others argue the opposite. Not only the common people but also the world famous economists are taking part in this debate. It is a very interesting discussion, and it includes the overall economic conditions, GDP, investments attracted, number industries present, healthcare, wealth generation, literacy, etc. I am not going to press my views on whether development in Gujarat or Kerala is better on this article but I will share statistical data published by Government agencies and reputable NGOs. Once you have completed the reading, you won't face any issues to decide the winner. I leave the judgment of whether the Kerala Development Mode

How to Use Section 80CCD For Tax Exemption of Extra 50000 Rupees

If you are looking for a way to reduce your tax burden, Government of India announced a way to claim the tax deduction for an extra 50000 rupees from your taxable income. So far the exemption anyone could claim by using the Income Tax Act section 80C and 80CCC combined was 150000 in a financial year. Now under Income Tax Act section 80CCD(1b), you can claim Income exemption for addition 50000 Indian Rupees. All you have to do is to invest 50000 rupees to National Pension Scheme (NPS) and show it under section 80CCD once the combined investment limit under Sections 80C and 80CCC are exhausted at the amount of 150000 rupees in a financial year. This extra 50000 rupees tax exemption can be claimed by anyone in any tax slabs. How to Claim Tax Exemption Under Section 80CCD Though there are some confusions remain in how to take benefit from Section 80CCD in Indian Income Tax Act, by carefully planned investments you can take full benefits of Tax exemption allowed by Section 80CCD. Whil

Setup & Troubleshoot FASTtelco Wireless Router and Compare With Other ISPs

FASTtelco is one of the leading Internet Service Providers in Kuwait. They provide high-speed ADSL broadband service to both business and residential users. This tutorial explains how to configure FASTtelco ADSL modem by yourself without the assistance from any experts and troubleshoot both Internet and wireless connection issues with FASTtelco router. Next part of this guide explains how to check FASTtelco Internet usage and pending bill payment by login to FASTtelco payment account and comparing the monthly data charges of various Fast telco broadband plans with competitors monthly charges. How to Setup FASTtelco ADSL Modem To install any modem/router with FASTtelco ADSL broadband connection, follow the instructions below. Connect FASTtelco Modem with Computer Make sure the LAN port of FASTtelco modem/router is connected to Ethernet port of Computer using an ethernet cable. Modem WAN port should be connected to Phone cable. Login to FASTtelco Modem Setup Page If you don

Kerala Company Assistant Recruitment 2018 Examination Details

Kerala PSC has invited applications to the post of Assistant grade 2 in various Companies, Corporates, and Boards under Government of Kerala. Name of the post which is equivalent to Company Assistant grade 2 will be different in different organizations. Those names include Junior Assistant/ Cashier/ Assistant Grade II/ Clerk Grade I/ Time Keeper Grade II/ Senior Assistant/ Assistant/ Junior Clerk etc. Kerala PSC is recruiting Assistants for KSFE Ltd./ KSEB Ltd./ Thrissur Corporation KMCS Electrical Wing/ Kerala Minerals & Metals Ltd./ KELTRON/ Kerala State Cashew Development Corporation/ Malabar Cements Ltd/ Kerala State Handloom Development Corporation/ Kerala Agro Machinery Corporation Ltd./ Travancore Titanium Products Ltd./ Kerala Land Development Corporation Ltd./ Development Authorities in Kerala/ KSRTC/ Kerala Live Stock Development Board/ State Farming Corporation of Kerala Limited/ Kerala State Development Corporation for SC & ST Ltd./ Kerala Artisans' Developme

Android Keyboard Tweaks - Turn Off Spelling Auto Correction, Dictionary, Double Space Period

Google keyboard is very handy for every smartphone users and one of the most necessary Apps on an Android Phone. Google Keyboard is not just a virtual keyboard but it has man features like spell check, auto spell correction, word suggestion, word filtering etc. However, first-time users may find default settings on Google Keyboard is bit irritating. For example, let us consider the auto spell correction feature. Autocorrect feature by Google Keyboard is helpful to avoid spelling mistakes while typing on Android Handsets. But, if the user wishes to use nonstandard words on his chat, the auto correct feature will cause him trouble. Another default setting includes double space period. When a user press spacebar twice, Google keyboard adds a full stop automatically. This article explains how to optimize Google keyboard by changing its default settings. This post includes the series of 'Android Tweaks' guides. How to Disable Google Keyboard Spelling Auto Correction Feature

Compare Zain & Viva Prepaid Internet Plans & Check Account Balance

Zain and Viva are two popular Prepaid Internet Service providers in Kuwait. Both Viva Prepaid internet and Zain eeZee Internet services offer better deals for customers in Kuwait by providing large data volume at a reasonable price. Though both these companies offer similar service, it is better you make a comparison on prices and free data volume provided by both Zain and Viva prepaid Broadband Internet Service providers. This article tells where to check for comparison on monthly costs based on subscribed data volume and help you choose whether Viva Prepaid Internet or Zain eeZee internet plan best suited for your requirements. This article also explains, how to check the remaining Zain and Viva Prepaid Internet balance your device. How to Check Zain & Viva Prepaid Internet Data Usage & Balance Check Zain eeZee Prepaid Broadband Balance It is easy to check the balance data remains on your Zain eeZee Prepaid account. All you have to do is visiting the account URL.

Setup Gulfnet ADSL Wireless & Internet Connectivity

Gulfnet is the pioneer in providing Internet services in Kuwait and now they are offering high-speed ADSL broadband service in the Gulf region. This tutorial gives step by step instructions to configure Gulfnet ADSL broadband connection with various models of the modem in the Kuwait market. Gulfnet Broadband service supplies various models of the modem from different vendors like Netgear, Buffalo etc with or without wireless router feature. Though the default login IP, username and password, User Interfaces of Gulfnet supplied modem models are different, basic procedure to setup Gulfnet modem with Gulfnet DSL parameters is same. The second portion of this guide explains how to configure Gulfnet WiFi on a router and how to secure it. This guide also explains how to check Gulfnet Internet usage and pending bill payment. How to Setup Gulfnet ADSL Modem Gulfnet Internet Service Provider supplies modems/router from Netgear and Buffalo. Both these models have different login proced

Tamilnadu Secretariat Assistant Recruitment Notification

Tamil Nadu PSC has invited applications for the post Assistant in the Departments of Secretariat from eligible candidates. Before applying for Tamilnadu Secretariat Assistant vacancy, candidates must have completed their online registration on official TNPSC website. TNPSC (Tamilnadu PSC) registration fee is 150 Indian Rupees which is valid for 5 years. Examination fee for Assistant in Tamilnadu Secretariat Service is 100 Indian Rupees. To know who are exempted from paying above fees, check the chart given below. Age limit to apply for Secretariat Assistant post in Tamilnadu for Open Category is 30 years. Upper age limit to apply for Assistant in Tamilnadu Secretariat Service for SC/ST candidates is 35 years. Date of Tamil Nadu Secretariat Assistant examination, names of allotted exam centers, date of publishing rank list, minimum educational qualification, Tamilnadu Secretariat Assistant exam cut off mark etc are provided in the charts below. This article provides the detailed s

Setup Qualitynet Broadband Modem For Faster Internet & Wireless Connection

Qualitynet is one of the leading Internet Service Providers in Kuwait who provides DSL and Fiber broadband service to both home and business users. While subscribing to their service, their technicians will install the modem and connect it with your Phone connection. However, there are instances where you may need to change the default Qualitynet DSL modem settings or you may even need to reset Qualitynet modem and reconfigure it from the scratch. This tutorial covers complete solutions to problems occur while configuring and troubleshooting Qualitynet Broadband modem. The first part of this tutorial guides you on how to setup Qualitynet Broadband modem by yourself. The second part explains how to set up wireless and security on Qualitynet modem/Router and share internet among more than one device. How to Setup Qualitynet Broadband Modem Manually Step by step instructions to configure Internet connection on Qualitynet modem is given below. Before proceeding, it is important to no

Access & Transfer Downloaded Hotstar Video Files to External Storage

Hotstar is one of the most popular Indian based web platforms to watch movies and popular TV shows on SmartPhones. They also allow SmartPhone users to download Films and shows on Mobile Phones for offline watching. Sounds great but there are some untold restrictions that many users don't know. The downloaded videos are in an encrypted format, and only the Hotstar App can read them. In other words only by Hotstar App, you can play those video files even offline. You cannot play them by other media players like VLC player, GOM player, etc. The second restriction is on changing the download path of Hotstar downloading. By default, Hotstar App saves downloaded video files on Mobile Phone Internal memory. For those having lower Internal memory on their Mobile Handset face issues with exhausting Phone memory by Hotstar downloaded files. This tutorial explains how to change the Hotstar video download path to external memory or even external memory storage and convert Hotstar dow

Kerala Government Higher Secondary School Teacher Recruitment 2020 (Updated)

Kerala PSC has invited applications from eligible candidates to recruit Higher Secondary School Teacher for Kerala Higher Secondary Education Department. Vacancies are available for teachers in various subjects and the detailed information is provided in the chart below. Monthly starting salary of Government Higher Secondary School Teacher (Junior) in Kerala Higher Secondary Education is 32300-68700/-Indian Rupees. Age limit to apply for Higher Secondary School Teacher post in Kerala for general category is 20 -40 years. Usual upper age relaxation is allowed for candidates belongs to OBC and SC/ST category. Kerala Government Higher Secondary School Teacher Examination detailed syllabus and previous year question papers are updated in the charts below. Notification Number Name of the Post Last Date to Apply 483/2019 Higher Secondary School Teacher IN SOCIAL WORK 5th February 2020 484/2019 Higher Secondary School Teacher MATHEMATICS 5th February 2020 485/2019 Higher

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