How to Change the Font Size on Blogger Posts?

Have you ever felt that the font size of your Blogspot blog post is not in the correct size? Most of the themes supported by Blogger has a default font size.

Some people feel that the default font size of the Blogger blog post content is too small to read comfortably. However, Blogger does not provide an easy method to adjust the post content font size as you want.

This tutorial teaches you how to change the default font size of the Blogger blog post content. You can reduce and increase the Blogger font size as you wish after reading this tutorial.

How to Increase The Font Size of Blogger Blog Post Text?

You can edit the default font size coded in the Blogger theme from the Edit HTML page. By changing the default font size specified in the Blogger HTML page, you can either increase or decrease the blog post text size.

As you can see, the Blogger team provides many responsive templates for your blog for free. I am using the Notable theme for

The first point you should have in your mind is the responsive feature of your blog theme. The themes Emporio, Soho, Contempo, etc.. have multiple @ media elements.

If you are not comfortable with going into the details, follow the simple steps mentioned below.

  1. Login to the Blogger account and select the blog

  2. Click on Theme from the left side menu

  3. Click on the vertical ellipsis (the vertical three dots)

  4. Click on Edit HTML

  5. Now look for the below code using the Search feature { use [Ctrl] and [F] buttons together }

    body.item-view .Blog .post-body{
    font-size:$(body.text.font.size * 14 / 20)

    You can change the font size by editing this line.

  6. Here, I have changed the 14 with 10.

    I have reduced the font size 14 to 10 for testing. The screenshot provided below shows the result.

  7. I checked the page on to view in different device sizes.

    Except for the 1024 screen width, the font size changed to 10 pixels.

  8. If you want to set the different font sizes for different device sizes, you can do it by changing the default pixel sizes at each @media screen tag.

    Look at the screenshot below for more details.

What is the Best Font Size For a Blogger Blog?

If someone asks me about the best font size for his Blogspot blog, I will say it depends on the theme.

However, using a small font size is a deterrent for many from reading your content. So, I strongly advise you to use a bigger font size for your Blogspot blog.

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The default font size in the Blogger blog is 14 pixels. However, I prefer to use a font size equal to or above 18 px.

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