Can I Track The Live Location Of a WhatsApp Friend?

Everybody knows that we can share our live location with anyone using WhatsApp. It is a helpful feature if someone is trying to reach you.

You can send your Live Location with a few clicks in WhatsApp and share it. But does it pose a security threat or at least a privacy concern?

Luckily, the Live Location will expire after a certain period between fifteen minutes to eight hours. However, the good practice is to check who is watching your Live Location via WhatsApp.

WhatsApp has a simple feature to see with whom you have shared your Live Location.

So you can confirm the Live Location data you sent to the right persons. This tutorial teaches how to verify the person you send your Live Location via WhatsApp.

How to Check Who Is Watching My WhatsApp Live Location?

With a few clicks, you can check the WhatsApp contacts you have shared your Live Location. WhatsApp reveals who is watching your Live Location, and if you wish, you can stop it.

So, you can cancel the Live Location if you send it unintentionally to anyone.

Now, we check the procedure to see who is watching your Live Location through WhatsApp.

  1. Open WhatsApp.

    How can I check who are tracking my Live Location on WhatsApp?
  2. Click on the vertical ellipsis on the right top.

    Can we prevent others tracking us from WhatsApp?
  3. Click on Settings from the drop-down menu.

  4. Click on Privacy.

    How to Hide WhatsApp location from others?
  5. Click on Live Location.

Now, you can see who all are viewing your Live Location. You can check and stop the Live Location for anyone active.

Which Are The Methods Others Use To Track Your Location Via WhatsApp?

One of the frequent queries we received in our support forum was to prevent others from tracking via WhatsApp. The second question was about tracking a WhatsApp user without his knowledge.

I will answer both questions in this tutorial.

Anyone can track you if you share your Live Location with him.

It is obvious you want someone to track you when you share your Live Location. So, I do not see a security or privacy issue as long as the recipient of your Live Location is genuine.

The person will receive the Google Maps with your current location. So he can track your movements.

Can we Stop others from tracking my Location Via WhatsApp?

Yes, you can. You can prevent anyone from tracking your location by stopping the Live Location.

Let us come to the second question. Is it possible that someone can track your location via WhatsApp without your consent?

It is possible, but no official WhatsApp features allow it. If yes, it will be a huge security concern.

Those who claim they can track other WhatsApp users' locations use sophisticated mobile trackers. They are not with WhatsApp.

They somehow inject their code into your SmartPhone. The common practice is sending you some links. Once you click, they automatically get installed.

The real culprit is Mobile Tracking Apps.

Once the mobile tracker is active, your phone will be under surveillance. The best practice to avoid such a situation is not to click any suspicious links sent to you by unknown contacts.

But why do many people blame WhatsApp for it? Though WhatsApp has no relation with such mobile trackers, it is a medium to share their activation links.