How to Enable Lazy Load Images Feature in Blogspot Blogs?

Many bloggers complain that Blogspot is for those living in the past as it does not implement new technologies. Though I agree that Blogger (Blogspot) is slow in implementing new technologies, they are not ignoring the trends.

Today, I introduce their new feature - Lazy load images and how it can help your Blogspot rank achieve a better search rank in Google.

What is Lazy Load Images?

Lazy load images is a new technique that loads pictures on a web page when required.

The lazy load images technique loads photos in the current viewport only.

I hope you understand the term viewport. The viewport is the visible area of a website.

If you do not have the lazy load images technology, all pictures on a webpage will load simultaneously. It will slow down the webpage.

The lazy load images technology prevents it and loads only the images on the current viewport. When the user scrolls down, other images will start loading.

So the user will experience a faster webpage loading.

How Lazy Load Images Improve Search Rank?

You understand the technology now. Let us check how it will help your blog rank high in Google search results.

Google favors fast-loading webpages over slower webpages.

Google announced a long time ago that it included the loading time as one of the ranking factors.

The lazy load images feature improves the loading speed and helps gain a better rank in search results. WordPress blogs implemented this feature and had an edge over Blogger blogs.

The good news is that WordPress blogs no longer have that edge over Blogspot blogs.

Blogger added the lazy load images feature (which is free) for every blog hosted in Blogspot. Let us check how to activate the lazy load images feature in Blogger blogs.

Enable Lazy Load Images in Blogger Blogs

You can enable the lazy load images feature in a Blogspot blog by following the steps below.

  1. Log into your Blogger account.

  2. Select the blog, and click on Settings from the left menu.

    Can I activate lazy load images in Blogger?
  3. Turn on the lazy load images.

Now onward, Blogger will load pictures on the post individually as the readers scroll down.

Should I Use The Lazy Load Images Feature?

I read some comments regarding the use of the lazy load images feature in Blogspot blogs. Some say Blogspot blogs are on Google servers. So, speed is not a problem with them. However, I recommend you use this feature. It is a good practice to lazy load the photos on a blog post.